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NOTD: OPI - Baby It's Coal Outside

This is my first dark, blackish nail polish :p
OPI's Baby it's Coal Outside from the 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection

It's a dark black polish with silver (and slightly greenish) glitters heavily loaded in the formula.
I have come to a conclusion that black polishes look so much better on short and wide nails rather than long, thin nails.

It applies quite nicely - it's not super thick but it's not thin either. There is no difference between two coats and three - it's pretty much the same so I think 2 layers is enough.


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  1. Wow! What an interesting and unique color. :) I think it looks very nice on you. & yeeeah, you tend to spot a witchy, evil aura when you have long black nails. xD Thanks for sharing! I like the OPI names so much. ^___^

  2. It looks rough. Does that make sense? Like.. not smooth.. Maybe it's the glitter. Haha :) Did you apply a top coat?

  3. I love your bangs! =D
    How's the weather up in NY? I hope you're keeping nice and warm. Being cooped up inside my house is making me go crazy online shopping!

    P.S. Love the nail polish, although I prefer a matte color for the winter. Looks interesting though!

  4. a very nice black polish. & yes, I agree that black nail polish look better on short and wide nails. thanks for the review! :)


  5. @Tina: actually it's very smooth but I totally understand what you mean. in real life it's more creamy-looking >_<

    @sunniipink: LOL yeah~ my ring finger nail is especially long, and after I applied the polish I was like woah!!!!!! halloween flashback >0<)

    @glitteryeyesxx: Hey babes :) It's super super cold and ugly here :'( it's been really cloudy and its really windy. and LOL on the online shopping. I love doing that too

    @Claire Tan: haha totally. I actually like short stubby nails lately - rather than long slender nails. :p I think they have that babyish + tomboyish + youthful look

  6. Nice post. Have you seen Lunasol's glittery black nail polish? That one's pretty too.

    oh and I like your bangs, by the way! very sophisticated.

  7. LOVEEE it! Did you every try Chanel's Black Satin? A very elegant black, it would look great on you :)

  8. The finish looks interesting... I like dark polishes :D

  9. that colour looks great on ur nails catalina! the glitter does look quite chunky though aha

    the pigment colour ur holding looks so pretty! what colour is it?

  10. Have you tried E.L.F. nail polish? I bought my first dark polish to try from them because it was $1. The color is Dark navy. At first look, it was sort of black, but under the light, it's navy and very dark purple combined and a tiny bit glitter. The quality is suprisingly good.

  11. Oh, Catalina, the color looks gorgeus, I think dark nail polishes looks so edgy in short nails.

    I was wandering about investing in a a good quiality foundation and my skin color is very similiar to yours so I wanted to asked you as and advice which foundation you recommend and the shade that correspond to it.

    Sorry my porr english xD but I'm from Chile, Latinamerica.
    Thank you so much in advance.


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