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New Holiday Look

tutorial.. took forever to film, import, edit, export :{
it is uploading on YT right now - I hope it goes up :)

Here's just a small picture of it

I know I look half asleep, but I was trying to get all the colors in one shot :p

alright, goodnight girlies!
I hope it uploads without any problems :p
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  1. It's looking good...totally love the golden touch on your bottom lash line :) I'm sure I'll enjoy watching it... Ummm... once it's up... kept checking and still not up yet ahahahahhaa...

  2. Hi, I am a new follower of your blog/videos. :) You are amazing in your make- up skills and you look so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful look! I love that touch of gold under the eyes. The vid's up but it seems YT is still processing it, lol.

  4. *screams* I just watched the vid... even though it's like 5.30am here in Melb hahahaah I fully enjoyed it (can't sleep due to the heat~~). Thanks for going through the trouble and doing that look for me... I'll definitely give it a try, thanks for the encouragements and tellin me that trying is ok :) My mistake... it's green on the bottom lash line... very nice~~~ hope you don't mind that I added the vid to my recent post to spread the holiday look cheers hahahhahhaa...
    Talk about BLING whenever you blink your eyes just GORGEOUS...just one question: is there a way to remove glittery makeup safely so it doesn't get into your eyes?
    Thanks again sweetie. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  5. very pretty! i love the colors of the shadows, so gorgeous!

  6. wow! u look hot! i'm loving the glitter though I know its quite a pain to when it flies and sticks all over the face. thks for ur u tube vid:) merry X'mas :)

  7. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

  8. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

  9. hello :)
    i was wondering where you can get missha pore minimizing face primer (besides korea) because i'd really like to try it out.

    thanks & i love all of your vids!


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