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Revitalash Week #12

Hello all :)

Errr... I'm sorry I skipped week 11. Anyway, I feel like my lashes have reached their maximum length and I am wondering if I should just apply revitalash occasionally to maintain what I have right now.

They look pretty full don't they? :)

but my profile shot doesn't seem so dramatic. weird huh?

and here's my new angle!!!! :D
with and without mascara!

left eye (right eye on the picture) is still a bit shorter than the right (left on the picture) eye.
* you can see the trail of lashes on the lower side of the left side -
the lower lashes have grown out quite long but this angle doesn't seem to capture it.

Let me know if you guys have any questions


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  1. you wont need to keep applying it to keep them long, they wont get shorter but the thing is just like the hair on your head your eye lashes fall out regularly every couple of months or so, they undergo a growth cycle. So that means you may have to keep doing this to ensure the new lashes that grow will be just as long o.O because i dont think the results are permanent? but it really really made a HUGE difference ^^

  2. Wow!! Looks great! I tried one of those lash things too...except it was another Korean brand one that my mom got for me. I haven't tried Revitalash. However, it seems to have worked pretty much the same. The only thing I noticed was that I couldn't see much of a difference in my lashes after a while. Do you think it only works for a certain length and thickness or a certain period of time?

    P.S. My lashes are also uneven. My left lashes are longer than my right. :/

  3. i've been using revitalash for about a year now, and once you reach your "max" you only need to apply about once a week to maintain it. sometimes i'll go a full week of applying it everyday and then go w/o for a week or two, and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference..

  4. you could get eyelash extensions instead. i didn't even know that existed until i started going to school for esthetics.

  5. just found your blog through my friend/youtube.. great stuff.. following now~

    is revitalash a korean product? i think my mom may be using it. i should ask her if it's worked for her. i wish there were a product that made your lashes longer AND/OR curlier (without a lash curler). lol.

    - kat

  6. hi i was just wondering...your eyelashes seem clean looking but i have seen other women with crazy lashes sprouting unevenly.
    i'm just a bit worried to try it...also does this revitalash and other similar products make the lashes grow even more (sprouting new ones) along with making it longer and thicker? thanks! and love watching your videos~

  7. Is Revitalash same as Rapidlash? Been meaning to buy it and try it out but its very expensive where I stay.


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