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Revitalash Week #5 - unusual hair growth?

Click here to see week 4

Hi all,
Sorry this post is a bit late. I did take the pictures on the right date though :p I forgot to upload them yesterday.

So week 5 consists of January 31st, February 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = 7 nights total. I think week 5 was a sucker since most of the nights I cried myself to sleep (thinking about family, though decisions I had to make, disagreement with the bf, sad movie, etc. :p) and I think that washed a lot of the formula away.

As usual, I took pictures with Canon 50D, flash on and I rendered the contrast so you guys could see the lashes better.

Front shot - the ends seem to have grown a bit, but no noticeable change in volume

Looking down - shaky picture

Eyes shut - left eye (right eye actually) lashes are definitely growing faster than the other side

A few have come a long way :p

Okay, this is the problem shot (please don't mind the overgrown brows, I'm growing them out for a tutorial)

there seems to be unusual hair growth down my lower lid. can you guys see the small black hairs coming down like a tear stream? -_-;;; is it because I cried a lot and the formula went down with my tears???????? o_0 is this thing that powerful in such a short amount of time? :"( anyway, facial hair seems to be growing... and they aren't white - but black, and black as lashes D':


Click here to see week 6
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  1. I hope you are ok Cat. I suffer from insomnia for days!

    Seems Revitalash does work on you. Btw, I bought something called Eyelash Tonic from DHC (a Japanese brand) few years ago, quite cheap. Lots of people said it works on them and it actually did work on me. But I think one of the reason why it works because the brush was quite rigid, and it hurt for the first few days but once you get used to it, it kinda like massaging the roots of the eyelashes. So I guess that is the reason =)

  2. @CutieShiny: aha ic :D I should look it up I guess you put it on like mascara~~ how long did it take to show results? >.<) I get super impatient with these things

  3. It's just terrible when some days, it seems like everything is wrong. I hope you'll get better!

    Wow...the small trail down your tear line is a bit strange. O.O I just hope that it wouldn't be permanent? It seems so sad that you're crying yourself to sleep. ): That's just a horrible feeling...but it can only get better! I hope things work out soon!

    Thanks for documenting your progress! I wonder we can balance out the length of our right eye is longer than my left and easier to curl. D: So strange.

  4. I hope everything gets better for you hunnie!
    Everyone has their bad days/weeks.

    Things will look up!

    I love how your documenting this whole lash process. I've been following it extremely intrigued. I hope the unusual hair subsides and everything continues to grow well!

  5. Hi Cat, I think it took only about 2 weeks to see the result. After 2 weeks of application even my workmate said my eyelashes looked a little bit longer and fuller. But it stopped growing after about 3 weeks :(

    Some people said eyelashes may grow a little bit longer if you cut a tiny bit at the end - I dont dare to try because I have super short eyelashes and no one around me actually did it so I think that is a joke.

  6. Catalina!! I remember Pursebuzz saying in one of her videos that she had black hairs grow where yours are right now. She said that once she stopped using the lash growth product, the hairs just fell off automatically.

  7. haha, girls I'm totally fine~ I've always been a cry baby since little. I cry about everything :p thanks all~~ group hug group hug~~

    and @Fiona, I guess that's the hair growing on cheek rumor I heard LOL, I'm going to see how it turns out :p it will be funny if I grow lashes on my cheeks >.<

  8. Hi catalina :D

    I'm so sorry for you :( Hope you feel better soon!
    I read your blog for a few months now and you helped me to get along with makeup xD thanks so much for your wonderful videos!^^
    But when do you do the tutorial for the eyebrows? I mean they grow already for a long time ^.^

    greetings :)

  9. haha, it's probably the next or the next after the next one :p my brows are stubborn and they're not as busy as I remember them >.<) but yes, it is coming up~~

  10. I think a lot of people have problems with hair growing in areas that it shouldn't be. I think maybe there's too much product being applied to the lower lashes? Maybe hold off on the lower lashes for a few days and see if they would go away. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything is going well for you hun.

  11. i hope everything will work out for you, and it probably will (:

    btw i was wondering about the lancôme eyeliners you always rave about: is it a specific one, or are all lancôme eyeliners good? :P

  12. Oh wow, the bottom lid lashes thing is unfortunate... I imagine it must hurt to pluck them too... :O Sorry about that :OO

    But intereting progress report, thanks!

  13. Hiya! I used a lash growth serum (Ardell's actually) and had the same result. I just plucked the strays out (didn't hurt) and was more careful with my application. I made sure to wipe any residue that got under the lashline area away, and the problem dissapeared. Gl! :D

  14. Oh no, sorry about the weird hair growth but that seems to be the side effect of these growth serum stuff. maybe you can try wiping your tears away with a napkin before and after you sleep.

  15. Hi Catalina(:
    If you want to grow your lashes, you should try Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I saw so many people talk about it so i decided to try it out because i have so much at home. I have only started about 2 weeks ago and my lower lashes were starting to curl out... because it was getting long enough to and i feel like my upper lashes are getting thicker.
    I don't know if someone already told you this but if no one did, you should try it out after you run out of Revitalash


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