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Revitalash Week #7 - One picture explains it all

Week #6 was 6 nights since I missed another night (again!)
So it was 15, 16, 17. 18. 19 and 20th of February.

I took a lot of pictures, but I think just one picture explains it all
look at how long the left side (it's the right eye in reality) grew :)
there's one that's super long
and the right side (actually left eye) is growing fast too x)

compared to what it looked like 7 weeks ago

Yay!!!!!!! yay!!!!!

H a p p y :)

+ funny picture at the American Museum of Natural History...

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  1. The last pic of you is really cute! :D I laugh whenever I see the expressions of people in the background of my pictures too, kekeke.

    & wow~~ Your lashes really are dramatically different. ^___^ I'm sure you're very pleased.

  2. you are so cute there in the photo!!
    catalina, do you friends call you "catalina" or any nicknames? mind to share them?

    also, did you wear braces b4?

  3. Wow, that's a huge difference! :O You've pretty lashesss!

    & LOL at the last pic. xD

  4. sunniipinky: LOL I purposely make weird faces when I know I'm going to be in other ppl's backgrounds:p and Revitalashing is making me greedy xp
    I can't seem to get satisfied, I'm like"more!! more!!"

    @CEM Assignment1: haha, hum... No, everyone calls me by my name :p My boyfriend addresses me as "CL" or "CL2425" in his e-mails since I used to sign my emails "CL" at the end when I used to date him, but that's about it :p and no, I haven't had braces before >_<) I wish I could even now! but too much time commitment tho :p

    @Iris: it is isn't! :) I can definitely feel the difference when I put mascara on x)

  5. WHOA! Your lashes look so nice. I saw the previous pictures [from previous weeks] and couldn't see what I was suppose to be looking for but in this picture, it just jumps out at you. They're so long!

    LOL at the guy in the back of your picture. Why is he holding something that looks like a bat? [poster maybe?] You look really pretty even though it's a funny picture...

  6. weeh good for you.does it make lashes thicker too? or it only focuses on lengthening?

  7. wow! brilliant results so far! Im always skeptical with these kind of products, you've opened a new light to me.. revitalash is too expensive tho and I dont think its available in Japan :/

  8. were you wearing a brown eyeliner on the latest picture?

    or is that the side effect of revitalash where your lids will get darker?


  9. Catalina, two more silly questions. As i m not a native speaker of english, and i've heard how you pronounce your name in your beauty blender video. The pronunciation of your name is "cat ta lina" or like "cat (a) lina"..?! coz it seemed you pronounce it like "cat_lina"..hahaha.. i just want to clarify! :)

    also, as you are multi-languages, can you suggest some ways to learn english in a better way, i mean enhance both speaking,writing, and listening skills.. my life doesnt require me to talk in i dunno how to learn this language efficiently.

  10. Wow!
    You have pretty much persuaded me to buy this now.

    Thanks for recording your progress with this product! ^^

    The last picture is adorable btw!

  11. Thank you for the review!i am so tempted to try it too coz i got really short lashes too ^^

  12. your lashes has grown soo much! wow! i love the feeling of it when a product actually does what it says it will do haha

    i can't see the last picture. think somethings wrong with my net bleh!

    hope to see a new tut from u soon =)

  13. Haha, that creeper in the background is sooo weird looking! Your lashes look AMAZING! I'm done with my Lilash and now have started Latisse. I swear, eyelashes...are so addicting! It's, like, I'm always on the quest to make them EVEN LONGER!! Can't wait to see your progress within the next few more weeks :p

  14. Your lashes are amazing!! I love your pic at the museum!

  15. Hi Catalina~ I'm a new follower of yours :D your reviews and toturials are all so helpful and detailed!!
    I'm new to beauty blogging, so please visit my blog sometimes and give us some advices~~

    Stay pretty<3

  16. I'm so tempted to try the Revitalash thing now because of you! And your last photo is supercute with the random dude in the pic! :)

  17. hey ther, i'm ur new follower here and I just found ur blog. Gonna follow u and see the results of the lashes. I think it's pretty awesome that this product actually works!
    Might give it a try. ur pic proved it and looked promising :D

  18. wow.. i'm really impressed with the results! i want to try it too^^

    cute pic of you btw^^


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