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Marie Antoinette and a Sephora Haul

Hi guys!
First I really want to thank all of you for giving me honest opinions about what hair style I should get. I read all of them and I'm scribbling down all the good points you guys pointed out :D

I filmed a tut based on Kirsten Dunst's interpretation of Marie Antoinette in the 2006 movie. It was a requested look and I was really excited about it when I got the request message because I literally grew up with Lady Oscar, and it has so much sentimental values to me. I remember getting my hands on that manga when I first went to Korea as a kid, and throughout my teens and adult life, I have always been particularly interested in French history, especially the House of Bourbon era. Anyway, I did the look as a convertible look, where you could use it as your halloween look or as an everyday look. It just matters on how intense your cheeks and highlighting is going to be.

So here are some pictures of Kirsten in the movie.
The picture above was the requested look.

And here are some more looks from the movie

But I got over excited and tried to bring out the more realistic interpretation of Marie. In Antonia Fraser's book (she's an Antoinette expert), Marie is portrayed of having a long droopy face and large eyes. Nothing similar to Kirsten's high cheekbones and round face.
And Marie was famous for putting on a lot of blush (back then, called rouge) on her cheeks - which was the vouge then. She was like the beauty guru back in her time :p
So this is what the real Marie looked like with her long face and windburn cheeks.


And I had a small Sephora Haul come in the mail XD
Here's the family shot
5 lipsticks and 1 brush
Dior - Dior Addict Ultra Shine 256 (Shiniest Softness)
Shiseido Perfect Rouge 419 (Ariel), 417 (Bubblegum), RS320 (Fuchsia), OR418 (Day Lily)

The swatches are in the same order as the picture
With flash on in a dark room

I really like the Shiseido lippies :D they're so pretty!
I was originally planning to get just the orange one, but couldn't resist the other ones:p

I have a weird way of calculating money so I always end up buying lipsticks that are either on the more cheaper side (14~18 dollar-ish) or more on the expensive side (28~34 dollars-ish). And I always miss the middle ground (20-26 dollars). Weird, huh? That's why I decided to get some mid 20's lipsticks and these were my picks.

Here's a funny story. I was actually looking at Shiseido's website for swatches and after I decided to get some from Sephora, I literally picked out the four latest ones without thinking twice.
here's a screen capture of the shades :p
I don't know why I did that :p

Oh, and the brush! I heard so much oo's and ahh's about it, I had to get it.
The Sephora professional #55 brush!
I heard that it applies foundation like an airbrush!
I am really looking forward to it :D

Ok guys! I'll update this post with a video once I'm done editing and uploading it!


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  1. i loved that movie and despite the fact that i don't like kirsten all that much, i think she did a good job. i can't wait for your marie antoinette/kirsten dunsts look!!!

  2. I am the polar opposite of freshelle, I like Kirsten Dunst but I am just OK with the movie...The picture and costume was nice but I didn't get why do those American actor/actresses have to fake that British accent when they were playing French...

  3. Awesome Catalina!! You got the Sephora #55 brush. It's amazing. I actually did a review on it comparing it to the MAC 187 and 109:

    Also I'm sure that this time the brush won't spew out pink water ;)

  4. haha, it was a very controversial and highly debated movie :p I remember when the trailer first came out, everyone was freaking out about the hilarious jingle-ish background music and, like Citrine pointed out, how Kirsten was acting British LOL
    But I loved the costumes and hated the ending. Ugh, it finished in the middle of everything with no explanation >:(

    Oh and Fiona, haha I didn't know you came to my blog. I actually saw your video while I was doing some research on the brush haha. I still remember the day when you popped up on Encore's front page :p I'll post your video on the post so people can watch :)

  5. hey catalina
    i just found your blog and really like it. I love that movie because everything in there is so colorful and pretty.

  6. I've got OR418 and I love it!! Shiseido lipsticks are fab!

  7. I can't wait! I loved the costume and makeup in this movie *_* I thought they did well in capturing the lovely baroque style of painting in real life.

  8. Hey Catalina! I actually follow your blog thru Google Reader. How can I not follow you? You are so cute and detail with your tutorials, hauls, and reviews!

    You didn't have to...but thanks so much for posting my video. No wonder I came home and got more subscribers! It's all thanks to you!

  9. I loved the tutorial for this one. And I laughed when I saw your penguin in the back sporting her halloween costume too. : )

    if you have time, please help me score my design at :

    and sorry for putting this on your blog. :(


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