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Review: TheFaceShop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask

Sorry, I'm not in my right state :p blog sale is still going on

I also wanted to do a short review? or so about thefaceshop's Black Head Nose Clay Mask.
It's a clay mask you put on your nose and around that area to pluck out black heads.

here's what I learned from applying it

1. Don't spread it thin - spread it thickly!! * very important *
- if you spread it too thin, it doesn't even peal off. It's like glue that you can't even rub off
2. let it dry completely
- you have to feel that tight feeling around your pores. and the surface has to be bumpy too
3. Peel it off bottom-up
- don't peel it the other way around. You have to peel it so it goes against your skin texture so you can really pull out the black heads.

So here's the results! It really really hurt when I peeled it off....

* Warning * this can be a bit gross :p

look at all that!

I felt this thrill after ripping this off of my nose. I am going to do this once or twice a month >.<)

For those that are looking for this product, here it is on Amazon.
2pcs the Face Shop Blackhead Ex Nose Clay Mask 50g (2*50g)

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  1. wow.. it works so well, but i'm sure peel-off mask is hurt!
    do u recommend to use it every week?

  2. @ning*star: no! haha, I don't think that'll be good for your skin and if you do it too often it will make your pores bigger since they kind of stay empty for a bit. I think minimum will be once every two weeks >.<

  3. Thanks so much for this review...No more Biore strips for me (I could never keep them properly staying on my nose)! I've tried so many "peel-off" masks in hopes of them doing what TheFaceShop one does...but they just rip off the hair on my face. Cheers!

  4. that's looks awesome! my skinfood black bean pore strip doesn't even remove that much. i'm going to try this. thanks for your review Catalina. (:

  5. This is so cool! I want to try it to now! you have the best reviews and updates of your products! Good job!!

  6. I totally wanna try that mask now! Going to see if I can order it from their American site here!

  7. @Christina: haha cheers! remember to peel it off upwards~~

    @Dee: Aww, you can try applying several layers of egg-white and let it completely dry and then apply the peel off mask - that really helps pluck things out :)

    @Mei: Aww :) you're so sweet! thank you >.<)

    @Annie: I was always curious - do they have a shopping function? I never was able to figure that out @_@

  8. this is so cool! you should do more face mask review!

  9. It looks really effective! But after trying other peel off masks that do the also pull out blackheads, I'm afraid to try any more. My pain tolerance is very low :X Maybe I should try to overcome it and try this anyways :] Thanks for the review!

  10. Somehow I can't find this mask in any online-shop. Is there any online-shop that sell this and provides worldwide shipping?

  11. @rock_chick: haha, I'll try

    @mandy: I'm like a dude when it come to pain, I can tolerate almost any kind of pain, but I have to tell you this mask really hurt me LOL But never push yourself to do something you don't feel comfortable about :( ~~

    @Yue: I think similar products will give you similar results like the white clay nose peel off mask thingy
    I can't really say where they sell these since this was an in-store purchase from Korea -_+)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. ooh definitely does the job! i find getting black heads out very satisfying too hehe.

  14. That looks amazing! I'm going to look for a similar product now since I can't find it anywhere in the states :(

  15. wow!! amazing! ^^
    do you know if it is good for your skin to remove all your blackheads like that?
    and also, what do you use for your pores after you use this? because i'm pretty sure the pores are going to be huge after taking out all the blackheads.

  16. Holy grossoamoly! I love getting gross stuff off my face. I've been looking for something that does exactly that. I've tried everything possible to get those stubborn nose pores clean. Thanks, Catalina! I gotta get this!

  17. I like these kind of products ^^ I have the Seikisho Whitening Mask, it's also a peel-off mask but for the whole face. It hurts a little but peeling the mask off feels so good :P

    btw, have you tried Dior's Diorskin nude foundation? Any thoughts on it? :)

  18. i bought the Black Head Ex Black Peeling has the same picture so i thought it was the one i saw on your blog!!! but i guess its different?? Did you get your product at the store in K-town??

  19. i went to their website and found two store in NYC maybe they have it there?

  20. I searched on their official website, but didn't find this product there. so I doubt they carry this in the local store in the States. Try ebay, i found there. I'm going to bid one from there, and I think the seller ships the product from Korea...YAY!~super excited...

  21. Hi Catalina! Great review here! I'd like to ask if you know about a recipe for a DIY lemon soju toner from Korea. It's said to be good for acne and blackheads and since you have lived there for awhile, maybe you might have heard of it? Thanks by the way!

  22. wow!unbelieveable result!see all those black heads...lolz. but how did you get faceshop product? did you go to korean makeup shop?

  23. hey catalina!

    i bought one and tried using it, but it's not working): i tried spreading it VERY thickly like you said, but it only ended up cracking. what should i do?

  24. Hi Catalina! I decided to spend a day reading your blog...yeah..uhh.. summer boredom... but yeah! I found this review & for some reason, I have A LOT of blackheads. I mean like MUCHO MUCHO blackheads! but I don't trust nose strips & stuff like that cause I heard they leave your pores open & make them bigger...does this do that to your pores?

  25. hey there!

    i was wondering if there's an ingredients list for this product? im planning on buying it but im allergic to sulfates and wanted to make sure it doesn't have it.

    if u could comment back on my blog on this that'd be wonderful! thank you!

  26. Thank you for good information , haha
    i should definitely try to use that.
    the blackhead mask pack currently i am using is quite good i think. but this is sometimes too strong that it sometimes even hurts... it's this. Konad

  27. are you supposed to put that one AFTER washing your face or BEFORE washing your face..?

  28. Hi! This is very helpful! I've been looking around for a good peel-off mask and have had my eyes set on Daiso's charcoal mask. I'm wondering--if you have used does this compare with this one? Does Daiso yield similar results? >,< Ty!

  29. Hi, I just got my face shop blackhead ex nose clay mask in the mail today and when i opened it, the content wasn't green like the pictures you showed. I am worried if mine is different although the packaging is exactly the same. Mine is white inside. Can you tell me why?

  30. Haha I totally understand the thrill you're talking about! I get that everytime I use a pore strip (: Btw I just received this in my mail today (YAY) and the mask's on my face now (NERVOUS!TEEHEE) Thanks for the awesome review and pics :D I hope it works that well for me too (:

  31. OH MY GOD, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!! (and that's only from just looking and reading the review.)
    It really makes me wanna go to Korea and get it so I can use it. Sighhh, hopefully that'll happen in a few years. TT ^ TT

  32. i was wondering if you have a clarisonic and how effective this is compared to the clarisonic. thanks!

  33. this mask looks awesome! i just arrived in korea two weeks ago and i still haven't been able to find any face shop counters/stores. maybe i'm just not looking hard enough. i wonder if etude house or skin food has a similar mask?

  34. this looks good but may i know if Singapore is selling this anot?

  35. do u know if this is stronger than the daiso one?

  36. I actually bought this from TFS at Flushing when I was shopping. Thanks for the blog post! I didn't understand any of the Korean. Hope it works just as well as in your pictures!

  37. i am searching for this product since last year, here in the phils. unfortunately it is unavailable... this review is really good and so convincing! i hope i could have this.. (i dont have paypal or credit card, thats why cant have the intl shipping :(

  38. I just received this in the mail the other day! I know it says its for the nose, but do you know if you can use it for your forehead and chin?

    Also, do you need to mix anything with it or you can just apply it directly from the tube? Thanks!

  39. I seem to be doing something wrong. It pulls off nothing from my nose... > .>

  40. Thanks for the warning ;-)
    I wasn't expecting it to take off all of that. I guess it is an effective beauty treatment for acne. That should help people decide whether it's worth a try.


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