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It's been a while!

Hi everyone :)

it's been a while, and I just wanted to warm up by posting a vlog video (It's literally random babbling for a couple of minutes - I just wanted to say hi and share some frivolous stuff in my life). I'm sorry I haven't been making videos or posts lately - I have an extensive list to go through so I guess I'll be busy with that for a while.

Okay, I'll see you guys more frequently on my blog and youtube :D
(Let's hope I don't jinx myself.. usually what happens is I end not being able to do whatever I say in public :'(... Hope I double-jinx myself so I can do what I said I was going to do)

Blush: MAC Well Dressed
Earrings : EkiLove Earrings

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  1. Catalina! So did you get to see who came out of the Prada store? I'm also very curious myself, hahaha~ It looks like a Batmobile...sweet ride!

    The snow in NY looks really horrendous...I wouldn't have wanted you to venture out there either and get caught in the snow storm or slip. D: It's okay! We'll be patiently waiting for your updates! Can't wait. :D

  2. awww i wanna see NY one day!! i love how you edited this Vlog!! so cool :)

  3. @sunniipinky: LOL yes I did. The lady came out and then the man who was in the driver's seat came out and went into the store and came out with a prada bag - so technically I saw both of the people in the car :p I sound like a dork LOL. They weren't celebs. I think just high-level banker and his wife or so

    @NicNic: haha, thank you >_<

  4. Aw the gaga lipsticks looks good on you!
    I miss watching you and reading your blogs love <3

    P.S I tagged you for the 40 beauty questions tag. I know I tag you alot... lol It's cause I adore you!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love your look in this video!
    I wasn't really considering to buy the gaga lipstick, but I'm tempt to buy now!

  7. Hi Catalina!

    Wow NYC is at a whole 'nother level from SF, in terms of weather and outrageous stuff happening!

    Not sure where to post requests and stuff, but was wondering if one day you could do a tutorial on the makeup look and hair of Horan in Clazziquai's "Lover Boy" video?

    K hope you're doing well and can't wait to see your next vid/blogpost!


  8. Hi Catalina!

    Great to see you back, I like your signature eye makeup a lot. I've tried to do something similar but I always look too garish if I have too much eye makeup on. How do you do it so it looks balanced?

    Sun ^^)

    My Makeup

  9. hi, sorry i'm asian from France so my english is not very good :
    anyway, im so glad i found you on youtube
    ive been watching all your videos :i can relate to you so much
    I have acne, Revlon 220 is too red for me and makes me look tan, pink lipstick doesnt suit me but i love pink, i get super oily, my skin is oily and dehydrated...
    Can i ask you something : my skin is so dehydrated that foundation doesnt look good on me (dead skins etc) i exfoliate but nothing change :( what can i do ?

  10. hi girl! thanks for sharing. i was wondering if you could comment on the dryness and glossiness of the lady gaga lipstick? i'm still thinking if i should get it, thanks! : )

    check out my new blog at

  11. Hope you'll have more blog entries and youtube videos up soon ^^

    Also, I stumbled on this on msn, and just thought I'd drop it by for you, sinc you loooooooove penguins so much =p


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