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New Camera :D

Hi guys,

to make a long story short, I have a wonderful boyfriend :p hehe
I was doing some research on point and shoot cameras, and at first, I wanted the panasonic ZS3 (or TZ7 in Europe and other regions). After talking with my bf about cameras, I did some more research and I decided to get the panasonic fz35 (which is a bridge camera and not a portable point and shoot). While I was being wishy washy about the cameras, my bf had already secretly ordered the ZS3. When I finalized on the FZ35, he ordered another fz35 for me.
So, anyway, I got a new FZ35 +_+ which records in HD (720p, not 1080p tho) and I went to Philly today to do some test shots :). The ZS3 is being handled by my bf instead. Anyway, I actually recorded a unboxing video along with sample clips (it includes Prez. Obama's visit to NYC last night) but I haven't put everything together yet.
I just wanted to write something and I guess this is the latest news :p

please go to my other channel (anothercl2425) to check out test videos in HD.

For the time being, here's Gorden's superb review on this camera.
I'm very happy about this camera since it provides a very wide range of control, great manual control, amazing image stabilization along with 18x super zoom, HD video recording and all the good stuff. This is def. the best deal out of all the options out on the market. I'll upload the video maybe tomorrow :D So hopefully, after my lip heals*, I'll be able to provide better quality videos and details~ YAY!

(* My lips are busted due to harsh, constant rubbing for lipstick swatches :p that's why I can't make any videos at the moment. It's literally busted on both sides.. big time)
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  1. I am so jealous...Since your current pictures are good enough already.

  2. You're a very lucky girl and have fun playing around with your new cam, hope to see heaps of great pics and videos from now on hahaahah... Can't believe your lips are getting worse and on both sides... Take extra care of them and hope to see you back in front of the cam real soon :)

  3. i love tat camera! u take care of ur lippy!

  4. Sick camera. It records too?!

    I love DSLR cameras because they take such beautiful pictures.

  5. ohhh thats why it has been soo long until you make a video... thanks btw because its kinda because of us that your lips are busted >.< can't wait to see your next vid :p

  6. penquins!!! ;) I hope your lips heal soon!

  7. Lumix are great! I have the older one: DMC-FZ7.

  8. ahh you're so lucky to have such a nice and generous bf~~~ your new camera looks great and now you can take even higher-res videos!! kekekeke

    oh yeah, this is "Sam" btw who posted a couple times here on your blog and "chibisaru" from yt. I finally have a blog now and can follow your blog now! kekekeke.

    your bottom lip looks really painful though~ I hope it heals quickly so you aren't incapacitated for too long lol. does icing help at all? Once when i had puffy lips like that before i tried icing and slathering on chapstick constantly and it helped.....i don't know if it makes it heal faster or what though. Get better soon!

    ps. please check out my new blog if and when you have time! it's a collab between me and my friend ^^

  9. how lucky of u to have such a sweet bf! i wish i had a new camera~ mine has like 7megapixels only lol. btw i like ur blog! :)

  10. awesome camera. :)
    & hopefully your lips will heal soon.

  11. wow..ur bf is so cool!!
    congrats on ur new cam..
    hey, try drinking lots...n lots water okay. hope this helps ur lips to heal faster!! take care~

  12. your poor lips! and it's all for us too... hope you heal fast and enjoy the camera! Hurray for good bfs :)


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