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The Sephora Dior your look game

I am assuming that Sephora sent me this because I purchased a Dior lipstick not so long ago.. or is it just random? =/
I showed several of you guys this on blogtv yesterday,

But anywho, I got this Dior your look invitation game thing in my Sephora holiday catalogue.

(click to enlarge)

It says its only happening within the 50 states of US, and it's only open from Nov. 12 - 15.
I have to go to a store and scratch off the silver star in front of a staff, and the staff has to fill out the store number and approval signature and stuff on the back. But, bottom line is, has anyone else received this? I wonder if everyone gets a gift, or if there is a sucker option like "oops, try again..never!!" =/
With my luck, I'm sure I'm not going to get anything awesome and just piss away money while at Sephora, but oh well.. might as well go there and see what's up.

Anyway, let me know if anyone else got this :p
we should share results :D

- Catalina -

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  1. Sounds nice, but also gimmicky. You should go try your luck anyways :) Good luck!! How do you get the catalogue? It looks really pretty!

  2. I got one too. and I'm sure you'd get it if your a sephora beauty insider...

  3. I didn't get one, but then again it might've fell out if it was unattached. I got the 20% off though, and that was unattached either >.< would've been mad if that fell out!

  4. @Becks: are you serious? I would have liked the 20% more than this :'(

    @mandy: I think they send it to you if you are a beauty insider. If not, try going online and call them and ask them to send you catalogues. I'm sure they will be more than happy to do so :D

    @XcuteC: haha, let me know what your result was!

  5. i got one too, i think they just want you to go into the store lol so maybe you'll purchase something while youre there haha


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