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Time for a third round? :)

It's been about half a year since I filmed my lipstick collection video and these are the newly acquired ones ever since that video :D
I'm not sure if I collected all of the new ones or if there are some I forgot to include, but these are basically pretty much my latest ones. As you can see - I have changed my taste a bit :p I've started to buy more natural, darker tones rather than crazy statement colors :p
I'll try to start the swatching process, but it's going to take a while. Last time I kept rubbing my lips to get the lipstick off and ended up with blisters all over my lips.
But I'll try to get round three of my lipstick collection out soon ;)

Have I reached my 100 lipsticks mark yet? I'm not sure haha. But I think I am almost there. I'll try to count all of my lipsticks and see how many I have XD

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  1. can't wait for the video! ^.^

  2. what shade are you in bobbi browns foundation?

  3. I definitely want to see a video with the newly aquired lippies!!!

    I'm just starting to appreciate lipstick for all the reasons you mentioned above +I love its "traditional" feel, its application ritual, etc...

  4. I love lipstick too! I feel that it's a very simple way to change the look of your face, and even your overall appearance! And you can easily change shades in one day. I find it much easier (and faster) to apply colored lipsticks than eyeshadows or liners, or any other type of makeup, and it can be done on the go even (I apply using my reflection in the elevator as I leave my condo haha!).

  5. Lovely collection, I wanna count my lippies some time... hahaha, but I'm always too busy buying new ones. :P

  6. I am extremely envious of your lipstick collection, it's one of the best i've seen thus far =) you have so many nice colors(and asian brands <3) Don't worry about the swatches, last time your lips took quite the wear and tear so just take your time so they don't get damaged :)I love lipsticks, but i feel for school it's way too obvious , but looking at your huge collection inspires me lol. Anyways, love your new makeup video and always like your updates.
    take care,


  7. what an amazing collection!!!! tanks for sharing!

  8. You are crazy! lol... but I'd love to see the video :D :D

  9. ( : mmmmm i cant wait till you post swatches!

  10. Funnily enough, your UK (BF) Haul video of the Barry M lipsticks made me purchase them! I got them online and while it was on sale too! So the pounds to aussie dollar wasn't too bad!

    The colours are incredible and my friend is making work trip over there soon, so Gosh lipstick is next on the lips!

    I never really wore lipstick, just lipgloss..but lately I have been a bit more daring, I don't get paranoid abt ppl thinking what's up with me wearing makeup anymore lol.. (i was a tomboy for the longest time.

    and you might want to try eye makeup remover pads to wipe off ur lippie, its gentler than using tissue.

  11. I can't wait to see this video! It was because of your previous two that I got to know this blog ^^

  12. Amazing.I don't even have one.Lucky.

  13. omg. Your collection made my jaws drop! I love your collection of lippies. Can't wait to see your collection video! <3

  14. wow very nice collection, can't wait to see this newbie swatch out.

  15. heehee can't wait :) ur collection looks so awesome! take care of those lips lol :P

  16. so envious of your lipstick collection! you have so many great colours! can't wait for your swatches :)

  17. gosh!!! i wish i could collect make-up like you do!!! ^__^

    make-up is kinda expensive here in the Philippines... =(

  18. aw i'm way jealous!! so much pretty colours!

  19. I think I saw a Long Stem Rose Slimshine in the picture. Anyway, I can't wait for this video. I've found many favorite colors from your last swatch videos. You don't know how helpful they are to us! =]

  20. in the last video you said you had 74 '-'
    i counted and you have...

    99~!! o_o
    wow XD

  21. Ahhh, I looove lipsticks too and I have FAR less than you do (around 10 maybe?), but I already have guilty feeling for not being able to use them all.... how do you deal with this guilty feeling, if you get it at all..? xDDD
    All of them look beautiful :D

  22. Hi Catalina,

    In terms of a foundation (or BB cream) general primer, would you recommend the "Missha the Style Pore Minimizing First Base" or the "Missha M BB Boomer"? Please let me know, thanks~!


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