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Jewelry in the Mail

Sometimes I do get contacted by various people with various reasons wanting me to promote their products. I usually don't bite every single offer given (I rather reject most of the offers) unless I am confident in that company's products or if it is a good cause and makes me want to help them out. Well I think Justine's case was motivated by both reasons - good quality AND my personal belief that people should complete their education.

Justine messaged me asking me if I wanted to try out some of her products because she had to support her schooling. I went to her site and it was very well managed with so many cute stuff. I definitely said yes, because I really want to support her education, I think her prices are competitive in the market (A lot of places charge like 50% more on similar products!), and I think she's a very talented person (great craftsmanship and effort put in the items when seen in person:)

Her site is - please support her :D

Here's what came in the package she sent me
haha :p starburst!!!

First the Earrings :) This is 'When Love takes wings'

So cute :D You have to be careful not to put the wrong side on, haha
She has a lot of winged designs which I think is catchy and cute

Here's another winged design 'Petite'
Very small and cute :) reminds me of Yazawa Ai's ご近所物語
What's it called.. happy berry?
-- this.. :p

Here's the necklace. OMG, so pretty :D My bf saw it and he usually doesn't comment on stuff like this but he was like "what's that? it's pretty"
haha.. this necklace got my bf's approval :p
It's really pretty because it's so reflective and shows a lot of colors depending on the lighting and angle.

And here's a cute ring that was also sent.
really good details and cute! you can adjust the size :)

And last but not least, here's the group shot :)

I love her cute designs and after seeing them in person, I am happy I made a decision to promote her site :)
So please, if you have time, please check her site out and support her if possible. She has really cute items ranging from swarovski to hime style items :)

* FTC: I did receive everything for no cost, yet I am not monetarily compensated to alter my opinions or support of the site. I did not receive a single penny and am not going to in the future for my opinions.

Justine and another girl (Sophia) are the only people I am voluntarily supporting at the moment, I hope you guys could help them out too :)


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  1. Admittedly I am a bit sick of people trying sell jewelry via blogger, in general (to a point that people start charging 20 dollars for a plastic bead bracelet when it can be bought in Asia for what...a dollar?) as well as why some blogger would sell their image out (squeezing their tatas as if it's orange juice)for a 2 dollar necklace...

    You take such nice pictures on those though...

  2. well, being a person who doesn't have the abilities to make such stuff, I think it is a reasonable price since shipping, handling, site maintenance and craftsmanship is all combined into the price. Even if it is 2 dollars, a lot of people don't have access to or resources of that 'Asian market'. If you put it that way, everything in this world is over-priced if you try to evaluate them by their raw price. it takes less than 5 cents to make a blank DVD disc, and yes you can set up a factory and start making DVD discs if you are unhappy about the price on the market, but that is what you have to pay if you don't have the resources.

  3. I rarely pamper myself with jewelery, so most of the time I ogled lol I particularly like the necklace *drools*

  4. I'm with AtelierBeauty on her note..can't afford, but I'll definitely ogle. =) I do love the necklace myself. I thought of my little sister. XD When I can afford it, I'll definitely consider getting her one.

  5. @AtelierBeauty & @Aika: haha, the necklace is nice :) I like how the colors change depending on the angle >_<) oh, and Aika that's so nice of you :D my older brother does that to me too :p he's like a mommy cat.. he used to always bring home food and stuff that I might like :p hehe

  6. AWW the ring is so cute! I rarely wear rings cos I lose them or get annoyed and take them off haha. But I want one nowwww.
    Good on her for trying to support her education!
    Also, it's true that there are a lot of bloggers out there who sell jewellery and other merchandise they've bought/ made. But if you think about it, there's a lot of quality stuff out there that's unique and beautiful.

  7. don't you just love it when your bf actually 'see' our new pierces, or necklaces >_<

    ps. her jewelry is absolutely pretty! :D very detailed & precise

  8. Hi Catalina,
    I have been following your youtube videos. And never even knew you had a blog.
    Thanx for sharing these very cute pieces. I understand that these gals selling jewelery may be overpricing, but seeing how creative they are. Not to mention I know most of these girls (at least the ones I have bought from) are supporting their education. Being someone who is also still a student. I know how hard that can be.

    I already saw a pair of vintage style earrings that would make a great birthday gift. =]

  9. Catalina:
    I hope you didn't get the idea that I am targeting you (and the girl who sent you these earrings since you didn't cam-whore for the earrings and she didn't over charge for those)

    What I am sick of is the trend on blogger. I know that certain blogger became very successful on her "art piece" with her marketing methods and all that. I just don't like the trend followed by it, since so many other girls just get the idea that they can just go to Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby buy a bunch of plastic bead, string them together and charge the price of a 18k gold necklace (almost) as a part of their blog sale as long as they have a popular blogger model for them.

    Anyway, I was being inconsiderate to write the comment in your blog so I will keep my complains off other people's blog from now on.

  10. Hi Catalina! I think it's really sweet of you to support this girl! Maybe you can also suggest for her to promote her items on

    It's usually harder to promote on private blogs or websites that don't really get picked up by search engines. So to post on an already existing online entity might help her a whole lot!

    Keep up that sweet spirit of yours! You're a great inspiration on YT & the blog world! - jacbeauty~

  11. Wow.. her jewelery and creativity is amazing. I'm def going to consider buying something!

  12. theyre so pretty esp the necklace-- gorgeous! xx

  13. Heya Catalina, please can you tell me, is Justines site still active? Last week I ordered a necklace from her site using Paypal after finding the link on your blog, but I havent had any confirmation/acknowledgement about my order :( I have emailed her with no response just yet.

    I hope you can help!
    Much love.

  14. I love the swarovski necklace, so pretty!


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