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Revitalash Week #4

click here to see week 3

I can't believe I'm already at Week 4 :) I have been very good at applying Revitalash every night.
Week four is 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30th

People have asked about side-effects, luckily I haven't had any serious problems.
I had slight tightenings for the first couple of nights, and I don't know if this is because I'm tired, but I noticed that my eye lids have darkened a bit. I'm not sure since I seem to have dark circles too - I will let you guys know once my dark circles go away.

Okay - so I am officially seeing some results.
The lash growth isn't equally same on each side, and there are some individual lashes that stand out more than the others

same ol' front shot. nothing is noticeably different

Ah.. :) the right eye (shown on the left side of the monitor) is definitely growing faster and fuller

You can see three or four individual lashes that are much longer than the others

Profile shot
lashes are still droopy and straight :/

Okay, that's all for this week :)
Oh, btw I accidently poked my eye with the formula brush and it stung a bit :(

Anyway :)
I hope next week will be a bit longer and fuller xP


Click here to see week 5
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  1. That's so freakin' neat! I've tried Lilash but it gave pretty scary side effects--red eyes and stinging if it got into your eyes.

    I'm thinking about giving Revitalash a try now! I've also seen RapidLash out in the market. I wonder if that's any good? But that's so neat! Please continue to update us on your progress! =D

  2. how awesome!

    i'll try & get my hands on this

  3. Have you noticed a difference when you curl your lashes? As in do they curl better or easier? Do they look fuller when you curl them?

  4. Wow...your lashes are already quite long!

    I get too lazy after a while with lash serums though...that explains why I have very very short (almost non-existent) lower lashes!

  5. hey! can you do a review onthe bobbi brown foundation you bought a few posts ago?

  6. i've always wanted to use these lash enhancing products but i don't want to put my eye at risk :( does this formula have those harsh chemicals that latisse has? have you been seeing growth anywhere else on your face?


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