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NOTD: Suzi & The lifeguard

Today, I present : OPI's Suzi & the Lifeguard :)

While looking at so many OPI shades, this shade has continuously caught my eye. In my opinion I feel like it's one of the prettiest, innocent pinks OPI has.
It's from the South Beach Collection, and it is a shimmer lacquer. It has that slight pearliness to it - but I do have to admit it is quite sheer (or all shimmer finishes sheer? @_@)
I had to coat three layers to feel somewhat satisfied with the color

haha, and I decided to grab objects around me if I'm going to do NOTD pictures. Reason being.. I don't want to hold a nail polish bottle like everyone else does. It's like a Victoria's Secret model walking down the runway, wearing VS panties and holding another pair in her hands!

So I am going to start grabbing whatever is in my reach for my NOTD pictures :p
holding a dark object

and holding something a bit more bling bling-
no top coat applied :)

Ahh- love this color~ it's so girly XD

okay, that's about it. I might do my walking tour video tomorrow. Weather in NY has been really cold and ugly lately so I never had an opportunity to shoot a decent video :p

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone!
If I finish editing tomorrow, I'll have a video up *crosses fingers*

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  1. Thanks for the picture of the NOTD. :) I've been looking for an innocent pink color too and have SORT OF found one with the Revlon nail colors...but not quite...OPI's Suzi seems really cute.

    Can't wait for the NYC walk tour! Sounds fun~

    (& I'm a new follower so you probably don't remember seeing my username before. ^___^)

  2. suzi and the lifeguard, one of my go-to nail polishes! when are you going to start back up on your blogtv schedule? :)

  3. That's a really pretty color! Sometime I'd wear. Not too out there. Did you by any chance get that in a store in NYC? :]

    Can't wait to see the tour. Now I can see more places in NY too!

  4. oo i really love this polish on you! this seems like a great everyday polish, and i love the color! must add this to be my wishlist :)

  5. omg this is so pretty!! i've always wanted to pick this polish up because of it's name :)

  6. ha ha, love the "bling bling" picture ;)

  7. aww pretty, lol a little spelling mistake in the title, but it doesnt matter

  8. The color is amazing <3
    I had one of this color by Sephora but it is very dry now :(

  9. omg so pretty <3
    i really want coney island cotton candy(dont know the exact name off of my head)? polish from OPI.

  10. LOL@ the victoria secret model example.
    That pink really does look innocent!

  11. thats a very pretty colour. i relly like it, thanks for sharing. :D

  12. lol. People usually hold the bottle in their hand to show the difference between in the bottle, and on the nails. :) Thanks for the swatches!


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