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Huge Package from Sigma

A huge package was delivered today and it was from Sigma Makeup :)
I've been eyeing Sigma brushes every since EnKore introduced it when it first launched last year. After that I saw so many gurus introducing the brushes and also a famous guru bashing the company on her blog.
With all this noise going on about Sigma, I was always curious what the "real deal" was. I mean, I kind of stopped watching videos while doing my research on the brushes because most of the videos were girls showing what they got in the package and screaming awesome awesome awesome and how much they loved the products when most of the stuff was clearly not even opened or used. I have become more cautious about reviews since I've been pretty naive to buy really low quality brushes based on people's oh-so-super-positive reviews.

I will share with you guys what came in the package, and we will objectively go through each product and evaluate it based on ease of usage, product durability, quality, and if it is worth paying for - because I don't want to mislead anyone with a review without even using the product.

Oh and *FTC: I did receive the products for free but wasn't paid a penny to alter my opinions. I wasn't even asked to review the products. They just wanted me to try their products and everything else is conducted upon my own will :)

So here's a couple unboxing shots :D

nice packaging :) huge box..

aww.. and a nice card that had my name on it and a hand written card inside :)

And packed with stuff inside.
A heart mirror, brushes, blush set, smokey eyes set, retractable kabuki.. etc

Some extra brushes that were thrown in

Ah- the famous brush roll
initial impressions : the roll is extremely soft and flexible. Thank god it doesn't smell like some factory chemical drenched hazardous roll :p It actually has no smell. good!

Alright, that's about it.
I will be slowly start posting reviews after trying things out XD


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  1. lol Me too! I started to notice how some of the reviews were of them saying they "love" it when they're opening the package :P Lots of hype, can't wait to hear your opinion :] It looks like a ton of stuff is packed in there, have fun going through it! ^__^

  2. that's a HUGE package! Looking forward to your reviews :)

  3. cant wait for your honest reviews

    i cancelled my sigma orders because i was afraid of the hype

  4. I'm curious, (for when you do actually try them) are the black bristles on your brushes very brittle? Mine somehow are...maybe I just received a weird stippling brush that also had blue dye coming out of it incessantly. - Kari

  5. @Kari: I'll look out for that :o I haven't tried them yet. you're talking about the SS187 one right?

  6. can't wait to hear your review on the products!

  7. Wow the package looks so nice :) Can't wait to hear your review. I've been wanting to get some but I was a little skeptical.

  8. funny! i ordered/bought it and it arrived today too! but I got the 'pink' set (i dont know why...because all my other brushes are black or i thought...) but looking at your photos, I wish I had gotten the black one instead!! ahhh~ lol

  9. wow , iam jealous with you , did u ask them to send u. i wish i can have your package ^^

  10. Wow,that's great.I also got my Sigma package yeasterday but not free,hehe.

  11. ooohh wow!! I'm so jealous! I actually ordered my own set over the weekend though. LOL. I can't wait for them because your pics make them look AMAZING!!


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