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Revitalash Week #6

Click here to see week #5

Late again! :p Sorry, I got caught up about uploading a video on YT and V-day yesterday.

I missed one night of Week 6 (my first time!) - so week 6 is 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13th of February.

Here's the front part.

Looking down
the lower lashes seem to have grown a lot on the left eye (right side of the picture)

eyes shut
lashes have grown a lot. seems like the left eye (right side of the picture) is catching up :)

About the unnecessary facial hair
they're still there and I have some growing on the front part too o_O

Yay!!! there's one lash that finally curled a bit! :)

Hehe, I took the pictures on the 14th (Sunday)
I guess I was expecting a "bamb!!" factor wile using Revitalash. I'm not sure if my rapid growth rate has come or if it will just be a constant, painfully slow growth like it is right now. I don't mind either, but I wonder how long these lashes are going to end up :)

I'll get back to you guys next week!

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  1. LOL! I'm sure the little hair will be gone soon, probably just a momentary thing. xD

    Thanks for showing us your progress! It seems like the weeks are going by so fast when I see your Revitalash updates. It's like, "wow, it's already been a week?"

    Does Revitalash also promise to give your lashes a natural curl? Or did your lash just decided to do so? Haha.

  2. Wow! That stuff really works! I can see a significant difference, especially compared to the start. The extra hairs are a bummer, but that what tweezers are for, I guess, lol.

  3. @sunniipink: haha, I always feel the same way too. Every time I take pictures, I'm like "dang..!! another week!!"
    haha, and no.. none of the lash enhancers promise curled lashes. I think it just happens to most people who see results and I'm crossing my fingers to be like the majority of the people :p

    @Tina: haha, I sometimes get amazed at how these lashes have grown :p Still I feel greedy and I want more more more >.<)!! if the lashes are going to grow more - I could live with hair on the cheeks, no biggie :p


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