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New Additions to the collection

Hi all!
I'm sorry I'm posting heavy entries :p But I wanted to share with you guys some of my new additions to the collection.

Here's the family shot - well, hello everyone!! :)

The only thing I didn't review was the nail polish dissolvant from Sephora. It was practically impossible to show how well it works :p but I must say, I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE it!! It melts away the polish like magic, and you only need a small amount to dissolve a lot of polish. There's no rubbing or dryness that cracks up your fingernails. It just melts the polish away in seconds :)

The only downside is, the strong chemical smell mixed with fragrance. I think Sephora tried to cover up the chemical smell by dumping a lot of scent in it, which totally backlashed. :( But I really recommend it :D It's only 9 dollars for a big bottle, and it reduces a lot of time for getting rid of old or unwanted nail polish!

* I always get questions about where to buy Korean products. I think the companies are starting to get their foot in the US market so for now - most of the brands have to wait. But Missha has been in the market for a while now. They used to have stores in NYC, but now they are operating in the online market.
All of the MISSHA products can be brought here :
(the clearance section is a bomb!! hint hint)

Missha M BB Boomer
After I did my Missha BB Cream review, a lot of people (from Korea) told me I had to use the BB Boomer to maximize the BB cream's effects :p
It's like the MAC strobe cream. It has a bit of pink hue to it and helps enhance the BB creams effects. It could also be used as a base or primer before you put your makeup on.
I've only used it twice, so I could only provide my initial impressions.
So far, it is very nice! compared to MAC's strobe cream, this BB Boomer is less sticky and oily, yet it provides a nice sheen. It also seems to balance the BB cream tone (I think it takes away a bit of the grayness).

MISSHA Lucid Nail Polishes
These are all the new S/S 2010 collection colors :)
So summery and pretty!!!!

Missha Lucid Nail Polish PK11
First thing I have to say is.. these brushes are huge! I was surprised when I first saw the brush. It was huge and fat, which I thought was going to be really bad for applying the formula.
But it's actually rather nice! Since the brush is short and fat - it fans out when you sweep it on your nails, which eliminates excessive strokes. The formula applies on the nail surface in one stroke and dries instantly.
I love the PK11 :) it's a nice coral-pink shade with shimmer in it. Really nice for spring and summer time :D

All swatches are one coat each.

The other two are also S/S 2010 colors :)
GR02 is a minty color, and PK12 is a neon fuchsia color.

I wasn't expecting much from the PK12, but it's really bright and neony :D
all three colors are so pretty!

TOP SHOP Amazon Crayon in Sun Shower
This is part of TOP SHOP's beauty line - SS10 trend to be specific. There's a silver one (moonshine) and a gold one (sun shower)
I went to the new Top Shop that opened in SOHO, and grabbed this +_+
It is insanely intense, and is a stick applicator.
I liked it because it blends out if you smudge it (like the below picture)
So I can use this as a shadow alone, or as a base :) - just as a side note, you have to blend it out quite aggressively.
here's a video of how the color comes out (click here)

* Oh, and they gave me this filmsy bag as a gift too. :p

Missha M Super-Extreme Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Khaki
It doesn't budge, and the Khaki color is really dark, so you don't have to worry about it being too green or so. If you see my eye picture, it was taken after 8 hours of the initial application. Pretty nice, eh? I didn't use a primer potion nor set it with a shadow, but it was pretty much like how I first applied it. The inner corner part has faded, but it's good it didn't smudge all over the place :)
And the pencil itself looks so chic and sophisticated!!
Love, love it!

(btw, the shadow on my lid is going to to be reviewed next)

MISSHA - The Style Shine Pearl Shadow (GBR01 & GGL01)
GBR01 is a coppery brown gold with gold glitters in it.
GGLo1 is a olive-gold shadow with gold glitters in it.
I think the pictures show how shimmery these are :) I have the GGL01 all over my lid. All other pictures on this post were taken on the same day, so if you can't tell - you can look at my other pictures and see how you like them :D

Tarina Tarantino - Conditioning Lip Sheen (Candy Jar)
I've been debating for the longest time if I should get Candy jar or Showroom. Candy Jar is described as a cool lavender pink on Sephora's website. But I'm glad I got candy jar. It looks like a strong color on the stick, but it's a sheen. It applies in a very very subtle way and the color is very wearable.
I don't think it's conditioning, but it doesn't dry out my lips, so that's good :)
It's like a jelly-sheen. hehe - perfect for summer :)
(sorry, I forgot to take a picture of my full face with this on)

MISSHA _ M Luminous Color Lip Rouge (PK107&CR302)
PK107 is the new S/S2010 one and the CR302 is the ongoing must-haves of this line.

First off with the new PK107

The lipstick is extremely creamy and such a pretty color :D It reminds me of Lady GaGa lipstick. See how much shine it has? I didn't apply any lipgloss on top of the lipstick.
I usually don't like fragranced cosmetics, but I like the smell of these lipsticks :D Makes me want to nibble on them :p


Oye, super pretty coral color!
It's not as sheer as the MAC Ever hip lipstick and is actually on the creamy side. It doesn't dry out and reminds me of a flower petal :D yay!!

Also, I got this as a birthday present from Sephora :D (hehe, my birthday is on May 12th, but I guess they give out a present on the month of your b-day)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
I'll try not to let things pile up and crammed in one heavy post!


* The lenses I'm wearing in this post is the HANA SPC natural brown lens.
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  1. I loved this post! All these gorgeous products intrigue the little shopper in me , lol!!!

  2. The love the last lipstick on you! It's helpful to see photos of the lipstick half-applied.

  3. haha that pink lipstick from Missha is sold out already!! I want it so bad, tho! :)

  4. @cbsg5861: aww, haha :)

    @miss wiggle: oye, thanks for reading the post :D

    @hwaibada: oh snap!! :'(

  5. omg the misha products are a good sale! Thanks for the link :p

  6. gah the next time I stop by Topshop I'm going to find that sun shower crazyon *_*

  7. oooh what circle lens did u wear in these pics? its really nice :]

  8. hello ! I saw you and your friend outside of Armani Exchange yesterday while I was shopping with my boyfriend and I had told him that I watch your yt videos, he suggested I go up to you to say hi but you were admist a conversation so I just went along. I just wanted to say hi here (:

  9. @estonie: LOL you should have said hi! :) it was Diane (two comments up) that I was talking to haha,
    I should dress up more and groom myself before I go out :p just in case I bump into you or anyone else again >_<

    @TINGkabelle CHAN: it's the Hana SPC in natural brown lenses :)

  10. i really wanted to order from Missha but sucks that they don't ship to Canada. I guess i must wait and order it somehow from Korea. Thanks for your post!

  11. wow I love everything you showed in this post!!! you have such a pretty smile~~~~<333

  12. ooooh! Lots of great new stuff to your collection!! <3 I loved how you showed all the pics.

  13. ooo your birthday is soon!
    I love the lipsticks and the green nail polish :)

  14. love the post :) I better go check on that coral lipstick, the color is so pretty!!!

  15. i'm loving the heavy pictures and posts, it gives us a better insight of the products- don't feel you have to change that!
    good work.

  16. I love love love the second lipstick colour on you! It's gorgeous!

  17. Thanks for reviews, I love Missha Luminous lipsticks, and you're sooo pretty!

  18. Omg you make me want to buy the top shop sun shower crayon! Too bad we don't have top shop in canada =[. And those Missha eye shadowss are so pretty. I'm really into gold lately =\.

    Looking for a cool toned pink lippie too, that missha one looks nicee.

  19. Hello :3
    love your blog and videos!!

    I was wondering what shades you use for Bobbi Browns foundation.

  20. love your lipsticks! what kind of scent were they? and around how much won?

  21. LOVE the coral Missha lipstick on you! The PK11 shimmery nail polish is also really beautiful, I'm really impressed that the swatches took only one coat. I checked the website just now & they're already sold out :( Your blogs are really helpful though, thanks Catalina :)

  22. hi!

    i was just wondering what program you used to update and edit your blog! its so cute!!!

  23. First off, Happy Belated birthday! Your blog is one of the things I check almost daily because I just love your posts about Korean and American beauty products. I love the coral lipsticks on you, just wish I had the nice skin tone and money to get all those goodies. I have the Missha BB cream and boomer so I should try it one day. Keep up the good work! :)

  24. OMG!that pink 11 nail polish color is soooo pretty....

  25. I got the shipment from Missha with those nail polish, eye liner, eye shadow.. and bunch from clearance. haha. I'm like a copy cat but I can't help since all those products she posts perfectly fit my needs!

    I like what bb boomer does for bb cream but my face just became like oil fountain after a few hours..:( yes I am super oily skinned hehheh..

  26. the new missha lucid nailpolish collection is love! so pretty! sally hansen changed their brushes to be more flat/bigger too! which I think is better since with one stroke you've covered your entire nail =D

  27. how long does it usually take for missha orders to come in?

  28. Oooh, ii might pick up some MISSHA lippies tmrw while iim in town :P
    Just wondering whether the BB Boomer or MISSHA's Pore minimizing first base was better? [for oily skin, uneven skin tone, acne prone, large-ish pores, yadda yadda yadda~~~ lol] :P


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