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New Bangs


I wanted her bangs - and since I don't like salon people fiddling with my bangs, I decided to cut them myself.

It first started out as a disaster and I had to keep on pulling my hair down from the top of my head

- hair down -

-bangs parted -

-with hair pulled back -

bleh.. I dunno, I feel like I'll need some professional help to finish up these bangs.
I just don't have enough hair on the upper part of my head >.<) gahh~~

Oh and I'm not a METS fan (nor the Yankees), I just like Mr.Met :p
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  1. 정말 이쁘다! :D
    i'd love those bangs as well but i'm afraid i can't carry them off since i have a fairly square-round face.

  2. I love those bangs! Mine are hard to make thick in the front because my hair is thin and I'd probably have to take down half of my front hair to become the bangs. It looks cute on you though!

  3. looks good! I went through a straight fringe phase as well. Ended up pinning them back most of the time. I think I've realize that I'll never look as good as the models with their glossy hair and moody glares, hahahha.

  4. I love it!! Makes for a slightly more dramatic look.. I can totally picture with a black leather jacket haha.

  5. I love the new bangs and think you really did a good job!

  6. I think they look good! If we all only could have thicker hair on the top of our heads.. *sigh* there would be no need for volumzing products! :(

  7. I like you bang-less (lol!), but bangs are fun and flirty so it's a nice change. :)

    I really need to start cutting my own bangs, instead of getting it cut for $15, with not much difference to the rest of my hair. :/

  8. I think those bangs are nice on you. I think that if you had fuller bangs, they would weigh your face down Cat. I wanted those type of bangs too! Have you though of gradual layers with those bangs?

  9. omg its soo pretty and cute. i need my bangs trimmed and fixed. im like you. i dont have lots of hair in the top or front >.> its weird. and i also have thin hair.

  10. I think it looks really good, if you hadn't mentioned i wouldn't have guessed you did yourself.

  11. The look really nice :]
    So jealous that you can pull it off so well. Now you have the options of straight or fringed bangs!
    Every time I go to a salon I pick the safe option and only get my hair and bangs trimmed not much adventure :X

  12. I guess I'm in the minority, but you look prettier with side bangs. The picture you show, her bangs are nice. Yours are too blunt and they're too thin, not as full and thick (?) as hers.

  13. Oh man! You just totally remind me of Gahi from After School. I think you two has a pretty same face shape.

  14. cute bangs! mine never end up like that :(

  15. oh gosh i love your bangs!!!!!! well, mine turned out a little disastrous as well! :X

  16. If you use a flat iron to kinda curl your bangs under you can get that effect. But to be honest that girl in the pic probably has a bang extension in her hair.

  17. I think it's cute! I've wanted bangs like that too but I realized that you need to have really thick hair at the front to make it look similar and when I cut mine straight it just wasn't quite working out for me ): You look cute though!

  18. You look really good with the bangs. I had the same hair bangs and it looked horrid~ like a small school girl. FML! >.<

  19. they look good to me! very nice =)

  20. who is that person in the photo? so pretty!

  21. thats really not her actual bangs
    dey use clip on bangs along with their actual bangs to make it full lyke dat ive been to alot of photoshoots and dats wut i see dem do


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