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Uh-oh, the Yu-na Look :p

Yu-Na Kim has an unexplainable charm that can't be imitated. There's just something about her that grabs one's attention.

Yu-Na Kim has been in the spotlight for a couple of years, and her makeup and looks are getting more exquisite and exotic as she matures. I like it when she wears black, it really suits every aspect of her and one of my favorite programs was the Danse Macabre. The music, outfit, choreography and makeup, everything was perfect.

Anywho, Yu-Na does mostly thick eyeliner looks when she needs to accentuate her eyes. I love how this particular makeup makes your eyes look long and sultry, yet not in a sloppy way. It adds presence to your face.
I think this is more or less the trend among most young Korean female celebs, like thick & winged out eyeliners.

So, ugh.. despite the fact that Yu-Na and I have totally different features and eye shapes, I decided to do the look to help those out there that might need a guideline for this look. If you have a similar eye shape as her, this look will be super easy :D

**** Some update on me *****

btw, I am sorry the giveaway results are dragging on like crazy.
I will put up the winners soon.

The reason why I wasn't very active is.. I'm having sleeping problems.
Like serious problems.

I can't really sleep. I can't sleep more than 6~7 hours a day, I'm fatigue all day long, and while I'm sleeping I'm not fully sleeping. I can actually notice myself tossing and turning.... that's how lightly I'm sleeping.
I keep waking up randomly in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling asleep again.

So stressed! Does anyone know what I should do? Should I ask the doctor for Ambient?

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  1. I love this look on you! Very sultry and sexy =D

  2. I agree with Blair! I think the eyeliner compliments your eye shape and ur nude lip color in myth is spot on :)

  3. try benadryl for 1 night, or unisom - these are over the counter sleeping aids/allergy medicine ingredients.

    I used to have sleeping problems...and I did consult a doctor, but I already know why I have trouble sleeping and stuff. Try investigating if there's anything stressing you out or caffeine intake or dietary changes.

    I didn't take sleeping medication~ but while 6-7 hours is NOT ENOUGH (I know...) but try to think that AT LEAST you made 6-7 hours, and not to 'stress' that you didn't sleep enough for your body and go from there!!

  4. Nice look!
    and awww hope your insomnia gets better!
    I have it too sometimes but I think it's cos I drink caffeinated drinks in the afternoon.. maybe that's your issue?
    Maybe see a doctor or something and see how it goes from there :)

  5. hrmmm... I've recently had problems with sleeping too for awhile... but I realised that it's coz I'm not doing much during the day so less activity means you just aren't tired enough. Plus when I wasn't doing anything active I was always worried about certain issues in my personal life, stress makes you think way too much and distracts you from being calm and relaxed.
    I've been better now since my life has suddenly become busy all over again and I'm enjoying the things I do. My attitude has changed in terms of just going with the flow and knowing that there is no point in worry about something that you may not have any control over. I'm sleeping like a baby now, since I'm out almost everyday tiring myself out heaps before coming home and wanting nothing more than to sleep.
    Maybe try and keep yourself occupied during the day for as long as possible and when you're feeling tired you'll naturally head to bed for 8hrs :) Hope it sorta helps~~~

  6. try hot milk with some honey... i dunno but thats what i used to drink if i cudnt sleep...hope this helps somehow.. btw sleeping problems usually appear because of stress.. maybe u shud try to relax more

  7. I love the look, you did it so well. I have had problems sleeping, often only sleeping 3 hours or so. I am kinda afraid to take medication, because I would really like my body to be able to do it by itself, without drugs...

    But it sounds pretty serious, especially because when you DO sleep, it's light. Definately see a doc, to ease your stress about it.. I really hope you can improve, because I know its extremely frustrating and debilitating... <3

  8. WOW. I love this look! I always try this kinda look with thick, thick eyeline but it seems to be a little too much on my eyes for some reason. It definitely is perfect for the night/party look, though!

    Oh, and I have a question... how often do you wash your makeup brushes? and what do you wash it with? I just read some blog about how to wash the brushes, and this person recommended regular bar soap. I'm not sure that's fine with some of those fine ones. and I find it extremely easy to wipe them off on the cleasing sheets. I wonder that's safe to do that.
    You have a lovely day! Thanx <3

  9. whether it's 2 hours or 10 hours, if your not going through all 4 stages of sleep you will be very tired ,fatigued and just x_x

    don't take medication, they only help temporarily.. i used to have insomnia and only got it rid of it once i started off with school and got back on a normal sleeping schedule. You shouldn't drink alot of caffeine throughout the day, maybe only a small amount in the morning only. And, it might be that your lifestyle is too inactive that your body is tired but it's not really exhausted enough to put itself to sleep because its not being worked enough.I can't really tell you, theres so many things linked to sleeping problems =(

  10. I am not a big fan of western medicine so I have been doing yoga/meditation to reduce stress. Acupuncture/herb to correct the lack of sleep.

  11. Wow, thanks for all the thoughtful inputs! I feel like I was ignorant about this issue. I will definitely try out what you guys suggested and try to have a life :p hehe, I feel embarrassed and enlightened at the same time~
    love you all! I really appreciate all of you :D

  12. If you take melatonin, it's supposed to help with insomnia.. I take it, and it works wonders!

  13. Hey Catalina, this look is awesome-- you did a really good job of breaking down the look for us. As for insomnia.. it really does sound like you are very stressed. It might help to find out what exactly is the cause.. and find a way to pacify yourself before sleeping. Clear your mind, listen to calm music (try Yiruma).. definitely don't think about stressful things or anything at all. And if you still can't sleep during the night you should probably see a doctor =( medication could probably help regulate your sleep for a while. Good luck!

  14. maybe you should try exercising
    it will help you sleep better, therefore you will get tired when u work out keke
    loved the kimuna loook!

  15. My fiancee has the same problems with sleep. He can't sleep for more than 7 hours, and he's pretty much always tired. He doesn't toss/turn a lot, but he does wake up frequently... He's tried everything (work/study balance, nutrition, exercise, Chinese medicine... haha), but he's since given up. He does put a lot of pressure on himself to do everything right and complete, but how can he change that?! It's like telling him to change his personality, haha.

  16. ahhhh the kim yuna look kekekekeke
    I think every asian guru out there has to do at least 1 tribute to yuna and I'm glad you're was so easy to follow ^^
    and it helps a lot since you have double lids like me so I'm not left floundering wondering "erm so if there's an extra fold is it supposed to turn out like this or not....?" lol

    as to the sleep problem, maybe go to your doctor and tell him/her about your sleep problems and/or any other abnomalities you may be experiencing and ask for a blood test. I was having major issues with sleep (not being able to sleep until 6-7AM, sleeping for a couple hours and waking for no reason, sleeping but never feeling rested, etc) last year along with some other issues and when my blood results came back, turned out I had a hormonal imbalance hence all my body being all grumpy and wacked out. Now I have medication and I can actually SLEEP and feel rested now ^^ I'm not handing out a diagnosis here but just pointing out a posibility. Of course, a healthy lifestyle helps too! Exercise (heh. heh. heh.) or at least get some fresh air, eat regularly, and try not to stay inside all the time (something I'm definitely guilty of as well T_T). Agh, this comment is getting disgustingly long. Hope you feel better soon!!

    ps. while your dedication to your videos is admirable (I love the new camera! the crispness and wonderful resolution O_O), please don't damage your lips or skin or whatever just to complete a video. we won't die waiting a couple of days if you decided to not scrub your lips raw sampling lipsticks to find the perfect match for the look XDDD


  17. Waaa Sexyy!
    Tho..I'm wondering....Does it work on people who have..longer eyes to start with? I won't want my eyes looking like the typical LONG AND NARROW asian eyes LOL.
    Love the tutorial, the camera quality is hot!
    Oh noo! Don't damage your lips!!! >_<

    For the sleep can try using melatonin, it's a light natural endorphin that will help you achieve better sleep quality. Not like sleeping pills so it's good. It's also pretty cheap and you can get it in any drug store, it's like 90 pills or so for around maybe $9-10.


  18. i've recently heard of valerian root, a natural herb that may help with insomnia. i think it is sold as a supplement. it has a sedative effect, but i've never tried it personally. i've fixed my sleeping problems when i learned to relax and stopped putting so much pressure on myself. stress really gets your system out of wack. i like doing some stretches, lie down and focus on breathing deeply for a couple of minutes. or go out and get some fresh air. do something that you enjoy and just feel happy that you are able to. having learned to stop worrying about things that don't really matter have helped me gain more mental clarity. along with proper nutrition, i'm a lot healthier now, emotionally and physically. i hope you're able to get some good sleep soon :)

  19. Hey gorgeous, I posted a link to your helpful youtube video in my blog.
    If you like my site, please post a link to it in your blog to return the favor. thanks!


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