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Revitalash STEAL!!

* You will need a bing cashback account first if you want this deal. It is easy, and if you shop at sephora (online), you DEFINITELY need a cashback account *

For more about signing up (it's free) - go to

So, I was poking around, and doing some research on lash enhancers. Lilash and Revitalash seems to be the arch rivals.
After reading so many posts and reviews, I have come to a conclusion that

Lilash - noticeable difference takes a longer period of time, but if you want lash "growth" this is the king of it. Amazing lengths are added, yet after a while, lashes seem to get chopped off or grow unevenly.

Revitalash - Noticeable difference is visible faster, adds volume but not the crazy length like Lilash, more expensive.

So having so many people telling me that I have short lashes, I was thinking if I should buy any of these enhancers. The only thing that is still holding me back is.. only one out in the market (Latisse) is FDA approved, and none other are. I'm really iffy about it (tempting! yet hesitant).
I don't want to jeopardize my eyes with discoloration or irritation - or, even eye site problems.

But, I will post a way to get Revitalash for approximately a fraction of its price (Regular price - 150.00 dollars, and 52 dollars after bing cashback!)

First make sure you are logged in your cashback account.

1. Go to and search "revitalash"

2. there is going to be a baby blue colored box with the sponsored links.
Look for a coin mark that links to

3. click on it (not the coin, but just the link that says Revitalash :p)
you will see a window pop up like this that will guide you to the bing cash back applied page of that product
* note: on the sponsor's link, it says 20%, but the actual cashback you will get it 25%. (score!!)

4. and then BAMB!!! you are at drugstore's site!!
the sale price is 70 dollars, and if you buy it your bing cash back account will register the data and have 25% of it (17.50 dollars!) pending to be issued for you.

- plus it's free shipping since the product is over 25 dollars.

* you don't immediately get your 25% back. Bing holds the money until the designated company's return period is over (usually 30-60 days) so if you don't like the product you can simply return it. (and when you return it, you get the full amount of money you paid)

So you do pay 70 dollars at check out (NY pays tax...-_-), but Bing will give you 17.50 back at the end of the return period. Just so people don't mess around with the system.

If you are too lazy for all this, you could always purchase it regularly on for 70 dollars. I still think they have the lowest price on Revitalash right now.

Sephora is also a participating company with the Bing cashback program.
If you buy from, you get 10% back :) I should have posted earlier, but during the FF 2009 sale, Bing was still giving 10% cashback on the regular retail value. So let's say I bought something that is regularly retailed at 100 dollars, Bing gave me 10 dollars back, and sephora applied 20% off, which will be like 30 dollars savings.

Yay for Bing cashback :) Yay for microsoft and its deep pockets full of cash!

Hope this post helped you guys!
let me know if any of you buy revitalash!

bargain hunter,
cl2425 (:p)

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  1. damn it. It's not for Canadians :(

  2. Not gonna buy it (waiting until I can splurge on Latisse... have you seen the before and afters for Brooke Shields? It's -insane- :P), but thanks for the post!!

  3. @Lily M, I might be reiterating what you already know, but isn't Latisse a prescription drug? I don't think doctors would be keen to give out prescriptions unless you actually have a medical condition regarding your eye sight and/or eye lashes. but dunno, not every doctor practices under the same standards so you might get lucky with yours :D good luck with your latisse!

  4. oh no, nm. I guess its only the US where you need a prescription for latisse.

  5. @soiia: aww, I'm sorry :( I didn't know.. I guess we'll have to wait for bing to get a bit more of the market share so every country could benefit from the cashback program :(


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