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The Jessica Hair Makeup

I recently uploaded a Jessica of Girls' Generation hair video. In that video I was wearing makeup that I usually wear when I'm on the go. So I decided to share how I get the look :p

* Disclaimer : this has nothing to do with Jessica's makeup in the Oh! video :p This is just my everyday makeup :)

First, here's the video

So here's what you need for the eye makeup
Any eye shadow (a color that's close to your skintone, and a darker shade. I'm using the Kate Dual Carat in BR-1 which has beige and brown in it)
* a waterproof eyeliner - I'm using the MUFE aqua eyes in 0L
* Gel liner + brush - I'm using Stila's smudge pot in black
* (optional) A dark (preferably) black shadow - MAC carbon

First using any applicator, pick up a lot of the lighter shade
and apply it all over the lid like the colored area below.

Your eyes should look like so when opened. Not much of a noticeable difference :)
now pick up a lot of brown shadow and apply it below the dotted lines on the above picture.
If you close your eyes, the shades should look similar to my eyes.
Now blend out the area where there's harsh lines (inside the dotted circle)

After that, line your upper line with gel liner.
the red arrow is where my actual eye ends, just extend your liner a bit more. No need to flick it or make an angle. Just bring out the line a little like how I did.

Now line your lower lash line with a waterproof liner. (black arrows are pointing to it)
try to make it as thin as possible. Hold you pencil down at a right angle and make thin strokes.

Now using the gel liner again, connect the lower and upper lines. Don't go all the way
stop at where the red arrow is. Try to fill in the gap since the line will get thicker as it extends outwards to connect to the upper line.

The last step is optional, but if you want to soften up the lines a bit, pick up a bit of the black shadow and dab it on top of the gel liner (not the pencil liner part)
then spread out the shadow in the arrow directions.

And here's how the eyes look on the face.

Face: Chanel Vitalumiere foundation
Lips: MAC Gaga lipstick
Cheeks : MAC Well Dressed Blush (I LOVE this blush! it's my favorite at the moment!)

This is the exact same makeup as the one on the Gaga lipstick review post :)

And here's the nail color I was wearing in the video
China Glaze "Mom's chiffon" - no top coat applied
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  1. Thanks for the tutorial Catalina! The hair looks really cute but it seems so time consuming...but thanks. :)

    & also for your everyday makeup tutorial, thanks. ^___^

    Just want to say once more that in the OPI black nail polish post, I didn't mean YOU, I meant black nail polish wearer with long nails in general look a bit Halloween witch like. xD Omg, I can't believe why I used 2nd person I on accident. I just wanted to make sure I get that clear even if you were sweet enough not to get offended~!

  2. @sunniipink: LOL don't worry about it sweetie :) I didn't get offended at all :p

  3. I really like this tutorial, it's definitely more of a natural look that I would be more likely to try! (I'm still a little afraid of colors on the eyes.) thanks :D

  4. Hey, Catalina! Dannnng girl. Your eyelashes are lookin' fierce these days. I'm done using up my 2nd bottle of Lilash and I'm about to start using Latisse next. Don't you just love having long eyelashes? It definitely SHORTENS the amount of time and mascara that you'd normally have to use during your daily make-up application process. :p

    P.S. Sooo LOVIN' the hair!!

  5. Wow I really love this big hairdo...
    I really need to grow my hair long though.. it is just over the shoulder length atm :( it is taking forever!

  6. thank you for the tutorial! love the look!

  7. love the look. its cute but not overwhelming. wish I can get a Kate eyeshadow palette in the states for a decent price.

  8. Gorgeous Look!! I notice you switch foundations quite often bobbi brown, revlon HERA chanel etc what influences your choice of foundation? I was just curious!

  9. ohh nicee tutorials~
    simple colors & perfectly lined! purfecto! very inspiring~~ hehe
    yeah i tend to use liquid liner on eyelid, gel liners for the bottom..oops my black pencil liner is missing~~

    wiill be following ya! luv your look hehe the hair of cuz! i cant pull off bangs/fringe darnnnn *envy envy


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