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A picture diary

Hi everyone :)
So today's going to be a picture diary, since I find it a bit more entertaining.

So yesterday I went to Sephora and did my Dior scratching :D !!
All of the staff members took turns to look at this paper, and some didn't even know this was going on. So anyway, after waiting for the manager to come and sort things out I finally scratched the star..

and boo...
I never get these kind of stuff.
But it's okay :) all I need is one biggy from mega millions (jk)

But it was nice of Dior to give people at least a small sample even if they didn't get a prize.
So here's a tiny j'adore sample.
I mean I think it turned out good since I was thinking of buying this fragrance :)
and it's cute! so all is good.

And I bought this blush from ebay.
I usually don't like buying face stuff without seeing it myself, but I bought it anyway because it reminded me of shu uemura rebirth collection and it was cheap (9 dollars! :D), brand new with the tape attached on the side.

So, here's a very short swatch of it (and some comparisons)

it's huge compared to the face shop or shu uemura blushes.
and the matte part is extremely velvety and the shimmery part has a great shimmer to it :)
It's really nice because the blush is big so if I just want the matte part, I won't have to use a smaller brush to avoid the shimmers.

It was a 2008 limited edition blush, so they don't sell this on the body shop website, but I think you can search ebay and try to get a good deal :)
The thing is, people try to add premium to limited edition products, so sometimes the experience is souring since the price is up to a ridiculous level, but if you are lucky enough you can get something for a reasonable price from a reasonable individual :)

And this came in the mail a couple of days ago.
My JLPT admission ticket!

I only have a few weeks left and I barely started studying =/
I should really really start cramming like crazy~*

And just in case you guys were curious, here's the Louis Vuitton holiday catalogue. I thought it was interesting, because the cover was pretty.
But as I was flipping through, I was kind of appalled because the concept was cute and fairy tale-ish, but.. if you look closely, the photoshop was extremely amateurish (like the bag on the swan, or the bag on the moon.. it was too much LOL) and I dunno, it was surreal :p
But anyway, some were good, I didn't have time to take a picture of every single page. I just took pictures of the pages I thought was cheesy?


Oh, and today, I was a trooper!
I walked 160 (street) blocks up and down manhattan, with a heavy bag full of laptop stuff, three books, two notebooks, two pasta sauce bottles, umbrella and a scarf inside it :)

Here's some iphone pictures I took along the way.
- The new apple store on 67th street -

- A store with penguins (made with real feathers).. they were kind of creepy! -

- and I am almost hitting 10k :D 50 more subbies to go! yay!!

And last but not least, my latest fav. show :)
TLC's Say Yes To the Dress

It's a show about future brides choosing their dresses for the wedding. It makes me want to get married (squeal!). I really want to go to Kleinfeld (it's located and filmed in NYC) and try on dresses and gasp and cry and do what all the girls do on the show. The only thing is, I have no planned wedding =( and I don't think the salespeople will be happy with me just fitting dresses and not buying it.

That was a long post :)

Have a nice, cozy day girlies~


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  1. Could you swatch the Face Shop blush?

    Wow..160 blocks? The blocks in Manhattan are pretty long! :O How long did it take you? Maybe I should do that one of these days. :P

  2. Woah I didn't even notice there were LV items on the pages, I was too amazed by the background xD Pretty nice though ^.^


  3. The blushes look really pretty!^^
    Awww the baby penguin is just love!♥♥♥


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