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Travel Makeup

Believe it or not, I travel too (awkward laugh). I may have made myself look like I sit home all day playing with my penguins, but I'm actually out of town every now and then. Usually, I'm pretty lazy with packing and wait til the last moment. But, today I started a bit early and had the time to take pictures of what I lug around.

I only have one rule - go with the same color theme.
I usually don't take every single color I have, I create a mental image of what I want to look like, and I stick to that look through out the whole trip. Usually it's natural looks (like brown, gold, beige, and nothing crazy) and less colors.

1. cotton pads and Q-tips.
Omg, I would be powerless without these! A must!!

2. Contact lens stuff.
I usually wear glasses, but if I have to wear my shades, I have to have lenses on that day.. so yeah. Bulky, yet necessary

3. Sunscreen
needless to explain

4. Etude House Baking Powder wash
randomly chose it, but I might change it to Lancome and take the Lancome itself, since Etude's cleanser is a bit drying.

5. Botanics Eye makeup remover.
The only makeup remover I'm taking.

6. MAC Tenderling Blush
I used it to contour. It's such a nice bronzer for pale or light skin tones.

7. MAC Well Dressed blush
You can never go wrong with this baby :)

8. Canmake Highlighter
I'm taking it because it's small and does the job.

9. Kate Dual Carat GD-1
-- I decided to take it out. It's really similar to #10, and no need to get greedy :)

10. Kate Dual Carat Br-01
All I really need is this small compact palette.
It's shimmery, yet doesn't make you look hot and stuffy.

11. MAC Color forms Warm Eyes Palette
This is when palette come in handy. Enough variety of colors and its compact size is great.
I'm taking this to use the shadows as "pop" colors.. although they are pretty neutral themselves :p

12. Urban Decay Primer Potion
Depoted, so it turns out to be handy

13. Eyeliner sharpener
Just in case my pencil breaks

14. 2 MAC shadow refills (Perky, Blanc Type)
-- Might drop them out of the list. I'm still debating

15. Beauty Credit Lovely Matte Powder
Normally I don't set my foundation, but if I'm going to be out and about all day long - might as well set it :)

16. Chanel Vitalumiere
One foundation is enough, and I like it light weight :)

17. eos lip blam
love love this ^__^*

18. Sephora colorful mono mat. no.1
One of my staple products.
Can't live with out it. It sets my liners and does my brows

19. Shu Uemura Pro Concealer
I'm shade 7yr medium.
Just one concealer is enough.

20. Stila Smudge Pot in Black
Can't give up them eyeliners +_+ gwah!!

21. 3 Lipsticks
Tarina Tarantino - Candy Jar
Mac - Viva Glam in Lady Gaga
Mac - Syrup

22. MAC Prep+Prime
since it's super light, might as well take it :p

23. Chanel Lotion
The only lotion I'm taking (Cetaphil is too big :/ )

24. Shiseido Lash Curler

25. Three Chanel Lipglosses
I think lipglosses are more practical than lipsticks when you're outdoors for a long period of time. They are easier to reapply and won't melt in your bag/purse
I'm taking my summer shades :D

26. Fiberwig Mascara
I'm only taking one mascara

27. 2 pencil liners
MUFE - Aqua Eyes 0L (black)
Missha - Super Extreme Waterproof eyeliner

28. Clarins Stop imperfections locales
I don't know what to say about this, haha. It's suppose to be one of those things that stops your zits and clears them up. I've used up one bottle and I recently started on the second bottle, but I really can't say it makes sudden break outs disappear. It just kind of cools down the inflammation (if there is any), and.. smells nice. But what the heck. It's tiny, so might as well take it for the heck of it.

They seem like a lot, but it's probably because it's spread out.
I'm only taking a couple of brushes and a small sized travel hair straightener other than this.

Oh, and don't mind the toothbrush in the background. It's not yellow because it's old x) It originally came yellow. It's some nano, anti-bacterial super bristles.. or something like that. You can get it at whole foods, whole body section! It's really really good! I love that toothbrush

Okay, well - I'll have to go and continue packing.
I'll see you guys again when I'm back in New York :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Where are you going??? Hope you have fun! =) and thanks for this post :D

  2. have fun and take care, too!!! ^__^

  3. Yay for traveling! It's always hard to pack little makeup possibly when traveling though. LOL. Have a great trip!

  4. Have fun traveling!

    Those are great items to bring on a trip. I agree keep it simple and have a theme. So that you won't be cluttering yourself on the trip.

  5. If you like Mac Well Dressed, you should definitely check out Illamasqua Blush in Katie. I think you will like it a lot!

  6. Nice post!! Where are you going?? =) Hope you enjoy your trip!! Well Dressed seems to be making its mark on a lot of people's favourite blushes... I'm curious about Missha Eyeliner =)

  7. Alot of makeup to be brought for traveling. I guess us, girls, need to be pretty everyday! Have fun and enjoy your trip!


  8. i was wondering.. where do u buy eos lip balm??

  9. Hi, Catalina! Do you know the names of the 3 Glossimers you're taking with you? I can never get mine to photograph like that! ^^ Have a fun and safe trip!


  10. Does anyone want my LACVERT yu-na kim lipstick in yuna kim? I've only used it 3x.


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