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Review: Missha M Real Complete BB Cream

A lot of people have been asking me where I got my Korean cosmetics. There's a lot of places in the states and Canada where you guys can get Korean cosmetics. I think one of the more aggressive brands is Missha.
I was contacted and sent this product for a review for the company itself (not for the general public), but I asked and got permission to share my thoughts about the product with my blog followers. My tone is #21 in light pink beige.

So, let's start with how the site explains this product.

It sounds like a lot of pros and good stuff one would get from this product.
What I want to start off is the expensive price tag. It's a bit on the high side ($45.99) for 45g of product. But the M line is the higher-end line of the Missha products, targeting people with more mature skin rather than those in their early 20's.

The packaging is to die for. I love how they cased the outside shell with clear plastic. The pump is attached, covered with a plastic cap that has a brownish tint to it. The color gradation adds a nice touch to the design too. All in all, the packaging really sold me.

Here's some comparison with another BB cream (Tony Moly) and regular foundations. BB creams usually have a gray undertone to it. As you can see in the picture, BB creams definitely stand out with their gray tone.
Compared with the Tony Moly BB cream, the Missha one has a bit of rosy-pink undertone to it. Texture is more on the watery side than creamy. If I tilt my hand, the formula drips a bit.
When spread out, you can see that it has a pink hue to it. What the pink undertone does is brightens up the face - possibly providing a whitening effect (effect - not actual whitening in my opinion). If you look weird with pinky tones, this might not be right for you.
One of the things about a lot of Korean Products is, the lack of variety in colors. Missha only provides 21 light pink beige and 23 yellow beige. I would have liked to use the yellow beige, but 23 is too dark for my skin.. so there's that big loop right there. The product seems to be targeted towards a very narrow range of people.

Here's how it applies.
I have huge pores, redness, acne scars, freckles and a ton of other stuff on my face. If you look at the after look (btw, I applied two layers) the redness is corrected drastically. Pores are covered decently, but my pimples, acnes scars and bumpy areas (lower part of my cheek) aren't covered up perfectly. Despite the fact that I put on two layers, a lot of blemishes are a bit visible.
Also, my nose must be getting old. I can't really smell the scent - so that's a good thing! :) And this BB cream is pretty matte compared to other BB creams I've tried recently. It doesn't have that oily base, so it doesn't give you that oily glow. It stays put pretty long and corrects any unevenness that your skin has. I also haven't had any breakouts while using this product.
People complain about BB cream residues and how hard it is to wash off at night. I cleanse three times at night, so I didn't have any problems with residues, but if you like to just wipe your face with a makeup remover, I'm not sure if you will have some cream left on your face. If you wash it all off, I find no reason for your skin breaking out.

So here's my final verdict of this product.

Very chic and nice packaging.
Doesn't have a strong scent
good enough coverage (mostly for pores and uneven coloring)
Doesn't oxidate
Doesn't break me out.
Semi-matte Finish

Color range is very very limited
Coverage for acne, rough surfaces aren't good
Does give you a bit of "made up" look - so if you want that "no makeup" look this may not be the product you're looking for


You can read more about another BB cream here

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  1. Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try this but haven't because of the steep steep price (and I have a bunch of the "regular" tubes at home right now). I'll be sure to try it when I get rid of some of the ones I have now and when this one goes on sale. ^___^

  2. Thanks for the review! Gosh, the packaging on this looks so elegant and pretty. I'm such a sucker for nice packaging haha. I wish the BB cream itself gave better coverage for acne scars, etc. ><

    Great blog btw! Love it. ^^

  3. Great review~ I actually didn't know much about BB cream until this

  4. thanks for the review! i agree... the packaging really is to die for O_O

  5. i have yet to try Missha but with this flowery packaging! I WANT *chuckles so sweet & kawaii

    haha i too hav tons of stuff on my face lol what concealer works best for ya?

    me on MUFE now...aint too bad..

  6. Ohh I just wrote about it on my blog recently about how much I wanted to try this out. Thanks for the review, it makes me more sure about the quality of the product!

    ★ Cookiie

  7. thank you.have been waiting for bb cream review.uhm since missha's a bit expensive.can you do other bb creams review?like maybelline or anything more economically priced?
    thanks xD

  8. I am using the Oriental Herbs Missha bb creama nd I was thinking about trying this one too.... I think it looks GREAT on you! I can't see any acne marks, the coverage is beautiful and natural.... <3333 Thanks for the review!! There are not many Missha products' reviews! The packaging is amazing!

  9. wow that looks amazing! such a big difference! Thank's for the review!! I'll definitely check it out once the missha store here finishes renovating. thanks :)

  10. wow.. what a difference. the coverage seems really good~ thanks for the review xx

  11. Very nice review! I'd have to agree, the packaging is really nice!

  12. The packaging is really pretty!!
    I wish there was a darker BB cream for dark skin skin is just way to tan for a Korean girl -___- sigh

  13. im actually super jealous of your skin. you can wear foundation/bb cream and not break out all over the place, your so lucky =( definitely gonna pass this bbcream on to my friend .

  14. Sorry this has nothing to do with the BB Cream -

    Have you ever thought about getting microdermabrasion or glycolic peels to even your skin tone and skin texture? I think glycolic is more beneficial though. Or just check out Rx Skincare Line. They have glycolic in them that increases cell turnover rate.

  15. Another nice review! I love the photographs you do of the products and the before, during, and after pictures.

  16. The after shot looks amazing. If it wasn't so expensive I guess I would try it, but I really can't find a thing that works on my skin. Oh well I'll keep trying. Great review <3

    Love from Portugal

  17. cool! i would have definately looked into it if it wasn't for the price... that's a tad expensive for bb cream xD.

  18. I love BB creams! But I haven't heard about this particular one from Missha though. Somehow reminds me a lot with Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream. But this is definitely pricey!

    Thanks for the review btw! =)

  19. The packaging is so pretty! Thanks for the review :) But I'd like to ask you if you have any other Missha BB cream because you said that product doesn't have a strong perfume, yet my two Missha BB creams (the Watery one and their classic one) have such a strong baby powder-ish scent that really bugs me through the day >.< (even if it smells great, you know, for the entire day...)

  20. Thanks for the review for this line of Missha's BB cream. I use one of their lines of BB cream and it helps with keeping the makeup on but doesn't have great coverage so I'm glad to see this one works pretty well. Unfortunately, I got 3 more tubes of the M B.B. Cream to go so I'll just have to wait a LONG while before I can get that one. :)

  21. thanks for ur review. Im wanna ask,

    1)are u shade NW21 abd using Missha NW21 BB cream or shade NW23 using Missha NW21.

    2)On a side note, have u tried BRTC BB cream before? Does ur skin tone blends better with the tone in Gold Cavier or its recovery balm?

    Would really appreciate to see your reply. THANKS!!


  22. thanks for ur review. Im wanna ask,

    1)are u shade NW21 abd using Missha NW21 BB cream or shade NW23 using Missha NW21.

    2)On a side note, have u tried BRTC BB cream before? Does ur skin tone blends better with the tone in Gold Cavier or its recovery balm?

    Would really appreciate to see your reply. THANKS!!


  23. Thanks for the review!! Im soo gonna buy this :) ur skin looks amazing!


    I'm new to blogspot.. follow me @

  24. Thanks for useful review! I guess I still prefer the Missha Perfect Cover bb cream :) Btw, Missha has come out with the Real Signature. Or is this Real Signature has been quite sometime? Nevertheless, I still quite like Missha BB cream ;)


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