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Hi :)
I just wanted to put up a post that I am not going to do anymore blogtv sessions until next year. I have to study for my upcoming JLPT, and I have to admit that blogtv takes up a lot of my time. With less than a couple of weeks left and having loads to study, I am going to try to devote more time and effort to prepare for the exam.
And after the exam, it's pretty much going to be holiday season, so.. you know :) instead of constant cancelations I think it will be better to cancel it until early next year.

So, I'm going to change my blog banner soon, and hope you guys understand my situation :D
Wish me luck with my prep!


I hit 10k overnight :D
I was lucky to screen capture is as soon as I woke up


I like Jung-Ah's makeup in Jewelry's Vari2ty MV. Actually, I like all of their makeup!
I just love how the head of her brows gradually blend into a lighter shade (like the tyra eyebrow!) like it's melting into her skin :) So pretty~~~

Click here to watch the Music Video

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  1. I totally understand!! Study Study Study Girl!! And Good Luck!!

  2. omg i just left you a messege on youtube with a request for a look of jung-ah haha:p

  3. good luck with studying! i love the eyebrows look too!

  4. No worries dear! I wish you best of luck for the JLPT! Jung-Ah's my fav out of the group. I like how her brows are here too!<3

  5. Nice nice nice blog, I really like honey!!!! Super style you have!!! You can visit my new blog if you want, KISSES FROM SPAIN!!!!


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