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Tiny Haul from Target + small review

I went to Target today!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!
I went to the one up in Bronx!
I guess it's just the specific store I went to, but there weren't a lot of stuff there. The cosmetics section was kindda small and most of the products weren't even cheap (compared to drugs stores around my house). The only thing that caught my eye was the huge "boots" section.

I remember a lot of UKers telling me that I should have told my bf to go to boots too, and I had no idea boots stuff were brought into the states.
The main brands were No7 and Botanics and some other small stuff. No7 section was a total disaster. None of the blushes were left, the lipsticks were all destroyed, everything was literally damaged one way or another.

So I tried my best to pick out "(seemingly) untouched" stuff from the botanics section and I ended up with two products.
One was the Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (left) and the other Organic Face Rosewater Toner (right)
The makeup remover was only 7.99 and the organic toner only 8.99 (pretty cheap considering that it's certified organic and made in the UK).
the makeup remover is half water half oil (like the Lancome Bi-Ficil) and you have to shake it really hard to get it mixed.
the Organic toner smells like rose *sigh..*. On the back it says

" This delicately fragrant water, produced from the highly prized Damask Rose, has been used for centuries as a toner and cleanser, particularly for fair and dry skin. It's gentle action leaves skin toned and refreshed"

----- small review on the eye makeup remover -------

After writing this post I figured I should just use the makeup remover to erase my eye makeup right now. I used a cotton pad and dabbed a small amount of the eye makeup remover and swiped it across my right eye 4 times (no soaking, no rubbing - just gentle swiping)

this is how the cotton pad came out. It seems like it picked up a lot of makeup.

This is how my eye looked after the swipes.
There are some goos left here and there (BUT, you have to remember that I only swiped it gently only a couple of times) but I am actually very pleased and impressed at the results. It is very gentle on the eyes and it doesn't sting, but it does leave an oily layer.

And here's the intensity of the makeup I had on before removing it.

MUFE eyeliner, Lanome mascara, Kate eyeshadow


The only other item I picked up was a Spoolie from Sonia Kashuk's brush line. I've seen all the hype about the SK brushes, but nothing really appealed to me, so I picked up a spoolie since I needed one anyway.

It was 1.99 and the quality doesn't impress me that much
I haven't even touched the bristles yet and they have already fanned out a bit :(

Anyway, there was a Marshall's next to the target so I went in in hopes of finding a curling iron. They didn't have any curling irons, but they had these mugs and I picked up a London mug and a Paris mug since they were only 3.99 each :)

I'm going to give the London one to my bf since he liked London so much, and I'll just use the Paris one for my morning coffees XD

Anyway, that was my super tiny haul from Target :p
I like the packaging and the concept of Botanics. I'll let you guys know how I feel about it after using it for a while.

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  1. Nice haul! I actually use that eye make-up remover; it's my current HG and I love how it's really effective yet doesn't sting my eyes.

  2. The bristles on my SK spoolie doesn't fan out. I've had it for about 5+ years. I haven't tried the Botanics line from Boots yet, but they sound nice! You should try their Expert and Geranium line. Nice haul!

  3. Great haul, I LOVE the mugs, they're really cute :)

  4. nice haul! the boots no 7 eye maker up remover is great in my opinion, i hope u are able to try it. Ihave onlyseen it in Target though. the bonx? my target is qnz is good

  5. i just stumbled onto your blog from youtube! i love the mugs you bought :)

  6. Great haul! I bought a cleanser and the same toner from the botanic line from Boots not long ago from Target. Here is my review on the cleanser, and the toner works ok...I wouldn't say anything special about it. Anyhoo, take a look, and let me know what you think :)

  7. lol I have those mugs ! I love marshalls, they have a lot of essie nailpolishes there too

  8. Hi, i love your mugs, They are available for purchase online?

  9. I love your mugs, They are available for purchase online?


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