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Review: MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

haha, I feel like I'm doing an awful lot of MAC lipstick reviews lately! Despite the fact that I am pretty indifferent with the trend and collections MAC comes out with - I had to get this lipstick.

So this is one of the lipsticks from "Give me Liberty of London" collection. My intention was to buy the peachstock lipstick, but after looking at the entire collection I ended up getting this one - "Ever Hip".
Oh, and if you want this you should hurry. I called every MAC store or counter in Manhattan today and only one place (Saks) had this lipstick in stock. That's how fast these are selling out!

Ever Hip is described as a "creamy light coral" shade with a cremesheen finish
I think it's more of a coral that has the right amount of pink balanced in it, which takes away the awkward orange tint some corals have. Although the lipstick color looks strong, it's pretty transparent when swatched. The swatch on my hand (above) took me three strokes. So don't get intimidated by the color of the stick.

Before we go on, I do have to comment about the packaging.
I'm not a big fan of LE packagings, but this collection is quite cute.
The sleeve (inside and out) is decorated with flowers and the bird.
This collection reminds me of the Asian card game (in Korea we call it "go, stop").
I can't really pin-point which month it resembles.. but the LOL collection just reminds me of this game :p I feel like it could easily blend in as the 13th month.

Anywho, a lot of people rave that it's a rare coral color, but I have found a very similar shade.
First, I pulled out all of my pinky-coraly colors. At first glance, it seems like Ever Hip is similar to YSL or Barry M, but wrong.
(L-R: Lancome Color Design "Debut", Dior Addict High Shine "530", MAC "Cursty", MAC "Ever Hip", Missha "Fanta Dream", BarryM lip paint "147", YSL Rouge Volupte "13", MAC Slimshine "Missy") ..and I swatched them three strokes each on my arm.

Although they all look pretty similar, only the Lancome lipstick looked really close to what Ever Hip looks like in real life. Lancome had a bit more red to it, but the texture and color was nearly identical when swatched.

Swatches on the lips (T-B: Bare lips, Half applied, Fully applied)

As you can see I have dry (and crazy) lips. The formula isn't very good at covering up my flaky lips. Since it's so sheer, I had to reapply and reapply. Now if you have rough surfaces like me, that will result in goos of lipstick piled around you flakes. So you have to exfoliate and prep your lips before applying this lipstick :p
Other than the not-so-buildable-texture, I love this lipstick. Great shade, good amount of sheen, cute case..
Hurry and call your local stores if you're a Coral lover and if you are planning to get one. They are running out fast~

here's a video that's featuring the lipstick :)


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  1. Amazing color~ and hahaha go-stop ftw my sis and my mom were playing that few days ago when i came back from school Haha

  2. This is the one MAC lipstick that I've been lemming from the collection. You totally just made me want it even more, Catalina. Haha.

    Just wondering, with your RSS feed, are you able to set it so the post can be viewed? Because right now, in Google Reader, all I can see is the title of your post and need to click the link which directs it back to your website to view the entire post.

  3. I love this color. I own this myself. Have you tried Lacvert products? I think you'll really love the Kim Yu-Na lipsticks, especially in "Yuna Pink". It reminds me of the gaga lipstick, but way more moisturizing with a darker pink shade.

  4. Nice review! I've heard so much about this lipstick. I want to get one now. >_<

  5. It seems that the peachy tones blend well into your natural lip color and it looks like THE perfect "pink" lipstick on you. It's gorgeous! I wonder how this looks on mine... I should get it before it's sold out altogether...

  6. ooh i'm glad i ordered this from the mac website then :) it looks like a gorgeous colour!!

  7. I loooove the packaging :D Just yesterday I went and bought Peachstock, I was lusting after it for 2y almost!! 0-0!
    This one is pretty too, but I don`t look good in colors this coral xD

  8. That's a very pretty color, I want that one and Petals & Peacocks. I bet Petals & Peacocks would look gorgeous on you to!

  9. That's beautifull on your lips ^^

  10. Thanks for the review! That is such a pretty colour :) I really like the packaging too, so cute.

    Haha, Go Stop, I've always wondered how to play that game, always see it being played in the Kdramas that I watch >_<

  11. @yeonsil1773: LOL I wish I had someone to play it with me :p gostop is fun (until the money starts to kick in.. then it starts to get too intense =_+)

    @Fiona: Oh, sorry - I'll try to fix it >.< when I had this site put under my domain name I screwed up a couple of things and the RSS feed was one of them. I'll try to fix it! sorry :p

    @lark: haha, no I haven't. I forgot to put it in the list I asked my friend to buy when she was shopping for me. I've heard so many good things about Yu-na Pink >_<)

    @Leenda: you should!! it's a great summer/spring color!

    @ℐris: you should!!

    @Diane: haha, congrats :D

    @Magdalena: aww, I totally feel you. Pinks don't work for me either and it's fustrating when your skintone can't pull off a color :(

    @DarlingV: haha, I shuoldgo back to a MAC store and check it out

    @Zabou: thank you :D

    @Hel: I didn't know for the longest time either :p I learned how to play it by playing it online when I was in college :p but I think it's better not to know.. hehe

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hey Catalina~

    I couldn't help but notice how perfectly flawless that closeup picture of your lips is.

    Just wondering though, my upper lip area seems to have a dark line that kinda makes me look like a mustache even though it isn't you have any suggestions for me to make it lighter?(I don't know if this is an asian girl problem or not...sigh)

  14. i love this lipstick as well . It'smy fav from the collection :) i love your review, and your photos look FAB. great camera

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. *gasp* this lipstick is so pretty!!! i LOVE corals :D

  17. I think this colour looks really good on you, having to prep your lips is a bit annoying but it's worth it. I got the Blooming Lovely which is also a cremesheen, they look really good with glosses on top too.

  18. My lips were as chapped as yours :) Worse, actually :P You should try Yes To Carrots Mint lip balm, it's fab! Works really well on severely dry lips!


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