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So, I was poking around craigslist yesterday, and having to be a beauty guru I couldn't help but go into the beauty and health section. Usually, weird things are on sale (like adult diapers or medical equipment stuff, etc). But anyway, I spotted an ad that was selling MAC stuff (( * Tip, if MAC and WHOLESALE go together in a sentence, don't even bother. They are fakes)).
Usually, these kind of stuff are sold by people selling fake MACs, but I clicked anyway, and it was this makeup artist selling her backup stuff for very cheap (all new and untouched!).

So to make a long story short, I scored two things I was willing to buy for full price for only 10 dollars!!! ( 5 dollars each, squeal!!)

I got the Carbon Eyeshadow and the famous Aloof lipstick.

Here's the two together :D Aww~~~ so pretty~~~

The eyeshadow (Carbon)
It's a matte finish and some call it the blackest of black (darkest black shade from MAC?). I have Black tied, but I've been meaning to buy Carbon for such a long time, I am happy to have stumbled upon the craigslist ad.

The Lipstick (aloof)

Aloof swatch.

It's such a pretty color!! I love how it doesn't have shimmers and is a baby pink color. It's a lustre finish and is creamy with a pretty sheen to it. I am very happy with it. And this has been discontinued for quite a while, so I am happy it was super super cheap and new.

Carbon and Aloof swatches :)

I asked her if she still had products left and she said she had some on hold and many more available, so if you are in the 5 boroughs area (NY only) and have the time to pick things up at Bronx, you should check her stuff out :D

She brought a lot more stuff out, but I didn't have extra cash on me and being the cheap me, I didn't want to get out of the station, so I blew my chance. But anyway, sometimes craigslist has amazing deals, so check on it regularly!

I was debating if I should get the goldenaire pigment, but I don't use pigments that much so I didn't buy it. :( If any of you could grab it, go for it!
This is one of those rare bargain deals ^__^

Okay, I should go study :p
have a good one ladies!


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  1. Lucky you, too bad I'm not in the NY area, lol. I can't wait for you to do an FOTD with those items! Good luck studying babe!

  2. that was a lucky find! The only thing I've gotten craigslist were concert tickets. I didn't even think about looking for makeup, thanks for the tip!

  3. Omg maybe we should go together and pick up some more MAC things after the JPLT (it's in the bronx right?) LOL that would be so funny. But you got some nice items, love that aloof lippie!

  4. ur MAC items look so pretty!esp ALOOF!

  5. just found your blog and i love it! what a great find! do you know if she only has one of each thing she listed?

  6. yep, no doubt that you scored big this time totally loving the lippie colour and yep the carbon eyeshadow is kinda a must hahahahaa.... awesome find!!!

  7. @beauty Snap: hehe.. I don't think she'll have any left by then ='( oh, but how's studying coming along?

    @Blovet Beauty: I know~ I was really happy about it :p

    @dee: thanks! I dunno, you'll have to e-mail her or call her. Just e-mail the craigslist seller email address and I think she's pretty fast at replying :D It's basically like ebay and first come first serve, so don't waste your time and call her~~

    @Uinisan: haha, thanks (high five!)

  8. @Stephanie: yeah, craigslist is crazy! they have everything there. I sometimes go surf it just for shits and giggles. there are all sorts of crazy things going on there LOL

  9. I love the MAC carbon eyeshadow, I have it too^^

  10. Congrats on scoring Aloof, it is indeed a gorgeous lippie!! It was such a steal at that price!

    PS. A forum mentioned that there's some awesome prices for Paul & Joe and Becca (etc.) makeup on this one site:

    Just thought to share.. plus the code 2207490 takes $10 off $50, so that's pretty cool :)

    Have a good rest of the week :)

  11. Just blog hopping and found you! Amazing blog! Craigslist and makeup?! That's a first! I always go there for home furnishings =)

    I'm a new follower =)


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