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Fail or minor success? (The Yellow Curlers)

Out of boredom I decided to try out the yellow balls Maggie sent me a while a go. Can't remember or new to the blog? you can go here and read about it and giggle at the witty comments :)

Despite watching a video explaining how to use the balls, I still haven't figured out what the right way is. The guy in the video keeps dropping the balls, and since I don't understand Taiwanese (or Mandarin, not sure what they are using in the video) I could never figure out if I had to start curling from the bottom or from the mid-section -_-...

But anyway, I decided to try both methods.
Curler 1&2 were positioned near the roots and the rest of the hair was curled around the curler.
Curler 3&4 were positioned at the end of my hair and curled upwards toward the roots.

* I curled the hair when it was 80% dry, so I did have some moisture left in the hair after my shower.
* I also left the curlers in my hair for about 1 hour
* haha, excuse my super messy room, yellow lighting, PJs, no-makeup-face, and huge contrast in my pictures. I am just trying to show the results in a clearer manner.

I first uncurled #2. Ugh... I really don't recommend these curlers to those that have severe damage to the hair. My hair got tangled and I literally had to rip off a chunk of my hair to get the curler out
See how it kind of gets all twisted towards the end? it's because it's all tangled down there >:(

Here's the raw impressions of the results.

hehe,, yes :p the camera happened to focus on my penguin in the background.

and here's a shot of the results after combing through it with my fingers

you can definitely see that curler 1&2 had better results.
and curler 3&4 are meh...

Overall, I was actually quite impressed.

I think once you've mastered how to use these (and not tangle your hair) and style your hair quickly, it is very effective.

Here's a bonus shot of what happened to my ends.

I do have really dry, yucky ends to start with.. but the whole tangling made it even more unattractive..

I am willing to try these again :p and if I do master it quickly enough, I'll try to make a tut before I cut my hair

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  1. I will call it a minor success from the first picture. (Whenever I try out curlers I ended up looking like Shirley Temple...and my big round face doesn't help either.)

  2. Man, it looks hard enough in the video when the guy is carefully winding someone's hair. It must be harder doing it by yourself!
    It actually turned out ok though! better luck next time ay? :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I think you did a great job for someone who couldn't understand what they were talking about! Props to you! :D

    But I'll have to say its still only a minor success, but looking from the video when the average ladies were doing it I don't think THEY were even doing it so it was perfect like the stylist's curls. X_X So I can imagine how frustrating these balls are! D:

    Oh, and just in case you're still curious they're speaking mandarin. But it is on a taiwanese show! (traditional chinese characters and they way they speak is how i know) And the stylist guy was saying that its easier to start from the top and work your way down, otherwise its supposedly harder. But he was emphasizing on not starting too like on one of the curls he did it mid way and then from there rolled his way up moving the ball to a higher place to show that even if you start too low you can move higher... >____<;

  5. Ugh, I hate it when the you don't understand what the videos are saying so I'll help you out.

    Ball1: flat roll, roll your hair flat? Start as close to the roots as possible and don't lift it up to high.
    Ball2: flat still, you can start from the middle for lower parts because it's going to get covered by hair on top anyways. Wind from the middle then roll UP and it'll tighten it and not let it fall off.
    Ball3: '8' roll, twist it when you wind up your hair. Use thiner pieces of hair to facilitate the curls.
    Removal (of the tube things): don't pull or anything, it'll fuzz up. Roll the curler down once, then UNWIND.
    The bigger/thicker the locke of hair, the bigger the waves.

    That's the gist of it. Hope you'll do better next time. =)

  6. Yeah,I used those stuff sent by my friend,but my hair were not curled at all and the balls are easy to slide from hair.I never used that again.Hey are you in New York? Me too~~~

  7. My friend tried and told me that it doesn't work.. (don't last). Maybe you could try sleeping with it? Maybe the results are better?

  8. they said you should start from the middle because if you start from the bottom and go up the middle ends up with too much hair and it doesnt roll evenly. which is why when you start in the middle it came out nicer. since your rolling downwards the hair is already in the sponge however if you start from the bottom it ends up adding more than you started with. Hope that made sense.

  9. Hi Catalina,
    The ends of my hair is also very dry. You can try using some hair treatment once or twice a week. I like the one I am using. It's called "semi di lini cream". I don't know where to get that. You can try doing some research on it if you like. I also switched from using Pantene shampoo to JOICO. You probably have seen it before. Their line for dry to normal hair is pretty good.


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