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Presents in the Mail x)

Hi everybody,
I feel extremely guilty for not making any videos lately. I've been caught up with some stuff I've got to do - but I will entertain you guys with some great stuff I got in the mail these past few days!

Remember the jewelry I got a couple of weeks ago? I wrote that I was going to support Justine and another person - and that's Sophia. I love to help people with good hearts, and Sophia's store's profits are 100% donated as charity to an organization called Sisters of the Blessed Korean Marty. She actually motivated me to be more active in things I believe too, so I'm thinking of donating my earnings from Youtube (as a partner) to organizations that I want to support too :)

But, anyway, the stuff she sent me was gorgeous too!! :)

First, this is the romantic Pink Pearls earrings~
hehe, tried both on one ear :p

And then, these are the elegant silver filigree leaf earrings :)
Sorry the shots are shaky.. :p

And here's a v-day necklace she threw in x) so purdy!
It looks like bloody dark red - but when you have it in a brighter place, you can actually see more of the redness :D I call this the blood-shot heart necklace :p

Check out her store - she has really cute stuff for really cheap >.<)
I like her rings and the Korean jewelry section

Also, today I got a package from a name I didn't recognize.
After I posted a post of Maggie sending me some stuff she didn't want, I got a message from a subscriber on YT telling me that she lived in NY too and she wanted to send me stuff that she barely used and didn't want.
So, no harm could be caused by that - I gave her my address and forgot about it since it happened quite a while ago.
And the package that came today was actually from her! :D

So a big shout out to Andrea! thank you so much, and I promise I will start blogtv as soon as I can, I miss chatting with you guys too.

here's the group shot of all the stuff she sent me
It was way more than how she described it in the youtube message :p

Here are some swatches
Stila - Illuminating finishing powder in Bronze (new)
lancome - Dual Finish in Matte Buff (new)
Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar
Lancome - Blush subtil (top: Aplum, bottom: Shimmer Mocha Havanna)

Almay intense i-color trio for browns 101
my very first experience with almay - and woah! very velvety and extremely pigmented! I'm impressed :) the colors on the fingers are all gentle one-swipes.

Maybelline expertwear eyeshadow (40 lasting Lilac)
uhhhh..... is it because I experienced almay first? color payoff is extremely difficult compared to the almay shadows.
I had to put on 5-7 layers on the same spot to get the swatches on my hand that's shown.

30 Rose Tints
This one was even more difficult than the 40 one. But you do have to put into consideration that usually pinks and rosy colors don't show up well. I've barely seen any pink-toned shadow that had good color payoffs.

Dior Airflash in 200
I've never used a spray foundation before. :p so I sprayed a bit on my hand, and it matches my skin tone perfectly!
I spread out the foundation with my fingertips, and the color blends in with my skin very nicely. I think the coverage is medium to full. It's definitely not a light texture. It's quite creamy!

One question though..
do I spray this on the back of my hand and then apply it on my face, or do I spray it directly on my face? :p on the back it says "Avoid spraying in eyes" - which I'm assuming that you can spray it directly on your face? or is that a big no-no?

Here's just pumps of MAC Prep+Prime Skin base Visage and Chanel Precision Rectifiance Intense Lotion that was in the package too.
Both have quite thick textures, and Chanel has that mommy smell :p Chanel looks quite watery in the bottle, but when applied it actually applies quite creamy

The famous.. errr... what's it called :p
the thing that a lot of gurus put on their bangs :p she sent me a new package and I tried it on my bangs and just started laughing, hehe :p for some reason it doesn't stick on my bangs but elevates them which makes me look like a bird with a pink sticker on my head XD but I love this! I'm going to master how to use it tonight!

And here's some more goodies she packed
A new Juicy Tubes lip gloss, and a unopened elf studio line shadow C brush :)
I love elf studio line brushes! a lot of my favorite brushes are actually from the elf studio line. I think the studio line brushes are a real bang for the buck.

And that's all :)

Thanks to Sophia and Andrea for the generous packages and great gifts.
You guys motivate and inspire me x)

Okay, I'll talk to you all in my next post!

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  1. oohh so pretty, i like the leaf earrings!

    enter my competition ♥

    ♥ moria

  2. It's not just you! My Maybelline Experwear duo shadows are crap also =X The color pay-off is horrible.

  3. About the Dior Airflash, you spray it on the back of your hand and apply it. I think it's better to apply with a brush than with your fingers because of the texture. It becomes a hot mess when you spray it directly on your face. It's difficult to control the amount, where it goes on your face, the eveness, etc.. You end up wasting a lot of product.

    I never had any luck with Maybelline shadows. Or any drugstore shadow for that matter, but I haven't tried Almay. The swatches were surprising. Most of the formulas are too dry or something. They're bad even with a primer.

  4. heyyyyyy :')
    so with the dior foundation, you can spray it on your face!
    i got a (really bad) makeover done at a counter once and it can be sprayed directly on,, and looks quite nice :D

  5. i wish someone will send me free stuff esp if they're expensive like Chanel! makes me jealous =( i want gifts too.


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