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OMG! Revitalash for 2010! (Day 1)

Click here to see week #1 results
Click here to see week #2 results
Click here to see week #3 results
Click here to see week #4 results
Click here to see week #5 results
Click here to see week #6 results

Hi :)
So I posted a way to get Revitalash cheap a few weeks ago. Being the sucker that I am, I missed out on that opportunity, and bought Revitalash around Christmas when the prices were jacked up again.
I was still on the fence about lash enhancers, but wanted a progressive project to post on my blog and what better than the Revitalash challenge? I know a lot of people are big fans of Lilash, but after comparing results, I think I like Revitalash better. Lilash seems to give a lot of length - but I'd rather go with a bit more fullness that Revitalash seems to provide.

I really really wanted to start on January 1st, but the package happened to come today - so I'll have to start today.

So here's how the packaging looks like. It was all mushed in the packaging box =/

And here's some pictures of my current lashes. I've never had problems with my lashes, but I guess it bothers a lot of people since it has come to a point where I get at least one comment per every other day about people whining about their "too long" lashes and how "uncomfortable" their lives are.

I'll keep you guys updated about the process :)

* I am going to stop ASAP if I have any symptom of side effects or something going wrong.


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  1. Woah I'm excited too now XD Hope it provides great results!


  2. can't wait to see how this goes :)

    I never really noticed my lashes were short until I compared with my with brothers & all 3 of my little cousins' eyelashes (which are really long). I'm the odd one out :P

  3. lol, I remember having a classmate who always complain in my biology lab that she can't see anything but her eyelashes...I didn't really care because.

    1. She is pretty cute without those I-am-such-a-cutie-pie attitude.

    2.She was misusing the microscope...

  4. =D Can't wait to see the results! My mom actually considered buying some >_> but both she and I are totally scared of the side effects.

  5. Will be patiently waiting for the results, to see if it worked on you. It's way too expensive for poor lil me. XD And I'd rather hear your results than from any other person, lol.

  6. I am excited too and waiting for the results^^

    Happy New Year 2010...

  7. I can't wait to hear about your results! I have short lashes... add to that, I, being clumsy, was using one of those electric eyebrow shaver thing... and I accidently shaved off some of my eyelashes -__- so hopefully it works for you and I didn't even know there was such product like that >_< ty for the info :D

  8. is going to have a sale on Revitalash beginning on Jan. 4th if anyone is interested in purchasing and trying at a lower price.

    Hope this works out for you!

  9. That is my first time to visit your channe , but i love all of your videos , this is amazing and super great ! ^^

    And then ,the most important part is that you are really pretty and fascinating.

  10. Excited to hear about your results with Revitalash! I've been using it for 3 months and love what it's done to my lashes AND brows! When I curl my lashes, they hit my brow bone! I've been getting a lot of compliments (people think it's the mascara). Keep us posted on your progress (it took me about 8-9 weeks to see a noticable difference).

  11. love your videos<3
    I wish you could post videos up like twice a weeek x)

    I wish you could post 2x a week x)

  13. I personally love the Revitalash product it's very a big part in my life it's unique and I really wanted to have it always especially the mascara I have it always in my bag. Just can't live without this stuff.

  14. Congratulations to all the Revitalash users who are happy with the results. I have never been happy with any beauty products as I am now. Thank you Revitalash.

  15. Really interesting ^_^ Not cheap but for the beauty we can buy it


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