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Damn you limited editions!

I was on my way home, and I strolled into Duane Reade (a ny/nj based drug store) to see if they had the laundry detergent I was looking for. Normally, I don't browse around - I just go straight to where I need to buy things and come out. But for some odd reason I started browsing and I walked into the cosmetics aisle. I was surprised to see a lot of brands with their seasonal limited editions (I guess I'm old school.. this was all new to me :p) and I stopped in front of Maybelline's Summer 2010 Salsa Sun display.

The model was so pretty, and usually I have a very weak spot for pretty girls. Not that I'm sexually attracted to them.. I just like them because I have this blind hope of becoming pretty like day, haha.

First I thought she was Adriana Lima, and then started doubting myself (the model has a much softer look than Lima) and then just stood there staring at her for the longest time.

The eye makeup didn't necessarily click with my taste. You can barely see what she has on. In the description it said she had on the sunset trio, but it was way to hard to tell. But the lips!!!!... the lip color was soooo pretty! And when I looked at the display box there was this huge "Limited Edition" written all over the place.

Turns out the model is wearing '938 Spicy Cinnamon' which looks like a color I would never pick out on my own will.. but I grabbed it anyway in hopes of (a) fooling myself that I could look like her if I wore the same lipstick and (b) limited edition would really increase the value of the lipstick and make me look cool (jk).

All in all, I fell for Maybelline's marketing and caved in and bought two limited edition shades from the Salsa Sun (Summer 2010) collection.

I'm not a bronzer, eyeshadow junky so I skipped on those and the nail color didn't really attract my attention.

(btw, don't mind me if I'm making a big deal out of these lipsticks. I've never bought a Maybelline lipstick in my whole life and these are my virgin lipsticks :)

So here are the two shades I picked up. I don't really understand when people say drug store products are cheap. I guess it's just a NY thing where all the prices are jacked up and cheap is no longer cheap. I paid $16.31 for these two lipsticks (and it was the cheapest out of walgreens, cvs and duane reade)

938 Spicy Cinnamon & 936 Southwest Sizzle

The Spicy Cinnamon has a brown cover (I guess it's categorized as the neutrals) and the Southwest sizzle has a red cover (under the red family). Both look similar but the finishes and textures are totally different.

Spicy cinnamon (left) has a pretty thick, creamy texture and doesn't have any shimmers in it. The stick itself isn't matte - it has a nice sheen, but when it is applied on a surface it puts a LOT of color on in one stroke. On the other hand, Southwest Sizzle (right) has gold reflects in it and is pretty sheer when applied on a surface. It's a glossy-pigmented color if that makes any sense.

Here's how Spicy Cinnamon applies
It's extremely pigmented, and hard to put on with the stick itself. I think using a lip brush will make the process easier.
Also, as a side note - I look nothing like the model -_-.
I rather look like a lipstick terrorist. I think I'm going to have to give this to my mommy since she likes super dark shades like this one.

The Southwest Sizzle swatches like this.
I like this color better than the Spicy cinnamon color since it's brighter and a bit more transparent than the other one. However, the pigmentation is intense, so using a lip brush might be a good idea for this lipstick too. Also, the golden shimmers don't really show up with the lipstick is applied on the lips. They somehow magically disappear and it's only the redish color you can see.

The color reminded me of Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in Sun Touched Terra
Which is also a dark red-coral color with gold reflects in it.
here's how it looks like :)

I think it's almost identical so if you guys by any chance liked the lancome sun touched terra - here's the perfect drug store dupe for it :D

Alright - I think I'm going to go now. I caved in because of the whole "limited edition" marketing, but overall I really like the texture and pigmentation of these lipsticks. The only down side is the awful scent it has. But that's frivolous unless you're planning to snack on the lipstick itself :)

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. Yeah! I always get so surprised by the limited editions for drugstore products. Maybelline Colossal Diamonds was a limited edition and I really loved their eyeshadows. Now they're hard to find. Also, drugstore makeup seems to be getting pricey now. Not all, but many seem to have increased in price. At least day have those BOGO deals! :)
    Thanks for the swatches!

  2. I love the red on you! Makes your teeth look sOOO white! You should try Maybelline lipstick in Pink Please, I know that's super popular and I sure love it!

  3. Southwest Sizzle colour look nice, I never try to wear dark colour on my lip, I really want to try this out :)

  4. Southwest sizzle looks really nice. these look so smooth to apply!

  5. I honestly think they both look very pretty on you, especially the red one :-)

  6. your lip shape is so pretty :) sexyyy lips ;)

  7. Ohh, I love the second lipstick! It looks beautiful on your lips! I am red-lipstick shy myself, but I bought MAC Cindi and wil work on wearing more red... you should wear it! <3

  8. Hehe SNAP***
    I have a thing for pretty girls too ^^

    and I think that you have a nice lip shape lol! :)

  9. cool! i might just buy these lipsticks! i have a weak spot for lipsticks!!!

  10. IMHO both shades look good on your lips...however seeing it whole faced is another thing...
    Personally I don't like Maybelline, but they do have some good lip products!^^

  11. i'm jealous how well you pull off red lippies :( whenever i try wearing a super red lip, i look like i'm off on a killing spree D:

  12. They look pretty!
    I remember you saying you liked corals so I highly recommend you looking at Mac's "Made to Order" Lipstick (it's l/e). It's the prettiest shade of dark coral.

  13. both the lipsticks are very pretty on you~
    i don't know what you're talking about because I think you're very pretty!

  14. Hi baby!
    You are so cute ! <3
    I like your style ;D

    I ADD YOU +++++

    if you want, can You me add :*

  15. Southwest Sizzle looks great!! The only one I have is Yummy Plummy.

  16. these shades are super sexy!! great find!! ugh but i need to stop buying

  17. That model is stunning, if Adriana Lima and Michelle Phan morphed into one person, this is what she would look like.

  18. I love the spicy cinnamon one! (I love how truly orange the other one looks, but since I would look terrible wearing it with my pale skin, not on me.) Do you know if there are any dupes for spicy cinnamon? Especially from NYX round lipsticks, which are really cheap? I have been wanting to try out a NYX round lipstick, and it would be nice to know if they had a dupe (especially so I could get it any time I wanted and it wouldn't be only temporary.) It would be so awesome to know! Thanks!

  19. Are there any dupes for the Spicy Cinnamon? I would really want to know, especially if there are cheaper versions out there, or at least ones that are being continually made. Perhaps NYX round lipsticks, or another drugstore brand. Thanks!

  20. great pictures and descriptions. thank you!!


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