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Review: MAC Viva Glam GaGa Lipstick

I decided to participate in the Gaga craze and picked up a Viva Glam Gaga lipstick today.
It's a pretty pink (lustre finish). A lot of people have said that this is a "wearable" pink, but.. um.. if you're in a professional or conservative field, I'm not sure if this could be wearable everyday lippie. It's kind of flashy under certain lightings
It has that nice shine lustre finishes usually have.

I randomly pulled out some pinky mac lipsticks I had :) - just so you guys can compare how it looks like.

It's a pretty barbie.. I mean Gaga pink :p

I swapped some lipsticks that came close to the color
As you can see Gaga has soft pigmentation and a really nice sheen

Here's lip swatches. (Bare lips - half applied - fully applied)
It's quite sheer so you have to build up quite a lot to cover up your bare lips.

and here's a full face swatch, so you can see if the lipstick jumps out or not (NC20 skin with a lot of yellow undertones)

and some cam whoring LOL I haven't done this for years. If you use isight, the lipstick comes out more like neon-purple. But the picture above is the accurate color

Alright, I have some presents I got from a blog follower today but I'll post that post separately :p I feel very pampered from all the nice gifts people generously give me! thank you all (*__)

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  1. I think this lipstick really compliments you cuz you're so fair. Really liking your new bangs, by the way!!

  2. looks very nice on you! i want it but its sold out everywhere i love your look btw!

  3. @Carmen: aww thank you >.<) <3

    @C.: no way! that fast? people must be hoarding backups like crazy!

  4. wow that lipstick looks REALLY good on you! your lips are perfectly shaped!

    have you ever tried Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream? it does wonders ...!


    I love the swatch girl!

  6. wow! that lipstick looks awesome on you! :)

  7. it looks really nice on you! & your makeup looks great too. :]

  8. the colour looks great on you. I had a chance to try it on at the store the other day, but ended up passing on it. I might go back to get it now. haha

  9. That looks awesome on you! I contemplated getting it at MAC today when I was there picking up some shadows and a blush. I don't know why I didn't pick it up and just try it... or just buy it, lol. Now I really want to get it seeing how it looks. Thanks for the review and swatches!

  10. It looks great on you!! I tried it on yesterday, but my lips were a little too dark for it to show up well. If it was less shear I would have bought two! I love the color. Your makeup is gorgeous here!! What are you wearing foundation/blush wise??? Thanks!

  11. I'm not into pink but this lipstick's tube and box is gorgeous. I feel like getting it solely on that fact. Haha.

    Btw I featured this entry of yours on my blog, with credits and all. If you want me to take it down just let me know! (:

  12. @Reveriepapillon: thank you! what is the 8 hour cream? :p is it a foundation?

    @DarlingV: haha thank you x) I'm glad you like it!

    @Diane: thank you :D

    @mandy: thank you >_<)

    @xbbkay: haha, did you try it on your lips? I think it's really different on the lips than on the hand -_+)~

    @Tina: haha, you should! the SA said the gaga lipstick is LE so you should make up your mind quick before they discontinue it >.<)

    @jenna: Oh, sorry :p forgot to write it out - the blush is MAC's "well dressed" and the foundation is Chanel Vitalumiere :D

    @Sara: I don't mind at all >_<) I'm rather honored! take anything you want! :p I don't mind that~

  13. Thanks dear (: Btw, you look fab with that lipstick, you pull it off so well! (:

  14. Aah, I want that lipstick!! You look great in it! :D

  15. The lipstick color look gorgeous on you! :D I really like it especially with your simple make up in the pictures you're showing us. ^___^ It seems really pigmented and has the ability to mask a lot of the lip's original color...and it definitely does feel like a "Gaga" color. ^___^

    All in all, it looks great, esp. on you~

  16. Catalina! Omg, I just realized that on your OPI black nail polish post, you might've taken my comment in a way I didn't mean!

    When I said "you", I meant "people"! Omg, I totally didn't mean that "you look like a witch when you have long black nails", I meant "people look like a witch when they have long black nails". :O I can't believe I accidentally said it like that!

    I know you probably weren't offended, but I just want to clear it up! xD I apologize if you thought I was actually saying "you", and my terrible 2nd persons.

  17. ooh how come i look awful when i wear light pink nude lipsticks..ahaha and that's even when wearing dark eye makeup..maybe i've been getting the wrong shades..but yours look great on you!

  18. It suits you so much, love the look!

  19. can you do a tutorial on this look in this post ? I love your eye-make up...super pretty!~

  20. Ohh that lippy looks gorgeous on you though!!!

  21. How did you style your bangs? You look gorgeous! I like the eye makeup too. Tutorial, please!

  22. Your new bangs look awesome! I heard Lady Gaga liked Pink Noveau, so she wanted the lipstick to be similar to that without being too in your face. Its look lovely on you<3

  23. very pretty catalina :)
    can you tell me what circle lens you are wearing in your pics?~

  24. hey Catalina~~~!

    I think the 8 hour cream is a moisturizer as well but it's actually a SUPER LIP BALM~ I got the one in the jar ($25) and it was the BEST thing that ever happened to my lips. They were chapping and in pain! I mentioned it coz last time when you were doing your lipstick mega project, you mentioned your lips were kind of injured~ it heals your lips and minor cuts~ it smells very herbal, but it's like, the best thing I bought in 2010 so far so I wanted to share! :)

  25. love the lippy, you look nice with pale colours :)
    also ur bangs look so nice here!

  26. wow this looks really cute! i'll definitely get myself one.

  27. Looks very pretty on you! But totally agree how it might not be an everyday thing. I adore the packaging on the lipstick.

  28. I picked the lipstick up today :D I tried it at the MAC counter and LOVE it. It's much more sheer than I expected. I could wear it every day!

  29. Hi Catalina!

    Great color, it's like a bright baby pink! Also, you should take more profile shots!

    My Makeup

  30. Gaga really does look nice on you - blue pinks tend to make my lips look dead, so I don't know if I just can't rock it or if I have been trying the wrong blue pinks. Did you have a chance to try Cyndi, and if you did, what did you think about it?

  31. hi catalina!

    i'm a new reader/subscriber.. i love the versatility of all your looks as well as the reviews! :D i have to say though, i LOOOOOVE how gaga looks on you! i tried it on at the store and it made me look so dead :( though seeing it on you makes me want to just get it and somehow MAKE it work! haha :)

    btw, would you mind letting me know what lenses you have on?

  32. Wow i really want this lipstick. Pale pink is my favorite colour i thought i wasnt going to look good on me because i have dark skin but i think it will!

  33. Wow i really want this lipstick. Pale pink is my favorite colour i thought i wasnt going to look good on me because i have dark skin but i think it will!

  34. could you compare about GAGA and ANGEL ...mac lipstick PLZzzz...

    thank you

  35. @kabukiforever...Not to be mean BUT I am of darker skin tone as well (one shade lighter than Gabrielle Union) and it does not complement us well. Darker than an olive skin tone and trust me, I've seen it. It doesn't flatter us in any light...but you should go to the store and try it out because you never know!

  36. Wow, that looks so good on you! Beautiful!


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