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I rediscovered how important angles are when taking pictures or filming videos. haha

It's a rainy (drizzly) day in New York today! and I am home waiting for my Kimchi Chigae and rice to finish cooking.

* Announcement *
I have another channel on YT ( and I decided to do a series of walking tours of NYC. I never took advantage of the place I reside - it is probably because NYC doesn't fascinate me at all. I grew up in huge cities most of my life and having lived in a humongous city like Seoul, Korea the size or coolness of NYC never struck me as amazing. Also the city noise and the dirtiness of the city was never appealing enough to call it my "dream city". I have always felt that I was stuck in this city for the wrong reasons. BUT, But it is, I decided to change my attitude and start touring with you guys. I know a lot of people dream of coming to NYC (either to live or to visit), and since I happen to live here I will virtually take you guys around with my camera and experience the city.
To tell you the truth I haven't been to a lot of places either so we will venture on to take the city one step at a time :)
I usually walk to anywhere I have to go. And I will take you guys along with me to various corners of NYC.

Anyway, here's a daily dose of cuteness for you guys :p
- The animal on the right is a baby snow leopard :)
He's been in many of my videos and people called him a dog, a lion, a tiger, a white bear.. haha.. :) but he's a Snow Leopard.
If you guys have been poking around my blog, you might have noticed that I love snow leopards and I support an organization called the snow leopard trust. Snow Leopards are endangered spices and I really wish these beautiful cats could exist without disappearing.

And last but not least - here's my recent pizza LOL
I am pretty bad at cooking but I finally got my dough to rise so the crust could be chewy (yay!)
and the squareness .... it just happened to turn out like that :p
It was so huge me and my bf had to eat it for two meals :p I challenge papajo*ns!! (jk jk)

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. Hehehe I know what you mean about NYC compared to Seoul.

    I always thought Seoul was way busier and louder and erm... city-er lol but no one seem to believe me when i tell my friends in the states XD

  2. I totally understand! I think it's because I've lived in NYC all my life and I don't go anywhere besides school and home so I don't really understand what others say NYC is really exciting, etc. It's kind of sad but yeah. It'll be interesting seeing new places even though I live here and can go wander around myself :)

  3. i totally know what you mean. it's easy to find your own city boring when you've lived their your whole life :)

    i love watching your videos! xx

  4. I'll be moving to NYC later this year, I can't wait to see more of your videos so I know what to do and where to go when I get there!

  5. I also gropw up in big, metropolitan city and have been to quite a number of big cities including NYC. I went to NYC in 2006, I love the skyline and vibrancy of NYC but yes, like you said NYC is way too noisy and dirty. I cant believe how dirty the subways are! I guess every big city has similar problems. But for me, 'd love to move to smaller city like Boston with fewer people and fresher air.

  6. I love kimchi jjigae but it never turns out right when i make it. : / you should do a tut on it lol.

  7. Great post!! I live near London, and there's still LOTS of stuff that I haven't seen and I've lived here since 1996!

  8. It's nice you've decided to explore NYC! I've always wanted to go to Seoul, sounds so busy (:
    love the snow leopard btw!

  9. hi Catalina! just want to thank you for sharing your makeup tips on YT. I went to NYC a year ago and I thought it was way too fast-paced a city for my liking. I had an enjoyable time there nevertheless! Anyhow I was reading and came across this hilarious poster about a penguin and I kinda thought of you: hope this makes your day! :) :)


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