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The UK Haul & swatches

So, I made a haul video featuring some products my boyfriend got for me while he was in London :)
For all those UKers out there, this might be a dull post haha. Oh, and my boyfriend really liked London. He's pretty much flying all over the place a lot, but London seem to have excited him for some reason :p

Anywho, so if you already haven't seen the video, here it is.

To cut to the chase, here are some photos.

I would usually do swatches and photos with the Canon 50D, but all the memory cards are full and I have little patience to empty them out. So today's swatches are all taken with my panasonic fz35

Here's everything minus the sleek palette

The Lipsticks (L-R: GOSH 134 Darling, Barry M 100 Baby Pink, Barry M 146 Dolly Pink, Barry M 147 Peachy Pink)

Gosh 134 Darling lipstick swatch.

Verdict: Compared to the Barry M lip Paints, I think the gosh is superior in quality. The texture is extremely creamy and silky and it is a true beige, nude color. It's not matte and has a sheen to it.
Overall, I do think it being a bit more expensive than the Barry M Lip Paints makes sense.

Barry M #100 - Baby Pink

Verdict: It looks matte in the picture, but it actually is more on the creamy side. You have to apply a lot of layers to get the thick baby pink look. The sheerness is comparable to MAC glaze finishes. Other than that I like how the lipstick isn't scented.

Barry M #146 - Dolly Pink.

Verdict: Much more vibrant and pigmented than the Baby Pink. Only a couple of strokes delivers great pigmentation. It has a bit of glossy sheen like the baby pink.

Barry M #147 - Peachy Pink

Verdict: Matte, peachy (almost neon) pink. It's matte so it is a bit drying than the other two lip paints, but the color is amazing. If you build up the color it comes off as a bit neon coral. It is the right amount of pigmentation and isn't an awkward color - so surprisingly enough, I think this can be used as an everyday color.
If you don't like it thickly applied, one layer delivers a look of "tinted.. yet in a matte texture" look (if that even makes sense LOL)

The Sleek Palette (The Original 594)

The exterior.
woah! that camera picks up a lot of dust LOL

The colors.
Very nice colors :) I like..

swatches accordingly on my hand.

a close-up.

Verdict: As you can see on the lower hand lighter colors, the formulation is a bit crumby. A lot of excess shadow could get all over the place and while I was swatching, I had to blow off the excess shadow dusts. But other thatn that, I think the colors are fab :)

The Dazzle Dusts & Fine Glitter Dusts.
(L-R: 8 Silver Iridescent, 24 Old Gold, 39 Tan)

(L-R: 53 Chocolate, 97 Dark Chocolate, Glitter dust 4 Silver)

(L-R: 4 Glitter dust Silver, 22 Glitter Dust Black Gold)

Swatches in natural lighting, no flash

Sheez, the swatch pictures do no justice to how glittery and pretty these are. I think watching the video will help you understand how massive these glitters and sparkles are.

Other goodies :p

Amazingly enough, all of the emperor penguins I have are babies. And the boyfriend brought back three additions to the collection - and they are adults!! XD
The funny thing is, most of the babies tower the adults so it is funny to see them sitting together, but I really like these penguins. :}

so cute XD

and since I am obsessed with stationary stuff (especially notebooks), he bought two penguin notebooks for me :D how nice, hehe.

I'll try to post the MAC pigments post soon

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  1. Haha,your bf sure loves you...those penguins toys are cute!

  2. What an awesome haul! I love the dazzle dusts. Now I really want to get my hands on some too.

    Those penguins are cute ^^ I love it when you talk about your penguin collection.

  3. the peachy pink looks wonderful on you!
    what an awesome boyfriend! and you thought he'd be embarrassed, haha.

  4. Lucky gal, your boyfriend sure adores you *Envies*

  5. i love those barry M lippies and the sleek palette is so gorgeous! u're bf is so sweetttt

  6. WOW!!! what a great haul especially when it's so hard to get UK cosmetic brands anywhere else in the world bleh~~~ I reckon all these are necessities plus the colours are so wearable....Oh how I envy you~~ hahahaha...

  7. The penguin on the calender 2010 looks like a cool gangster! :)

  8. ah~ lucky :))
    I totally want that sleek palette! it's a bit pricey on ebay :(

  9. @Citrine: hehe, aren't they? :D they are so soft >.<)

    @Lisa: OMG, I love them too! But chocolate is kindda being a pain in the butt =/ I think the jar is somewhat broken and the loose shadow gets all over the place. I have to buy a small jar to store chocolate in there :p

    @Lily: haha, he told me that the people who helped him at superdrug thought that he was buying makeup for himself. LOL but he's secure about himself so he doesn't care what others think of him :p

    @alelierbeauty: haha, hmm... haha

    @Blovet Beauty: he is :p it's funny - he was a sleek palette expert when he came back. I think he had some fun going through all of the sleek palettes with the employee when he was at superdurg LOL

    @Uinisan: I know LOL the cheap price is a problem! it's not worth all that shipping fee to get these sent to the US because most of the time the shipping fee costs more than the actual product LOL Oh, and the colors are beautiful.. I should make good use of them

    @vanille: LOL I know! it's not a overused picture, which makes it super cool >.<) King penguins are gansta like that LOL

    @박진아: they are! especially since the dollar isn't that strong :'( just keep searching - patience will lead you to a cheap, new palette!

  10. Aw your bf sure loves you =)
    Great haulage!


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