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An Intro to Missha Cosmetics

Missha is a Korean road shop brand. I think they call it "road shop" because usually in Korea the majority of cosmetics are sold in department stores and the low-end, cheaper ones have individual standing stores that are on the road (instead of a department store counter). Thus, it basically means that it is equivalent to what we call "drug store products" (there are no drugstores in Korea).

Missha has been around forever and is one of the brands that started to sell quality products at a very very cheap price (along with etude (now etude house), vov and clio) that targeted the mass market.

The prices are getting jacked up lately, but Missha is known to sell products at around 3,000 Korean won - under 10,000 Korean won, which will be anywhere below 10 dollars in the states (general conversion that is).
Because of it's cheap production cost, Missha doesn't actually offer anything unique to the market. It is more of a 'dupes of currently famous high-end products in a Missha packaging'. Yet, you shouldn't quickly dismiss Missha because if this. Like I said, the quality of Missha products are superb to what you actually pay.

The famous ones

Missha M perfect cover (aka, the red) BB cream is what gave Missha an opportunity to jump out of its domestic market and gain some notice in the international market. I am sure anyone who is remotely interested in BB creams must have seen or at least heard about the Red BB cream from Missha.

This is how the website describes its product

"Blemish Balm, also call BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin.

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturizing properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation.

Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection (SPF 42 PA+++)"

Although it sounds like the "prefect" cream, there are some general pros and cons to this product.

Pros: Smoothes and equals out the skin tone. Very good to pretend that you are bare-faced (and have a flawless skin). Pretty cheap for the amount you get.

Cons: It is either a hit or miss. A lot of people have claimed that it broke them out. You have to use the BB cream cleansing cream (from Missha) to get the tiny bits of the cream off your face. There are only two shades: #21-light beige, #23-medium beige

* It works better if you use the M BB Boomer as a base and cleanse it with the M Perfect BB Deep cleansing Oil

The 3D & 4D Mascaras (from the style line)

4D is basically an upgrade of the very famous 3D mascara. 3D is still sold along with 4D. The mascara is sold at a very nice price of 3,300 Korean won (which is less then 3 dollars) and is known for it's great performance.

Pros: cheap price. Soft, lengthening formula. Sleek design

Cons: Isn't listed on the Missha us website. Isn't buildable. Could dry out fast if you don't close the cap

The three top is Fanta Dream (coral), Chic Lavender (pink mauve) and Pale Heart (nude beige).
Other colors are 'Dear rose', 'Fresh pop', 'Satin sugar', 'Lovely Angel' and 'Baby Milk'.
At the moment, the US site only has the newest shades.

Pros: Rare nice quality matte lipsticks. Pretty creamy texture. very nice pigmentation
* Fanta Dream is a dupe of Bobbi Brown's Salmon, Chic Lavender as MAC's Snob, and Pale Heart is hard to put a finger on.

Cons: Can dry out and accentuate wrinkles. You have to reapply it now and then.

This is supposed to be a super coverage pressed foundation. A lot of people compare it's coverage with Estee Lauder's Double wear foundation (which gives you really really thick coverage).
The M line is targeted at a bit more mature skin (mid-20's and up), so it might not be suitable for teens or early 20's.

This is what the US website says.

"* Dermatologist tested
- It makes your skin look moisturized and radiant with powder enriched with Mineral and botanical Collagen while providing abundant moisture and nutrients.
- Containing Micro bead powder, it creates flawless skin with its powerful covering & wearing benefits, leaving soft feeling.
- Containing Astazanthin and Polylift called as “Super Vitamin”, it makes your skin healthy and radiant."

Pros: Cute packaging. Nice coverage. Matte finishing.

Cons: A bit too much yellow undertone. Could break people out. A bit pricy for Missha's products. Only has 2 shades (#21 or #23)

Locally popular products recommendations

* The brushes!! (This is my recommendation! I swear by it!)
I really recommend the brushes.
I have three Missha brushes, and I love all three of them. They are such good quality brushes at a very cheap price :)

It is a base that fixates your lashes the way you curled them before you apply your mascara

Okay, obviously it's not as highly pigmented as MAC's or MUFE's. But at that price, it has very good pigmentation and doesn't fly off.

It's suppose to be a dupe of Guerlain's Meteorites Powders. If gives your skin a super nice sheen and glow without making it look greasy.

I think Missha will have a hard time establishing itself in the global market since the "cheap price" factor can't apply to countries other than Korea. (Since all other countries consider Missha as a imported brand, taxes jack up the price and it will only be the quality that Missha could use as a competitive factor.)
However, I do think if they start developing some signature products that are original, they will have a very good chance. :) As for now, for those that want to experience Missha could pay a reasonable amount of money and try the products out.

Oh, btw, Missha's US site address is

I wrote this entry since a lot of people asked me where they could put their hands on Missha products :) As a lot of you may know, I got mine bought in Korea or sent from Korea. Some reviews were based on my own experience, some were from what a majority of people have said about that product.

Below are the products I grabbed and threw on the bed :p I think I have a few more but was too lazy to go through my makeup stuff.

Hope this helped you guys get a good grip of the brand :)
Let me know what you would want to try out or what you have of Missha!

- Catalina -
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  1. Yup, I'm one of those people that broke out using the Perfect BB Cream. Its too thick for me. Though it does even out the skin tone nicely. I actually prefer Skinfood's BB creams. Thanks a ton for reviewing this brand.

    I'm definitely going to check out those matte lipsticks and others in your swatch vid! <3

  2. I've never tried anything from Missha.. your post is a super good introductory to this brand!

  3. Thanks, this was really helpful! I want to try the BB cream :)

  4. I recently just did my makeup routine using the Missha BBcream and I have to admit that all it does is even out the skin if u're not into the long makeup routine just applying bbcream and it will do the job just fine (in my opinion).

    Loved the swatches you just did and a job well done ... I'm totally going to check out some of the colours (although my collection is growing too~~~).

    Thanks heaps

  5. never really been a fan of missha but i think u did a fab job of introducing this brand as Blair mentioned :)

  6. I love Missha prodcuts--I discovered them just this year at the local Missha store near our house in Muscat!

  7. I just came back from Korea and I've bought many Missha's products. I cant believe how sexy the price is in Korea because there the price of Missha's product is just half of that in Hong Kong. I like their products especially eyeshadows, lip sticks abd lip gloss. There are a great variety of skincare and make-up brands in Korea with reasonable price, I just don't know which to choose from. Could you do more introduction to other Korean brands e.g. banila co (i recommend this one btw), etude house, innisfree.

  8. they sell misscha in Australia but it's got a pretty limited range.
    haha i've just been watching your lipstick swatch videos (:

  9. OMG, I really really love their brushes, too!!! the quality is very good compare to the price you pay. I also like their Cover master foundation (skin cover and two-way cake), it covers most of my freckles without using concealer. for the BB cream, I've used Banilla Co. and Tonymoly and they both were pretty good.

    Oh, and thank you so much for the lipstick swatch video... I wrote down 20 lipsticks I want to get! <3

  10. Kekekeke I'm using the Missha BB cream now. So nice! And very whitening! Though sometimes, especially if it's cold, it's kind of hard to spread around your face....

    I agree though, the brushes are so nice! So fluffy and soft. I want to try out their lipstick/lipgloss. Are the lipglosses sticky??? Cuz I hate sticky lipglosses, just stick to you and if the wind blows, your hair gets in your face, and sticks on to your lips....then no matter how nice you look, once your hair is stuck on your lips, your just lika GYAH! And all is lost..T_T

  11. I don't like products that carry a risk of acne.


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