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Review: MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

This is an overdue post.. but I finally gathered myself to edit the pictures :p I guess I'm slacking a bit on my blogging lately since my personal life seems to be getting busier than before.

But, here it is. The missing half of the Viva Glams 2010 - the Cyndi lipstick.
Gaga is sold out in many stores, but Cyndi seems to be in stock in most of the individual stores, so if this review interests you - you should go check it out and swatch it at the store.

So here's how the lipstick looks like. The mac website describes it as a high-lustre finish and a light coral-red color.
I do admit it does have a hint of coral, but a hint is all. The color is heavily loaded with redness. It looks bloody red in dark lighting but the coral tint shows when you have a lot of light going on.

Since it's a lustre finish the pigmentation isn't harsh when applied on smooth surfaces. It also has that semi-transparent sheen that most lustre finishes have.

I pulled out a couple of similar shades from MAC (L-R: Creamsheen "crosswires", Viva Glam "Cyndi", Lustre "Lady Bug" and Frost "Crazee")
all lipticks were swatched directly on my skin, three strokes each.
As you can see Cyndi doesn't seem to show that much of a difference from other reds, so it's hard to justify yourself to buy this lippie if you already have a similar color.

Also, it's more of a wearable red, rather than a light coral-red.
You can see what I mean on the lip swatches below.
(from top to bottom: bare lips, half applied, fully applied)

I do think it's a cute, flirty red color which won't make you look old. But on the other hand, it's hard to say that it's a special color. It doesn't have that "wow" factor, it's just a cute red lipstick with Cyndi Lauper's name to it. Also, the lasting power isn't great (well, most lustres seem to have horrible lasting power) and you have to wipe out the residue with a tissue and reapply it every now and then. And although the lipstick applies with a nice sheen, when it starts to wear off - it makes you lips look and feel dry (lustres in general are like this).
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this lipstick. I am going to keep this to use for some occasions and I do think it's a cute color. But I just wouldn't consider buying it again.

I forgot to take a full shot of how the lipstick looks. I borrowed a picture from Cynthia - you guys should check her blog and YT channel out - or just simply click on the picture :)

* Cynthia is a shade or two darker than my skin tone, and I think it blends in with her wayyyy better than me :p

* I didn't compare it with the Gaga lipstick since both are totally different colors.


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  1. its a very pretty shade on you!

  2. I've read other reviews on the Cyndi lipstick and none was 100% positive... Maybe it's the coral-red tag that disillusions a lot ;)

  3. This is such a thorough review, Catalina! I just posted pics of me wearing so lame and broad. But this is definitely detailed and awesome photography. *jealous*


  4. We have similar skin tones (based on the foundation shades you have posted), but this color didn't work for me for some reason. I really wanted to like it, but it wasn't meant to be, so I just got the Lady Gaga one (which I'm in love with). Thanks for the review! Especially like the comparison with the other MAC shades.

  5. I think they have it in stock now don't they? for the lady gaga lipsticks =]

  6. I have really pigmented lips but I want to order Cyndi... /sighhh I don't know :(

  7. I ordered both, Gaga and Cyndi. I ordered online w/ free shipping on 04/04/2010. It was so fasssst it arrived today that's like 1 business day!
    Looking at Catalina's post on Gaga's and how it would be sheer.
    I thought, "Oh! Then I have nothing to worry about! It won't be flashy and too pigmented!"
    So then I see your post for Cyndi and thought, "Oooh! The color is gorgeous!"

    So here's my conclusion:
    Gaga--> ONLY for porcelain, fair to slightly tan skin tones. More than that it will not suit you. Trust me, I've seen Gaga fanatics go to just buy it for the sake of her persona and come back for an exchange or refund. They don't even try it!

    Cyndi--> The most overlooked and underrated one is very pleasing! It's almost for almost all skin types BUT it complements more slightly tan/olive skin tones to very deep browns.

    Gaga on me, was like chalk-like dried-out paste sick pink.

    Now, Cyndi's was a creamy, juicy, moisturizing red coral-pink!
    (I know weird description!)
    My skin type is like Gabrielle Union..and it suited me better.

    So Gaga' not really suitable for all whereas Cyndi's is.

  8. I love how you compare different lipsticks when you do reviews... really helpful =) cyndi looks soo great on you =)


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