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Revitalash Week #2 - tiny results?

Click here to see week #0
click here to see week #1

I've already wrapped up my second week of Revitalashing :) Is it just me, or am I starting to see tiny results? These results aren't visibly noticeable, yet I can feel it - or so I think I do.
What I hope to get out of reviatlashing is 1. more strength, or rather curled up lashes (I hate my weak, droopy lashes) and 2. fuller lashes

My week #2 is January 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 - applying Revitalash on my upper and lower lashline every night before I sleep.
I first dip the tip in the formula, sweep across the upper lashline, and with the residue go over the outer corner part of my lower lashes.
I feel like there is one particular lower lash that has grown a lot (it's positioned on the center of my lower, left lashline) and a couple of individual lashes that seem to be longer than others.

No apparent change when eyes are opened normally

but check this out-
the right eye (seen on the monitor) has seemed to grown longer-
I still want fuller lashes~ My lashes are too thin and sparse

Looking down (sorry about the greasy skin :p I took pictures as soon as I woke up)

looking up..
Can't really tell if there's any progress

Finally the profile shot
Lashes seem weak and curled inwards. >:(
Please gain some strength!!! XD

Usually the results are to show after 4-6 weeks, so I am not even half way there to merely see any results. I will be patient and not freak out :p


click here to see week 3
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  1. wow. you have pretty lashes already to start with >_< and i see the difference? they look abit healthier to me!
    oh and ill give you some advice for nail strengthener in this post then! i really like thefaceshop's nail supplement (pinkish clear polish) which gives your that healthy glow! or you can try skinfood's nail line. they have alot of supplements for the nails, cuticles & all! i live in asia and all i know and can talk about is asian products :S
    hope that helps!

    ps. i made a blog about asian cosmetics/skincare! hehehe

  2. If this doesn't work you can try Castor Oil. On MUA it has rave reviews for growing lashes.

    Btw, I luv your YouTube videos!

  3. I hope it works! I might try it later too!


  4. @Coco: haha, thanks >_< and thefaceshop oopened a store in k-town so I'll definitely check it out :D

    @daisy: OMG!! you got me so excited last night I couldn't sleep! haha thank you so much for the information >_< I'm going to go out and get castor oil today *jumps up and down*

    @Audrey: I hope it works too >_<*

  5. awesome post!

    will be checking out your future post about the revitalash.


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