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FOTD & NOTD + New Lenses

I failed making a tutorial today. I tried - screwed up - started from scratch - and then screwed up again :'( So, I didn't want to waste makeup and did a really freaky look. Surprisingly, it came out pretty good on my iphone.
So here's some photos of my camwhoring and fotd

So far I love my hair... but, it's so hard to style. The ends keep on flipping all over the place and I feel like I have to master some easy way before the hair drives me nuts.
Oh, and how do you like the new lens? They are natural grey (Hana SPC's). I love Hana spc's because they don't dry out my eyes at all! It enlarges the iris a bit, but like its name, it looks pretty natural :)

I have gel liner (stila) and eyeliner (pencil - MUFE, aqua eyes in 0L) all over my eyes
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust #4 (Silver) on my lower lid (Sorry about the confusion!)
Beauty Credit Blush in PK02 - Peach girl on the cheeks
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect 267 on top of Lancome Color fever gloss 'sizzling' (lips)
and Hera HD foundation as my foundation

Earrings are from ekilove :)

Also, Nails nails nails :)
I love these bright yellow nails!
It's not neon, and it doesn't make my skin look darker, yay!!!!

Alright, I'll try to get a tag video up asap
Have a nice Friday night!

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  1. your hair is looking really GREAT on you!!! :)

  2. Your hair is looking really cute! The nail color is awesome!

  3. Looks good, Catalina. Your haircut is beautiful...

  4. I love your new haircut. so cute

  5. thank you girls :p The hair cut motivates me to do more hair tutorials x) hehe

  6. Your short hair makes you look alot more mature! LOVE IT.

  7. Your haircut makes you look so fresh & awake, it also brings out your pretty features~! great look ^^

  8. auuugh i cant figure out how to apply that yellow nail polish on well! i've had it and its getting ignored to the max.. your hair reminds me of .. jessica or goo hye sun haha!!

  9. you look super gorgeous with you hair :D it makes you look sophisticated and everything!! makes me want to cut my hair too:(

  10. i loveeeee your hair!
    suits you so well ^^

  11. Longtime reader/lurker alert! Had to comment as I absolutely love your hair. You look really good with the bangs and the new haircut! (:

  12. i aBsoLUtELy LoVe yOuR hAiR...!! yOu LoOk sO pRettY, sWeeT aNd sExY wiTh tHiS hAiRcUt!!

  13. you look great in short hair!! love love it!

  14. your hair is so freakin awesome! It's inspiring me to go short too! Gonna consider it first though. :P

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Very pretty! :D The nail color is so bright and Spring-y! Loves.

  17. Great hairstyle, looks really classy on you! Can't wait for the hair tutorials!

    xo, Diana

  18. love love love your hair!! :)
    you might convince me to cut mine if you do some cool tutorials! :D

  19. wow i am a long hair fan but your short hair look SO good, even better!!

  20. you look... GORGEOUS!!
    I really love your new hair cut and your make up is so pretty. Hopefully you'll do a tutorial or something. =] I'm horrible at doing makeup... well that's how I feel atleast.

    I really like the yellow nail polish too! I kind of want an orange color. Perfect for spring. {*YAY}!

  21. hey, nice FOTD and nice eyes there! love how u line them :D

  22. The new hair is definitely working out for you. You look gorgeous. Ah! I really like the last picture. That's a pretty angle for ya.

  23. oh. my. gosh! drop dead gorgeous. you look so ulzzang. :]<33

  24. i love how you style your hair :) you should wear some head bands it's gonna be real cute :D

  25. your haircut is soooo adorable! i love it! i'm so tempted to cut my hair short too... but i'm afraid i'll miss curling my long hair later, hehe :)

  26. I love your hair! It looks so good on you!

    Anyways, check out my blog too if you want :)

  27. You look gorgeous in this pic! btw: Hana Spc's are a brand of circle lenses? I didn't know if it was just me but I realized the geo lenses dries my eyes out so quickly. It gets irritating after an hour or so. Have you experienced anything like that before?


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