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MAC Haul (Blushes)

I've been looking at blushes lately, and I couldn't resist XD
I had to go to the mac store and get some blushes.

Given the fact that I am not (or rather wasn't at all) into mac blushes, I grabbed anything that looked different from other blushes I already have at home. Oh, personally, I like Bobbi Brown blushes over Nars or any other blushes, but we will see how these MAC blushes perform - and possibly change my blush preferences.

So here's the family shot :)
I bought 1 blush palette, 3 regular package blushes and two pro pan blushes

The first one is Powder Blush in "Well Dressed"
(Sorry, the lighting in this room is yellow - so the pictures came out a lot more yellow/orangey than what it looks like in person)
It's a pale pink blush with some shimmers in it.
This was the only one I had in mind when I walked in the store. So many people have been raving about this blush and named it their HG blush. The general consensus is that this blush comes off very sheer and pretty on pale skintones. If you are tanned or have a darker tone to your skin, I am not sure if this is going to be as good as its reputation.

close up of the blush. I wonder if you can see the small sparkly shimmers.

Finger swatched. It looks a bit chalky if it's densely packed on like so.

but if it spreads out when you swatch it like the photo below..
it applies very fairly and has a very pretty tint to it.

* Purchase Reason : Recommendations, people love it, everyone has it (-_-);;
* First Impression : 9/10
* Texture : Soft and nothing chunky.

- Sheertone Blush : CoyGirl -
bahaha, I first read it as "Cow"girl :p I was like "Can I get one COW girl please?"
the mac sales person probably thought I was a coo-coo-head.
It has a deeper color than Well Dressed.
It's a bit more on the mauve side with a slight violet hue to it.

If you put them side by side, you can definitely see that Coygirl is deeper in color. It also is matte, so no pretty shimmers to it :)

Finger swatch.

It doesn't swatch as well as well dressed. It's hard to explain, but considering that it is a darker tone than well dressed, you would assume that the swatch will come out more pigmented.
Not really, I had to swatch the blush 2-3 times to get the color on my hand.

* Purchase Reason : I didn't like Pink Swoon being too pink, and this one looked better
* First Impression : 7/10
* Texture : Amazingly soft and velvety. So much softer than the satin finished powder blush.
It has a very similar texture to my Body Shop Blush

- Blushcreme in Ladyblush -

It's my first creme blush from MAC :) The color is great for anyone, it looks like a coral-skin tone that can give you really natural looking blushed cheeks (I think!)

Unlike it's appearance, the swatch was more of a pinky tone (surprisingly!)
It's such a pretty color! If this wasn't a blush but lipstick, I'd buy it in a heartbeat :)

Here's three of the blushes put together
Ladyblush has the most shimmers. (sorry about the poor photo quality)

And three of them put together so you guys could compare the tones of the blushes.

* Purchase Reason : Such a pretty coral-pink-nude color (hard to explain!), good gut feeling
* First Impression : 10/10
* Texture: Extremely creamy. I think it will be a challenge to blend it out well on made up face with all the foundation and other stuff on it. But, if you were to put it on bare skin, it might blend out better.

- Powder Blush : Cantaloupe -

Bleh... it's a pro color and the manufacture number is B97..
man, was this thing sitting at the store for over 2 years? and the mid section was pressed down so there was this dent in the center.
The dent (pressed mark) in the center really bothers me.
but Anywho - !!! It's more like a skin color with a bit of light orange hue to it.

Coral / orange color. The finger swatch didn't seem like this blush had strong pigmentation.

but uh-oh..
When I swatched it on my hand, the color was really strong.

* Purchase Reason : Coral + pro product? I just have to have it for the sake of my shallowness.
* First Impression : 6/10
* Texture : nothing special.

- Sheertone Blush : Blushbaby -

I call these shade "ambiguous shades" since it's hard to put a finger on what the color is like. I would say it is more of a darker tone with a brownish hue in it. (hard to describe!)

Compared with the cantaloupe.

It definitely has a warmer tint than Cantaloupe.

Finger swatch didn't come out very well so I had to swipe it several times.

Swatch on the skin was better to see the color.
It is soft and velvety like the Coygirl blush.

* Purchase Reason : I felt like I needed something on the darker side
* First Impression : 8/10
* Texture : Soft and velvety. But not as much as Coygirl (for some reason..)

And here is the final shot of all the swatches

I forgot to take a picture of the blush palette, but oh well, that's pretty standard and well known, nothing special to make this post heavier :p

Let me know what blushes you guys like!
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  1. Thank you for the review and swatches of the MAC blushes! I really want to buy the cream one now! :)

  2. i'm thinking well dressed and lady blush look like good ones. I don't like that it's a cream though. not a big fan of cream blushes.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I like the blushbaby one, I think im going to check it out :)

  4. i've tried the blushcreme in Posey but i find it sticky.. and Im afraid that it will clog my pores! I love MAC blushes.. well dressed looks nice! thanks for the pics and comparison..

  5. thanks for swatch ^__^ I love well dress very much. It's like my every day blush. :)) nice pictures.

  6. I love how 'well dressed' looks! you make me want to buy it =p

  7. Thank you thank you thank you. I'm totally after "Well Dressed" now and maybee "Lady Blush" too XD

  8. I love MAC blushes! Especially the sheertone ones! Blushbaby and pink swoon are my favourites - i find that they are super pigmented and last long which you don't normally find with some of the blushes in the market. Great haul love, I'm giving away a Liberty of London Collection Shell Pearl because I know, it sounds crazy, but I won $1000 worth of MAC recently so I'm giving the stuff away if you wanna check any out dear xoxo Roseanne


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