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New Bobbi Brown + OPI's

Uh-Oh.. do I hear another era of obsession starting?
I have more OPI's coming in, and I will do full handed swatches with the nail stuff. For now, it's just the Bobbi Brown FoundationI have to go to an event tonight and it takes me forever to do my hair and makeup :p So this post is going to be short.

1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15
2. essie (status symbol)
3. OPI - in my back pocket
4. OPI - Green-wich village
5. OPI - Who needs a prince?
6. OPI - Samoan Sand
7. OPI - Sand in my suit
8. OPI - Got a Date To-knight
9. OPI - Don't know... beets me
10 & 11. OPI Sephora - top & base coat
12. Laura Mercier - Eye liner in Black Ebony

Ok, so with the foundation. I already have too much foundation and I didn't want to buy another one before I finished the already existing ones - but I couldn't resist *cries*.
I think for a lot of Asians, Bobbi Brown is like the default makeup (at least in Korea - Bobbi Brown has a huge following there) brand. I too find Bobbi Brown's makeup very suitable for my skin type.
I read a review on the skin foundation, and the person wrote that it's really like "skin". Smooth, soft and adheres with no clogging or streaking.
So I was like, "wait.. sounds like an HD foundation texture, I have to try it out!!"
and I bought the skin foundation in my shade (2 Sand), and after trying it on the back of my hand I get the feeling that it's going to be my HG foundation.
When I pumped it, the formula seemed a bit too watery, but after I spread it out on my hand I was amazed at how quickly it created a smooth, soft layer of even coloring (unnoticeable though) on the back of my hand.
Even with the flash on, it doesn't seem to bounce off a lot of light despite having SPF 15 in it.

I'm going to try this out for tonight and see how I like it on my face :)

The nail swatches will come slowly, and the LM eye liner - I'll have a separate post regarding how to use it

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. mmm i think that hot pink OPI might be something like "youre such a kabuki queen" or something...hmm but i'm a big nail geek so heres some wholesale sights to get em for like 5? transdesign & 8ty8beauty!! i hope this helps~~~ kekeekee

  2. Ooh I see you are getting obsessed with nail polish!! I really recommend the top coat by Seche Vite. Once you start painting your nails.. sometimes you can get bed sheet marks on your nails if you don't wait long enough for the top coat to dry. With Seche Vite, those marks never happen to me anymore! Although you might get a tiny bit of tip shrinkage.. it's worth the investment :)
    Also I can't wait to see how you like that new Bobbi Brown foundation~

  3. those are so pretty! i love the green one especially. i haven't tried bobbi brown foundation yet, but maybe i will soon :)

  4. My foundation collection is slowly increasing as well. Although I like the ones I have for different reasons, I really haven't found "the one". I can't wait for the Bobbi Brown review. I've been meaning to get some BB for myself to try and review. When I heard her foundations were yellow-based, I was like, hellz yeah! Prolly why a lot of Asians love her. I still have to hunt down my closest BB counter. Until then, I will indulge in other's reviews : )

  5. Love the colours you chose! Can't wait to see how the green turns out :)

  6. hi catalina! Have you heard of the brand kohgendo? Also, would you mind doing a blog post on a more thorough review/ranking of your foundations?

  7. I have the exact foundation in the exact shade and i LOVE it! It's so good for on the go, easy to spread, and leaves a dewy (but not shiny :P) glow!! xD
    Hope you like it too xD

    Zoey xo

    p.s. Loving ur blog! I always check it ;P keep the good work up!

  8. hi catalina, i came across this tumblr and I was wondering if you knew what circle lenses one of the girls in the pictures is wearing(mandy). It's really light and natural looking. Here's the blog:

  9. the opi's you got are really nice colours! its a nice variety u got there too! i hope u do a review on the bobbi brown foundation soon!

    oh! i also tagged u on my blog aswell! hope u have time to do it ^^

  10. I really like your blog! It's so informational.
    You should try Zoya nail polish. It stays on as long as OPI, but without the harsh chemicals.
    It's the only nail polish that is approved for pregnant ladies! It's just that good.
    Last year around March for earth day, Zoya did a promotion where u can send in old nail polish and trade it for a free zoya one. Maybe they will do it again this year.
    Here is the link!

  11. Wowzers! So many polishes! I don't think I even own that much combined! ><
    Ooo.. that foundation sounds like a dream~


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