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New Bracelet x)

I came home and this bracelet was waiting in the mail for me :)
yay!! It's a present from Liza of Fluer De lis Creation. thank you thank you!

It looks so sparkly and pretty x)
I will try to wear it in my next video so you guys can see how it looks like. For the moment, I'll sneak a model picture from her site -.- so you guys can see how it looks like :p

My bracelet model is the one in the far back :p

I know I sound ambitious, but every time I receive hand-made products I have this huggggeeee urge to buy supplies and try it out myself too. I feel like I might be able to acquire the skills pretty easily.. but I don't think I have the sassy taste to put things together in a pretty manner :/ My stuff will just be a big glump of messy ambitions haha.

No, but I mean seriously.. should I give it a try? or should I just let the experts do it and put more time into making videos and blogging? :p I get bored easily so even if I do start.. it might not last long after a few attempts.

Anyway, I think Liza still has her giveaway going on (just checked and it's open until June 25th) so go check it out and support her and her site :)

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  1. Hehe, I feel the same way when I receive handmade or creative things. I've finally realized that I can acquire any skill, but I can never come up with the imagination or creativity to do something original. I'm dang good at following patterns, recipes, or copying things though! XD

  2. hello catalina!
    after buying a couple from the experts...i thought the same thing...inspired to make some myself and actually went ahead and bought the tools and i've lost my interest again since that creative spark doesn't exist in me haha. you should make more videos!!! i love to see your transformations. you're reviews are also very helpful <3

  3. I like all the colors worn together, haha. You should get ALL of them! :P

  4. It's good to be ambitious sometimes! LOL. Definitely try it out and see if it's something that you will enjoy. You will never know until you try!! :) and soo pretty! The bracelet is stunning and will look so great on you.


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