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Skincare and Diet

I uploaded a video regarding my current skincare. I do want to clarify on a couple of things.

A lot of people might have been shocked at how much lotion I use. Urm, I think there's a misunderstanding of lotion amount = oiliness. If you are an oily person, you should use oil-free products. Moisturizers provide moisture, and if you feel like your skin is creating too much oil, there are some things to look into.

For example, your moisturizer can be a misfit for you.
you might feel perfectly fine, but the moisturizer you're using can be either providing too much or less of the moisture you need. Usually people like me (dehydrated oily skin types) tend to think that they are too oily and try to put a minimum amount of lotion on their skin. The thing is, our body tries to adjust a lot of things. So if you don't give yourself a sufficient amount of moisture, your skin is going to produce more oil to makeup for what is lacking on the surface. When we cleanse/wash our face, we are stripping it from makeup and a natural layer of oil we produce. Once that oil layer is gone and not provided with adequate amount of coverage, we start to produce more oily stuff to make up for that. Always try to give your skin a good amount of moisture, and eventually that could help calm down a lot of oil secretion.

Also, I said I was going to write about my diet. It's a long story and I have strong opinions on a lot of stuff, but my basic point is - you are what you eat. A lot of people think eating is a joke and only think of catering to their taste buds. But you should really watch out what you put in your mouth, because it's directly related to everything you are.
You can try to use expensive creams and luxurious products to make things up for a better look, but the easiest way is to fix the most basic problem - your diet.

If you eat a lot of hydrogenated oil, processed sugar and carbs, that is going to directly reflect on your health and yes - on your face and skin. If you like food that's soaked in oil and has a lot of sodium in it, that's all going to stay within your body. If you don't drink enough water your body will pay for it. And you would wonder why you have so many skin problems or health issues.

Everybody knows what is good and what is bad. How many people can argue that french fries or take-out food or juicy hamburgers are good for one's health. And how many people can argue that broccoli, kale and organic tofu is bad? My point is, you don't have to go hardcore like me. But you should try to be conscious of what you eat and try to stay healthy :)

I should be more specific about what I eat, but basically - I eat anything that doesn't have eyes. I barely fry stuff - I bake or steam them, and I try to get my daily veggies and good amount of water in my system :)

I'll see you guys in my next post!

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  1. Thanks for the tips!
    I'm definitely going to try the cleansing method. ^__^

  2. This was an awesome video Catalina! I think it was one of your best. :) actually they are all great. haha.

  3. Yeah, I totally agree with the "you are what you eat" statement. Everyone knows what are the right things to do, but very few of us have that much self control :(

  4. lol! "I eat anything that doesn't have eyes"...haha that took me a while to get LOL~ ur so cute

  5. helpful :) youre my favorite beauty youtuber+blogger! 언제나 행복하시라구응!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi Catalina,

    I asked this in one of your previous posts, but haven't gotten a reply yet...and i'm pretty desperate for your opinion >.<

    So, on with the question:

    Would you recommend the "Missha the Style Pore Minimizing First Base" or the "Missha M BB Boomer" as an overall primer before foundation/bb cream that helps better with oil control, pores, etc?

    Please reply :)

  8. Hi Catalina, I love your blog it's so helpful! >.< I was wondering if you use any product to lighten the scars/blemishes left over from old acnes? I don't have as many breakouts as my teenage years but it left me with uneven skin tone with dark spots :( Any tips to share on this? Thanks so much!


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