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New Cleansers

Hi everyone :)
I just wanted to post a small entry on the recent change in my skincare. I ran out of my Lancome cleanser, so I had a chance to switch my cleansers. I decided to go for St.Ive's only because Fuzkittie used it and she seemed to be happy with it :p

Also, CVS was having a St.Ive's sale where everything St.Ive's was 2 for 6.99 so I grabbed the new Green Tea Cleanser and Scrub.

the Cleanser
- It smells like a green jell-o shampoo. The gel part is quite slippery and a small amount goes a long way. Usually I only use half a pump since one pump is too much. I haven't seen any particular miracles happening on my skin yet, but I am willing to wait since it will take a while for my skin to adjust.

the Scrub
- It looks like green tea ice cream in a tube, LOL. It's nice. When I first squeezed it out I thought it was a cream formula, but it has tiny tiny scrub beads in it so it feels like you're exfoliating your skin. It's not as intense as the Lancome exfoliator (which I think is insanely intense on the skin), but it seems to do the work. After I rinse it off I can feel my skin much softer and smoother.
Out of the two, I would go with the scrub, since it seems to have a bit more of an apparent effect, but if you don't like scrubbing agents you should stick with the cleanser.

Lately I've been having horrible skin problems (small zits all over, serious acne and a ton of other stuff), and I'm hoping that St.Ive's might do some damage repair.

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I will try to resume blogging and youtubing, and bring some joy to this site :p

Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you are having skin issues, either way i think you have great skin in all your videos =P I hope the green tea cleanser works for you i heard a lot of good reviews on it being very gentle and mild. After all when you have skin problems like acne it's best to use gentle products and just maintain a good diet(drinking green tea <3)

    good luck!

  2. Oh, I heard good stuff about the cleanser and the scrub too and hopefully, it'll help your skin :)

    I wanted to give the green tea cleanser a try too since it is quite cheap, but the fact that the 2nd main ingredient in it is sodium laureth sulfate (SLES - cousin of SLS) kinda erks me a little bit.

    Let us know how it works!

    (yay! I'm a new subscriber to your channel :D)

  3. I just got the same cleanser the other day! Hope they work well. I haven't come across any particular product that does immediate drastic results. lol A girl can dream ^___^

    Sounds like the scrub is really nice...hmm on my wishlist! :P

  4. Oohhh don't you just hate it when our skin goes temperamental!?? Mine has been rather dehydrated due to the dry winter season and little breakouts here and there.

    I hope they work for you!! I haven't tried the St Ives New Cleansers yet, but they seem nice! Green Tea! ^^

    Keep us updated whether it works or not!


  5. aww..I'm so sorry to hear about your current break-outs... I hope you get well soon..:)

    I really miss your blog posts and youtube tutorials!!!

    Love lots,
    enchi :3

  6. Aw i wanted to try the green tea one since im using the olive one atm, but i dont think australia has the green tea one yet! hopefully it works out for you :D:D

  7. Hey Catalina, it is the first time i leave a message to your blog. I have been watching your youtube channel and blog for a quite a while. I like it so much! I realize that you might have a hard time with your life right now. I guess everyone have ups and downs. Just hope to get better soon and regain your beautiful smile! Cheers for you!

  8. Have you try medicated soap (bar soap like dettol or gamophen)?? Although it seems drying after usage, but it works wonders for my skin.

    I have very oily, very sensitive towards acne skin, and I once had horrible severe acne. Then my skin become worst when I had exam and before period came.

    I've used medicated soap for almost 3 months now, and now I'm in my final exams and passed my period, and did not have pimples for more than a month.

  9. haha.. people, I'm not having a hard time in my life :p I'm just really busy and can't put time into blogging/YTing like I used to. Thanks for worrying about me :D

  10. I've been using the same scrub, and it leaves my skin calm and soft. It does not reduce my breakouts it only calms my skin when they occur, maybe it's just my skin that has weird reactions to products in general -_-;. I hope it works better for you :)

    btw I really enjoy your videos =n_n=

  11. oh! St/ Ives is a nice skin care brand.btw, I just came back from Korea and I've a fabulous holiday there. I got loads of samples from skinfood~ I'm now using the Honey Black Teat cleansing foam from skinfood. it's amazing! It wont dry but leaves a nice, smooth texture on my skin. i love it. I'm considering going to Korea again this winter for skiing~ so any plan for your holiday/ weekend?

  12. hi! Love your blog :) I am using the Green tea cleanser right now, its seems ok so far (2 weeks or so) Pretty standard drugstore acne cleanser. You should try Neutrogena Redness relief cleanser, its much gentler than the original, smells good and really does reduce redness.
    I just started a blog, could you please follow :)

  13. I used this cleanser and it work like a charm on my face. Help a lot with my breakouts!. Been using it for like 2 months now..

  14. Hi Catalina,
    I've been reading your blog for sometime now :) Anyways, I had a horrible breakout after the 24hr flight. And, I was using a homemade soap (from olive oil and something). Anyways it's called blacksoap and I think most homemade soap places sell it as the 'acne soap'. It contains charcoal, hence the black colour. I thought it really helped with my acne/breakout.
    I love st. ive's microdermaabrasion thing too :)
    Will deffo grab some stuff from cvs if its 2 for $6.99 even tho I have tonnes of skincare!!


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