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For you glitterbugs - Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure

Hi All :)
I feel like my blogging and stuff is pretty inconsistent, but please bear with me :'( I am scrambling (like most people in their 20s do) and trying to figure out what the rest of my life will be like.

Anyway, I have set foot into the TT world! .. well, it's already been a few weeks, but please give me an opportunity to introduce a product I am very much in love with :)

It's the Tarina Tarantino Sparklickty Pure (exclusive at Sephora). The price is 19 dollars, there is only one shade, and in reality glitter has a very limited usage, BUT all in all I really like this product! :)
I am glad I stumbled upon this product and bought it at the spot.

Here's how the packaging looks like. It is in a glass container, with a bit cheap-looking cap. You have to peal the sticker of the lid, but I like opening the plastic cap in whole so I could dip my brush in it, or just scoop out a lot with a brush. (I'm not a big fan of plastic lids)
As you can see how it reflects the light, it is super shimmery and sparkly. But it's not chunky at all. It's more powdery, so you can use it like a pigment and foil it on as an eyeshadow too.

The color itself looks similar to Make Up For Ever's Star powder in 947 (which is a peachy pink with gold glitters), but they are totally different when swatched. The MUFE 947 has more of a beige, grayish undertone, while the TT sparklicity has a white-pearly pink hue to it.

These types of glitters are extremely pretty when lined under the lower lash line. They make your eye pop along with making your eye area brighter and more noticeable. I usually don't tend to do too much of that, since the down side is that it mixes with your mascara and liner and it could potentially lead to a huge mess.

Anyway, I usually use this to sprinkle on my base (either a primer or foundation), and it as a nice iridescent shine to my skin. For those of you who are planning to use this for that purpose, I do have to warn you - it could get chunky if you powder your base too much with this glitter. Always try to do things in moderation :)

I will definitely try to show how it shows up in videos.
Here's a dry swatch of it on my hand. As you can see, it's more of a milky-pink, than a gold pink.
And considering the fact that the camera isn't that good at picking up sparkling aspects, I think this picture shows how much sparkle this product has.

I will try to make more pic-tuts so you guys can see how it actually looks like when it's applied as makeup :p

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  1. oh man ! i'd love it if it doesnt fall out. it'd be nice to layer over shadows..
    i went to go swatch some tarina tarantino products yesterday, i loved how the bright green eyeshadow hadd purple pink etc duochromes in it! except i dont need more bright green eyeshadow because bitter is enough :(

  2. HI Catalina :) Have u removed ur previous blog? Actually i did ask u someth about Laniege products. My Q was what were ur favorites from ur Massive Korean Haul? and if you liked any Laniege product? Thanks.

    PS: Looking forward to a new video :)

  3. I totally get what u're on about when it comes to figuring out what u're supposed to do for the rest of ur life... I'm currently doing that... and it has driven me to Korea...hhaahhahah... Giving things a try here and there and see where it takes me. I've been slack with blogging too... only just got bak~~~ But let's give it our best when we can ... I mean out lives are more than just in the virtual world... I believe followers are understanding heheheehe...

  4. oooohh looks like the perfect amount of glitter!!!! ^o^

  5. @honeydroppe: it actuall doesn't :) one of the best sticking-in-place glitters imo

    @tiffany: I pretty much like most of the stuff. I like all the blushes (not so much eyeshadows and some lipsticks). face stuff mostly.
    and I'm kind of indifferent about laneige products for some reason :p

    @mis.Tammy: it is!

    @Uinisan: haha, such a warm and sweet comment x) thanks! poking around is tiring, but I think it's just something one has to, and only can do when they are young. thanks for understanding! I really appreciate it :D

    @iAMminky3: it is x) and it's not chunky so that's a big plus!


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