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Victoria's Secret shadows are A BOMB!

I was talking with my friend this morning and our conversation led from Project runway - Christian Siriano and then to the CS line (l/e) at Victoria's secret. I have always wanted the face brush (it's huge!! and so fluffy!) and was trying to show my friend a picture of the brush online. And on VS's site, the brush was gone. -_-...
so I started to panic. Since it's limited edition, I was assuming that they're going to take the line away soon. I got ready and went to the store and the whole entire line was still there (thank goat!). So I started looking around and swatched all of Christian's shadows.. and.. er... wasn't impressed. They look beautiful in the picture and in real life, but when you swatch it... it's kind of flat and.... dull.
glided fierce

you can see the rest of the shades here
The two dark colors (royalty and glided fierce) are the most attention grabbing ones. Royalty doesn't have glitters on it, but glided fierce has a lot of golden glitters on it. The problem is the glitters fall off really quickly only leaving a matte charcoal color on your skin: I mean to a point where I was still playing around at the store and when I looked at my hand, the glitters were gone.

So I poked around the other shadows (the VS silky eyeshadow line) and at least they made my trip down to VS worth it.
They are the most (ok, maybe not. but ONE of the most..) pigmented, vibrant and silky shadows I've ever seen! And they're only 10 dollars each!
My favorite colors were between the sheets, beloved, champagne, and fierce.
(fierce and glided fierce -not Christian's line, VS has a shadow with the same name- are very similar, but fierce has silver shimmers and glided fierce has golden shimmers).

I started grabbing all the colors I liked, and it turned out that I'll need the entire collection to satisfy myself -_-;; (that's how much I liked the colors!)
So I decided to wait until January and get all of the colors during the semi-annual sale since I'm not in dire need of shadows at the moment. :p For those of you that are looking for great, affordable shadows, you guys should def. check out VS shadows!!

I've never been attentive to VS's semi-annual sale, but I guess this time I'll finally take advantage of it (woo-hoo!)

Anyway, I just took some shots of the swatches I did at the store.

* the lighting might have washed away the colors. The camera did no justice to the shades!

- Catalina -

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  1. Oh man... totally lovin the colours coz it's just what I would enjoy wearing on a daily basis... BUT!!! we don't have the Victoria Secrets brand in Australia... BUMMER~~~~

  2. ONLY $10 each? OMG, you bought so many! The only time I went crazy over eye shadows shopping was during the NYX 50% off sale.

  3. beloved and fierce are such wonderful colors. Victoria secrets eyeshadows look really good and sexy!


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