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Ana Beatriz Barros

As we may have all seen on the news, the Victoria's Secret fashion show was in NYC the other day. I have been watching every show since 2004 (my favorite one was 2005!), and as usual, my favorite model Ana Beatriz Barros was on the stage for the sixth year :) yay!

I have been rooting for Ana Beatriz Barros (My Favorite Model in the whole world XD I love her so so much) since 2005 and I really do wish good things will happen to Ana-B. She's such a bomb. Her body, eyes, voice.. everything screams "I'm Hella Sexy!!!"

So, today I just felt like doing an Ana-B 2009 VS fashion show look.
here are some pictures of her on the runway of the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Here are some close-ups of her makeup

Her straight, slightly arched eyebrows are her signature look - which makes her eyes look more sultry and overall gives her a very exotic look.

Anywho, so let's start and see how we can recreate her look.
First, do you basics. I used Revlon's colorstay foundation

Now do you eyebrows. They don't necessarily have to be thick, but remember to make them dark and defined.

I used e.l.f's eyebrow difiner and filer.

Now, prime your crease area with a cream or primer, preferably something with a reddish or pinkish tone.
Try to bring the color all the way to the bridge of your nose.

I mixed and used Lancome's Crayon Glisse in Rose gold and Benefit's Creaseless cream shadow in Pre-Nup.

Now using a 217 brush from MAC, I'm going to dab this peachy color first and put it all over the primed crease (I am using the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette)

right here

and then using the same brush, dab a bit of brown on the brush and sweep it back and forth on top of the peach color.
This way the three shades (reddish pink, peach and brown) can show through in a nice blend :)

Alright with a clean fluffy brush, try to blend out the harsh lines.

Arghh.. look at all the brush fall outs!
That is my least favorite brush.. :p
But, anyway.. blend blend blend!

Using a white or silvery shade and a clean brush, highlight the brow bone area.

Now using anything glittery and sticky (I am using Missha's Shine Stick shadow as a base) and anything that can sparkle on your lids (I am using MAC's Kitchmas pigment on top of the Missha) and apply ..
all over the lids and on the inner corner of your eyes like so.

remember to bring the focus towards the inner corner (not the outer) of your eyes :)

Now slightly line your lashlines. No need to wing or draw it thick.

I used Stila's smudge pot in black.
I... I look like I have no lashes... (wth!)

So, now it's time for Revlon's self-adhesive lashes.
At first I was confused a bit, but the rim part is sticky, so all you have to do is put them right above the lash line and they will stick like magic :D

I used the 99501 Defining lashes

They were pretty and defining, yet I needed some more..
Ana-B has dolly lashes that almost reach her eyebrows, but after going through my inventory, the closest I could get was these Beauty Credit lashes (in number 6)

I stacked these on top of the revlon lashes..
and it comes out like this
(Oh, forgot a step. If you have any highlighting shade left on your brush, you can dab some pigment on top of it and try to create some highlights along the eyes. Well, that's how Ana-B's highlights were :p)

Now using any type of blusher or bronzer you want (I mixed the body shop's cheek bloom in Desert Rose and MAC's mineralized blush in Nuance) contour the hollow of your cheeks.
like right here...

now rest is pretty easy :)
I added a bit more pigment to the inner corners of my eyes
I added some colors to my lips using this
A banila co. lipgloss in doesn't say on the bottom but I remember it having coral in its name.

and the eyes look like this..

(excuse my pimples XD I dunno why, but they my skin is breaking out like crazy lately)

and the whole face looks like this

Sorry.. I didn't know where to stare =/ blahh~

Hmm, if I could go back and redo stuff, I wouldn't have put so much highlighter on the brow bone area and gotten silver chunky glitter instead of using pigments.
I totally screwed up on the brow bone part, so ladies, when you are doing this, be very gentle when applying the highlighter. :)

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed :D

here's two more pictures of gorgeous Ana-B!

massively long legs!!

awww, so pretty :) you go girl!
Never in a million years did I think I was going to say this to a girl but man.. even her bra is sexy *blushes*

Alright, enough of my girl-crush on her :p
have a great weekend girls!


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  1. Yeah Ana Beatriz Barros is hot and very pretty well so is all the other VS models >.<
    I havent actually had time to watch the show yet.
    I really love her eyelash.. are they her real ones or falsies?
    Love the look you create as well =)
    Ah banila Co <3
    Thanks for the tut!

  2. I have to say that you look better than her in that makeup^^

  3. I have to say you recreated the Ana B. look's practically the same to me heheehe... and it's definitely fit for the runway :) What really pulled it off were the double stacking of lashes...real dolly looking indeed LOVED IT!!!
    Did I thank you for doing that color tag? You did great and I enjoyed seeing what you had lying around hehehee... just like how you enjoyed peeking into my messy room (damn old post of mine, prob one of the first when you became my 1st follower EVER!!!)
    Look forward to more inspired looks from ya

  4. Oww I like this look, I never know what to do with pink-ish /salmon eyeshadows. :)

  5. @Jenna: Dec 1st!! CBS +_+ Don't miss the show >.<

    @loona: aww, thanks :p

    @Uinisan: haha, I always get these people on one of videos that just have to brag how long their lashes are and how they pity my lack of lashes. I never noticed that my lashes were so short and barely there until I did this post =/ But there are fake lashes for people like me LOL so, hehe thanks!
    and aww, yes you did mention it :D thanks for tagging me :p I really liked your color tag. It was all bling bling!

    @lene: Me too, pink just always seem to crash with my skin tone so I am really afraid to even go near pink ='( hence, I am pretty lost in the pink/salmon color area too.

  6. i love ur makeup looks... Ur eyes look very sultry & pretty :)

  7. very nice look.
    i want to know what color of ur cirle lenses?(grey?)
    if u always purchase ur circle lenses on same e-store(i think u v posted one time about this)? i visited this website after i read ur post, i really want to buy some pairs, but u know, there're lots of fake GEO or NEO circle lenses' sellors, so... could u plz tell me if u think this e-store 's the right one?
    thx so much

  8. I actually like your eye makeup better than Ana's, really!!

  9. Just wondering, do you dye your eyebrows when you dye your hair? I see some people have the same color on their brow and hair, so I was wondering if it was safe. My mom tells me not to that's why lol.


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