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Revitalash Week #3 - Exciting!! :D

click here to see week 2

Sorry about the belated post :p I was taking pictures on Sunday morning and then the battery ran out and it took this long (2 days!) to move my lazy bun and charge the battery to export the pictures.

Week three is : January 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23 nights - and the pictures were taken on January 24 morning.

I was putting makeup on and then realized that I had to take the pictures, so I have a bit of glitters on my lids. No mascara or anything on the lashes though! :)

Man.. looking straight seems to be the exact same since I started :'(
It's probably because my lashes are straight and not curly

Here's the closed eyes shot!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!
Why am I so hyper??? I see results!

here's a comparison to last week for those that don't want to go back and forth.
My lashes got FULLER & LONGER!!!
here's a good way to compare - compare individual lashes: for example, the far left outer one on the left eye - it was super short last week, but has grown like crazy this week!
*jumps around with joy XD*

Here's a shaky looking down shot :p
it's glitter on the lashes, not other living organisms >:(

and here's a close up shot.
Lower lashes seem to make progress too.. or is it just my wishful thinking? :p

Can you see that gap on the upper lid? I literally plucked that part out with my Anna Sui curler :( teaches one a lesson to always get rid of the mascara and eye shadow goo on the curler before every usage.

Anyway, that is all for this week :p sorry the post was a bit belated-
And no profile shot this week, it's really hard to hold a heavy SLR with one hand and take a profile picture without shaking.

Oh, and just for those curious - the glitter is from KATE Dual Carat (BR-1), Lenses are Hana SPC in Natural Brown, and the camera used was Canon 50D+Canon EF Wide-angle zoom lens (16-35mm) with the flash on with some daylight coming in, and cropping and curving, etc was definitely with photoshop CS4 :)


click here to see week 4
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  1. Oh wonderful! I can totally see a difference! Awesome!

  2. Amazing results!
    I've always wondered, if Revitalash worked on Asian eyes!:)
    I really want to try it out now!^^

  3. looks good :)!! is there any noticeable side affects though? the commercial stated about 4 side effects and I'm wondering if its worth buying.

  4. Oh wow that's so exciting! I <3 KATE diamond cut eyeshadows espscially BR-1! =)

  5. Oh wow! For a while, I thought that it wouldn't work. That's great news!!


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