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The Color Tag

I was tagged by Uinisan and I had to bring out a couple of my stuff that were gray. I had a hard time because I must be going crazy, I can't differentiate between grays and silvers.
So, here's all I could collect. Man, I should get some more gray makeup stuff. I feel so incomplete.

Here's a full shot of the grays..

1. Time Warner Cable remote control.
haha, yeah.. I don't have fios at home, but TWC is.. uh.. I guess ok. I do like the start over option, but it's not applicable to all channels. Also, the only down side of it is, once you hit start over, you can't fast forward through the show. But other than that, I have a crappy TV, so can't complain about HD features or so LOL.

2. iPod Classic 120G
I think this is my fourth ipod. Previously I had the 5th Generation classic and due to my constant dropping and pressing buttons randomly, the machine went dead, so I had to buy another classic to fit all my songs in it. I think I have like 5200 songs in it, but I only listen to a handful :p
I wouldn't have been able to survive school if my ipods weren't there. I always had to have some sort of music banging in my ears while I was walking or when I was on the subway.

3. Maquillage Shadow
It's more of an ashy-shimmery color with a lot of shimmers in it. I bought this at Narita Airport back in 2006 or 2007 (I think). I don't reach for it as often as I reach for the brown shade, but it is a very Japanese charcoal color (if that even makes sense).
You can watch a video of me using that shade here

4. Kate Dual carat
I think the product name is listed under black, but it's more silvery gray!
Like all dual carats, it comes in two colors, which is really convenient because you can basically create a great look with using only two shades :)
I have two other dual carats, and my favorite one is the BR01.
I love KATE eyeshadows! I think there is a reason why KATE e/s are always constantly rated #1 in Japan.

5. Fob Key!
It's this key that you have to gain access to my building and all the accommodations (like the breakfast room, movie room, gym, and even when you walk in the building). Every fob key is registered under a resident's name, address and uh.. picture...., and my picture in the system is horrifying LOL. I mean, this is why I don't let guys take pictures.. they don't seem to care if you are ready or not and just press the shutter while you're talking, and then they refuse to take another shot for you *cries*. But all is good. I would be happy to get a print out of my picture when I move out :D

6. Philly elephant
I like going to Philadelphia, PA. And last time I went there, me and my boyfriend went to this museum and at the museum store, they were selling these really tiny animal figures for 25 cents each. I collect at least one animal whenever I go to zoos or aquariums, so I was going to buy like one penguin and one other animal, but ended up with a lot of animals including this elephant :D
He's very rubbery and small, yet great details!

7. Stila Smudge pot in Gray
It's one of the three smudge pots I got from Beauty Crunch. I really like the black smudge pot. It's like permanent ink! If you guys are looking for non-smudging eyeliners, Stila smudge pots are the way to go. Once it dries, it won't even smear a bit. It's fixed on there all day long.
As you can see in the photo, I haven't used the gray one yet, but it's gray! so it got featured in this tag :p

8. A mouse pad.
It's not mine, but it was in the room haha.
Cute :D

9. Dior Capture R 60/80
Hmm... really don't know what to say about this baby. I'm almost out of it, yet I am still waiting to be impressed by it. It's a liquid lotion and it is on the moisturizing side. But I like the cream type better, it feels more secure (?).
I can't really say it captures your youth and is a pre-wrinkle treatment. It's just a very very light weighted liquid lotion that gives you average moisturizing treatment.

10. A metallic gray scarf
It is insanely long, yet very fashionable and versatile.

11. My everyday in-house skirt.
7 for all men kind gray mini skirt. I think I bought it like 2 years ago, ever since, I have been wearing it whenever I am home. It's kind of stretchy like all 7 jeans and it's very comfy. good to get down on my knees and polish the floor. And if it gets too loose, all I have to do is throw it in the washer and it will shrink right back to its original size.

12. Zara turtle neck.
Contrary to the skirt, this doesn't stretch at all. So the neck part is actually very pretty because it's tight, but I have a hard time squeezing my big head into the neck section when I have to wear this. My face gets all red and hair all messed up :p LOL
The shirt is a bit long, it crinkles around the hip area, so if you have a big mid-section or a big hip, this shirt might not be right for you. But it goes very well with anything - jeans, a suit, skirts, shorts~

Ok, and here's a bonus shot :p
An army of cute grays!!

Some penguins are missing (like my favorite Bethy Beth), but most of them took the time to take off their shirts in order to show their grays :D

Hope you guys have an awesome night/day :)


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  1. That's the cutest line of penguins I have ever seen!!! Grey/silver, pretty much the same, except maybe silver is shiny??

  2. You have so many penguins! I adore them =)

    The silver scarf is prreeetty..hee hee

  3. Why am I not surprised that you're penguins were featured in this color tag hahahahaa... you did a great job with the challenge...I really did make it a lil harder since everyone had picked all the colors there were soo... I thought a nice shading color would be nice :)
    Totally didn't mean to make you feel incomplete due to the choice of color hahahahaa... but you could do so much looks with grays and silver eyeshadows...I look forward to future tutorials YAY!!!

  4. AW! That's so cute. I really like your #10 scarf. That looks really nice.

  5. luv the penguin collection !so cute


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