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It's called genetics

Like seriously?
I literally laughed when I saw these comments. (didn't I already tell you, don't write comments back to back, it's too obvious).

whore and dude.. what a combo!

I mean, seriously? I have a long face, why would I add more length to face by adding an implant to my chin?
This will be the first and last time I address such issue, but I'm sorry to say this, it runs in the family. Like it or not, unless you change my genes I'm always going to have my walnut chin.
If I had the opportunity to put implants in my body, wouldn't I aim for the boobs or booty instead of making an already long face longer?
My mom gave me the genes to have a double folded and round protruded chin like the pictures below. I feel extremely sorry for my mom and cousin having to use their pictures. I'm not going to explain myself anymore because of some ignorant people thoughtlessly speaking out of their asses.

so are you going to say my mom and I got implants in our chins together?
Our chins just happen to look like that.

Everyone in my mom's family wrinkles and creates dimples in their chin when they smile or pull their mouths.
So I guess people who naturally look like that are all subject to implant accusations, sheez.. sounds like some people need a life =/

even my mom's older brother's son has the thing about his chin

So, boo to those thoughtless people who just think verbal diarrhea would make them feel better about themselves.
I mean it's not just me, some youtube people often display obnoxious attitudes thinking they are all cool behind their monitors. If you think you can boost your self esteem via youtube, think before you write or talk, there's a reason why we have brains.

Peace out girls
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  1. I love u unnie!~ Dun mind those ppl!! Saranghae! hwaiting CL unnie!!!! ^o^ btw may i ask wad is ur korean name? :)

  2. or never mind -__- it's kinda personal, I shouldn't ask u :) anw, I love ur videos and always support u! *hug~*

  3. bah~ I'm fine :) thanks! I was just worked up for nothing, such a waste of my time over some loser. LOL my Korean name is a Korean name, I don't use any Chinese characters in them :p but why? is there a reason you need to know it? :)

  4. chin implants? haha...why would ppl think of such a thing?

  5. They actually can be 2 different people, one who put up the initial comment just to ...I don't know, she is bored?

    Another one who might be a bit jealous of you but never found a way to pick on you, since she saw a prickly comment so she suddenly got brave and "agree" with the other person...

  6. LOL just the thought of chin implants... stupidest thing imaginable really
    don't worry bout those people (:

  7. *sighs..* thanks Love, Sweetcheeks and Citrine :) yeah, there are people out there to get me. I am just waiting for someone to accuse me of having no legs or something like that.
    But anywho thanks girlies :) Citrine, you should be an investigator LOL, very analytic!

  8. @Evee: totally, I wonder what will come next. Third nipple implants?

  9. well, i take it tat those ppl are just jealous of ur chin!

  10. Don't mind them.:) They're just jealous.:)

  11. totally useless and pointless comments from ppl who have nothing better to do... we all have features on our faces which is unlike anybody else's and it's not coz it's been enhanced in anyway, you're right it's just GENETICS!!! hahahaaha... Just ignore them...

  12. Lol. Don't mind them, dear. They are trying to get you down because you are getting popular!!

  13. haha, that's hilarious, chin implants. Where do people come up with these things??

  14. I dunno, I think it's weird how people try to bring others down like that. It's like some ignorant person walking up to Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon and telling them that they have implants because their chins are prominent. Or like spreading rumors that Lindsay Lohan got her freckles tattooed because she has a lot of freckles. People should learn how everybody is unique and different.

  15. These people DO need to get a life and start showing some respect.

    Don't let these comments ever bother you again. you're doing what you're doing for fun, and for people who like your features, and appreciate your efforts for all the great videos and posts.

    Keep up the great work girl! :)

  16. Oh, Cat, please forgive them, they may have no chins at all, or, they were just craving for adivces on chin implant... so, pity them =)

  17. some dude asked me in person before if i had work done~ but it started off as an insult anyways~ my cousin told me that one time, a person came over and said: "Your eyes are sooooooooo pretty, where'd you get them done?" -_- people also ask if my husband had his eyes done too - because their image of a korean person is probably based on Rain or something.

    ignore them...i think they were honestly wanting chin implants and got all excited to find what they consider a successful chin-job! it's a sad by-product of our cultures accepted practice of plastic surgery~~~~~

  18. Man, these crazy people are just jealous ;D I love your chin, heh.

  19. BAHAHA! i read that on youtube and was like whatt? HAHA! hilarious!

  20. Hi sweetie

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  21. I did read somewhere that are there are a large number of Koreans in Korea who have work down to their face, and it's common, even for normal people who aren't actresses etc.

    Then again it's seems common in USA for people to have work done on their face and/or body compared to say Australia where I'm from.

    When I first watched your videos, it appeared to me that you had a nose job (no offence intended). I'm not against people who have work done, but I think it's fake when people deny that have had it done.

    It's a personal choice in my opinion what they do to their face and body.

    Overall, I think you look pretty and keep up the great videos.

  22. If you don't look classically Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., then people will speculate that you've had surgery or that you're "not really Asian".

    I was told by an SA in London (and numerous other people that I can't be Japanese). Like you, I LOOK LIKE MY MOTHER--and she doesn't look typically Japanese, because she has large, almond shaped eyes and very high cheekbones. She is, 100% Japanese and from Tokyo.

    A lot of Indians have told me that I look like someone from Bhutan or Sikkim, and I agree with them! But I'm still half Japanese and I look like my mother!

  23. ok so im 16, im korea but was born in australia. so im not really 'traditionally' korean, like im not into there culture and stuff.but just this year i found out about the plastic surgery craze in korea.
    all those dramas and music videos, i thought the actressess were so pretty and i found out most are fake.
    i was so sad and disappointed.
    and then all my family has thick double eyelids, except me.
    im considering surgery..
    i dunno..
    i think coz thats what people think is beautiful right?
    especially i want to be in the entertainment industry,
    can someone give me guidance?


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